7+ Best Tasting Hybrid Tomatoes to Grow

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I hope you are doing appreciable in your gardening field. Today I am here to introduce you to one of the new things that can do wonders in your garden. Do you know about the best-tasting hybrid tomatoes?

So, Let’s discuss some of the best Tasting Hybrid Tomatoes to Grow! Tomatoes are one of the very common vegetables that most people grow in their gardens. These are highly used in making various food items more delicious.

Key takeaways:

  • Hybrid tomatoes are mostly grown with the perspective that they are disease-resistant species whereas heirloom species are tastier and have different flavors.
  • There are so many varieties of tomatoes but they all are categorized into two types, hybrid, and heirloom.
  • Best Tasting Hybrid Tomatoes to Grow Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomatoes, Sungold, Big Brandy, Chef’s Choice Pink, Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, etc.

Both of them have their specific features. The best part is there are some hybrid tomatoes varieties that offer you the sweet nature of heirloom varieties.

This is the reason most people choose hybrid tomatoes for their gardens. In this article, we will suggest the best 7+ tasty hybrid varieties of tomatoes that you can grow in your garden. We are sure you will love the flavors of these varieties. 

Hybrid varities Quick information
Chef’s Choice PinkLarge, pink beefsteak; indeterminate
(Alternative Varieties: Chef’s Choice Red, Chef’s Choice Orange, Brandy Boy, Big Beef)
SungoldSmall, golden orange cherry; indeterminate
(Alternative Varieties: Sun Sugar, Sunpeach, Super Sweet 100, Sweet Million, Clementine, Golden Gem)
Big BrandyLarge, reddish pink beefsteak; indeterminate
(Alternative Varieties: Chef’s Choice Pink, Chef’s Choice Red, Brandy Boy, Big Beef, Madame Marmande, Burpee’s Supersteak, Porterhouse)
Cherokee CarbonLarge, purple beefsteak; indeterminate
(Alternative Varieties: Purple Boy, Chef’s Choice Black)
SugarySmall, reddish pink grape; semi-determinate
(Alternative Varieties: Five Star Grape, Sugar Rush, Juliet, Valentine, Red Torch)

What are the different color varieties in Tomatoes?

  • Pink tomatoes: They are generally the sweetest variety of tomatoes.
  • Orange tomatoes: The sugar-acid ratio of orange tomatoes tends to be on the sweeter side.
  • Red tomatoes: These are the most common variety that most people grow.
  • Green tomatoes: You may compare the unusually colored tomatoes to Granny Smith apples.
  • Black Tomatoes are unique varieties with an earthy or smoky taste.
  • Yellow Tomatoes: These varieties have low sugar and acid levels. 

7+ Best Tasting Hybrid Tomatoes to Grow

Tomato hybrids are a unique species. They are the outcome of artificial cross-breeding between two distinct tomato types to produce a new tomato variety containing traits from both parents.

Now, let’s have a look at the top most tasty hybrid tomato varieties that you can choose this time to grow in your garden. 

1. Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomatoes

These species are widely used in sandwiches and burgers for their sweet flavor and dynamic green color. It is one of the Best Tasting hybrid tomatoes.

The best part about this variety is that it maintains a perfect balance between the acid and sugar content in the tomato. 

They give the best taste before getting cold so we recommend you to eat them before they get cold. 

2. Sungold

Sungold is a famous variety among hybrid tomatoes. They have intense flavors with golden orange skin. You need to care more for this plant to grow healthier. 

Pruning is necessary after some period. With 10% sugar content, the vigorous and quick-growing Sungold cherry tomato plants start producing delicious tomatoes 60 days after transplantation. 

They also claim a variety of disease resistances against the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Verticillium wilt, and Fusarium wilt.

Days to Maturity: 60 to 67 days
Type: Cherry; indeterminate
Fruit Description: Golden orange color, 1-inch fruits, very sweet and tart
Disease Resistance(s): F, V, and TMV

3. Big Brandy

Brandywine and Big Dwarf were crossed to create this hybrid. An extremely strong, higher-yielding indeterminate hybrid tomato that carries over its parents’ heirloom flavor is the end product. 

After completing 75 to 80 days of a life cycle, they produce large, pink-colored tomatoes that attract most gardeners for market purposes. It is one of the Best Tasting hybrid tomatoes.

They are more juicy and semi-determinate plants. The height can go up to 18 to 36 inches and they require proper fertilization every two weeks. It is one of the Best Tasting hybrid tomatoes.

Days to Maturity: 75 to 80 days
Type: Beefsteak, slicing; indeterminate
Fruit Description: Large, reddish pink, slightly ribbed; 12 to 16 oz
Disease Resistance(s): None listed

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4. Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes 

Gardeners like the Super Sweet 100, a new and enhanced variety of the Sweet 100 known for both its very sweet flavor and its protracted growth season. 

They are very popular all over the internet and the best part is these species are disease and pest-resistant which is another reason gardeners love to grow them. 

They take 65 to 70 days to grow and are rich in vitamin C.

5. Chef’s Choice Pink 

Pink beefsteak that has won awards has been developed to maintain heritage flavor while keeping hybrid vigor and disease resistance. These species of tomatoes are highly productive and disease resistant. 

The Red, black, and orange categories of these species are the best ones to grow that will give you high-quality tomatoes. 

All-America Selections 2015 named Chef’s Choice Pink a winner due to its rich flavor and sweet taste. 

Days to Maturity: 80 days
Type: Beefsteak, slicing; indeterminate
Fruit Description: 12 to 14 oz, flattened round shape, pinkish red color
Disease Resistance(s): V, F, TMV, A 

6. Cherokee Carbon

 Two well-known black/purple tomatoes, Cherokee Purple and Carbon, were crossed to create the hybrid Cherokee Carbon. 

Due to its rich smoky flavor, this variety is most popular for household gardening. 

This beefsteak type of tomato plant produces large, dark red colored fruits with green tops and takes 75 to 80 days for complete growth. 

Days to Maturity: 75 to 80 days
Type: Beefsteak, slicing; indeterminate
Fruit Description: Large, dark red with green shoulders, 10 to 12 oz
Disease Resistance(s): None listed

7. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

A historic tomato variety known as Cherokee Purple grows fruit with a rich, dusky-rose color while retaining a somewhat greenish tint near the stem when it is ready for consumption. 

Its unique hue is a result of the contrast between its transparent exterior and rich crimson inside. 

It was one of the earliest tomatoes in the group of deeper hues frequently referred to as “blacks.” 

8. Black Pearl Tomatoes 

They are generally dark maroon but may sometimes turn black under sufficient sunlight and high temperature. 

It has a strong flavor with a sweetness that is offset by acidic undertones, giving it a unique, somewhat salty flavor. 

Black Pearl, an indeterminate cultivar, matures completely in about 65 days.

Why Choose a Hybrid Variety?

It is important for you to understand if you are choosing a hybrid variety then why are you choosing as you know when you go for the varieties of plants to grow in your garden, there come to varieties of seeds one is hybrid and the other is heirloom.

Hybrid varieties are a cross of two different varieties that will be fulfilled with the traits of both parents. They will have good traits such as more dependable yields, higher quality of fruit in the plant, improved disease resistance, etc. 

Though they have having good amount of benefits, they are not to be replanted again and again just like the Heirloom tomato varieties.

Concluding lines  

All these varieties that we have mentioned above would be best for you to grow this year. You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner. Just remember some points like adding salt to water or fertilizer, harvesting tomatoes at the right time, making sure that tomatoes are getting sufficient sunlight, and scheduled watering.

Grow these varieties in your home and enjoy the tastiest and healthiest varieties of tomatoes with your family for example Aerogarden Tomatoes, Oxheart Tomatoes, and Heirloom Tomatoes, etc. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding! 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


What is the best-tasting tomato you can grow?

The best-tasting tomato that you can grow easily in your home garden is the black Krim tomato, German red strawberry tomato, Brandywine tomato, Georgia streak tomato, and many more. 

Which tomato plants produce the most tomatoes?

One of the tomatoes that produce the most tomatoes is the super sweet 100. This variety of tomatoes has the potential to grow a great number of tomatoes and cherish you with its results. 

What is the sweetest tomato you can grow?

One of the sweetest tomatoes that can be grown by you is the Rosada. 

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