Why are Tomatoes not Turning Red? – How to turn Green Tomatoes to Red on Vines?

Why are Tomatoes not Turning Red? Who doesn’t love those red cherries like juicy tomatoes, hanging around in the garden staring at you, and asking you to pluck them and enjoy them in your veggies, salads, or in other dishes? But are you one of those who have planted tomatoes but they are not turning red? No need to worry that we have the solution to this problem. But getting straight to the solution you should know why your tomatoes are not turning red and we will also discuss how to turn Green Tomatoes to Red on Vines!

Key takeaways:

  • Before going to the reasons I hope you really are near the cultivation period of this crop, rather than someone who is in a hurry to just cut them out and sell them for profit.
  • There are many reasons behind this which are explained below such as cold, heat, water, and variety like Sweet Potato vines, Vinca Minor Vine, Dutchman’s Pipe Vine etc, overgrown vines, etc.

Why are Tomatoes not Turning Red?

Forget everything, there are only three basic reasons that do not allow your tomatoes to turn red from green.

If your tomatoes are reaching their cultivation time, and you still have to pluck those green-looking tomatoes, keep them inside a bag, to wipe them where some will rot to death and some will survive. Then for sure, you need to know what you are doing wrong so, here are the reasons why are not allowing your tomatoes to turn red:

  1. Heat: Tomatoes grow in heat, but when they are exposed to high levels of heat for a longer duration of time, they can go under heat stress. The heat will damage the tomatoes and will not turn them as red as you expected.
  2. Cold: As we discussed earlier how high heat can damage your tomatoes, similarly if the temp is too cold then your tomatoes will not produce carotene, which is essential for the ripening of the tomatoes.
  3. water & fertilizer: if you care a lot for your tomatoes then you may spoil them with all the extra water or fertilizers that you put in them without even knowing. They will focus on growing and expanding rather than using their energies to ripen the old tomatoes first.
  4. Overgrown vines: Tomatoes have a limited supply of energy. If there are overgrown vines that are not cut off at the right time then you may get in trouble. The new growing leaves and vines take up a lot of energy and will not let your tomatoes turn green.
  5. Variety: Choosing a suitable variety is not a big deal, for example, heirloom tomatoes, oxheart tomatoes, Aerogarden Tomatoes, hybrid tomatoes, purple tomatoes, etc. You should keep in mind the weather conditions and how much time you have before the weather changes before cultivation.

The ideal temperature for the growth of the tomatoes is 66 F to 77 F, if the temperature rises before 80 or 85 F you may need to take care of that because then your tomatoes may not be ripe at the correct time. Similarly, if the temperature drops below 50 F then your tomatoes are going to take time to ripe. So, according to these weather conditions, you should choose your variety of tomatoes to grow.

Cutting and trimming out those extra-grown vines will help the plant to use energy for the ripening of the tomatoes while increasing the airflow which will let fresh air reach the plants and prevent them from getting infected with various diseases.

How To Turn Green Tomatoes To Red On Vines?

Stop The Growth

One of the simplest ways to turn your green tomatoes into red on the vine is to simply stop the growth of the unnecessary leaves, flowers, and sides. By doing this you are helping the plant to conserve a lot of energy. What happens is when the plant starts spreading it takes up a lot of energy, due to which rather than focusing on the old tomatoes the plant focuses on applying. Due to this, the old tomatoes are not able to ripe on time.

Cut some of the leaves of the plant

Another way to turn those tomatoes red on the vine is just simply removing some of the leaves of the plant. De-leafing the plant is not really a good option but listen to this. In the mid of autumn when the sun gets really low and does not emit a lot of heat, and your plant is fully grown and has blushing healthy leaves, then your tomatoes are not going to receive enough light to turn red.

Those healthy green leaves are going to block the sunlight, trimming them off will allow the tomatoes to receive direct sunlight, and they will turn into red cherry tomatoes before the next frost in your area.

Remove Baby Tomatoes

We know you will love your tomatoes even if they are green and it would be a lot difficult for you to pluck even these baby tomatoes out. But trust us this is the best thing to do especially when you are near the harvesting period. These little baby tomatoes will require a lot of energy from the plant to grow big and turn red, instead, we want our old fruit to turn red.

Trimming these little babies will give you enough time for your old fruits for turning red before the cultivation period.

Remove the new branches

Tomatoes are quite vigorous plants, they often tend to grow whenever they find a chance. If you are near the cultivation period and really want to pluck your fresh tomatoes, you may need to cut down the extra new growing branches to prevent the wastage of energy.

Hang the plant upside down

This is one of the last options that you can try to ripen your tomatoes. Grab the plant and hang it upside down in a warm place somewhere away from the frost, this will allow your tomatoes to ripe. Not all of the tomatoes will ripe this way, at least some of them will ripe off and you can enjoy them.

Using A Banana

If none of the above works for you, you can take a ripe banana and place it with your tomatoes in a dark place. Pluck the tomatoes and place them with the banana in a dark place. This happens because bananas will release ethylene which will help them to turn red. Keep on checking for rotten tomatoes and remove them before they spoil every tomato.


In this guide, you come to know that the ideal temperature for the growth of the tomatoes is 66 F to 77 F, if the temperature rises before 80 or 85 F you may need to take care of that because then your tomatoes may not ripe at the correct time. Similarly, if the temperature drops below 50 F then your tomatoes are going to take time to ripe. So, according to these weather conditions, you should choose your variety of tomatoes to grow. Read the whole guide to come to know the reasons behind the red tomatoes. 


What causes Tomatoes to ripen on the vine?

Tomatoes get ripened due to an element present named ethylene gas. It makes the tomatoes and even other fruits ripen on the vine. 

Why do tomatoes turn red?

Tomatoes turn red from the element present in them named lycopene which turns them red. It happens naturally in fruits.

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