Do Rabbits eat Tomato Plants? – How to keep Rabbits out of your Garden?

I was so upset to see my tomatoes getting eaten by something, and it made me cry. When I found out that rabbits were eating my tomatoes, I struggled a lot to save my plants but eventually succeeded. Are you in the same situation and want to save your tomatoes? Stay connected, and you’ll get all your answers.

During my struggle, I discovered methods that helped me save my tomato plants. Don’t worry, I’ve shared all my experiences to help you succeed in saving your tomatoes. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading and focus on the methods to ensure your plants get the maximum yield.

Quick takeaways:

  • Being herbivores, rabbits love vegetables and fruits as well. Though growing tomato plants like Senecio wax ivy plants in the garden can benefit you a lot.
  • Rabbits damage your tomatoes, they will eat the fruit and the leaves of the plants as well.
  • They are those unsolicited people who hurt you without any reason.
  • Your joyous moment of eating your own grown tomatoes will be no more if you let them eat your vegetation. 
  • You just have to take action against the rabbits or any other animals like birds, squirrels, groundhogs, etc that eat tomatoes.

Do Rabbits eat Tomato Plants? 

Yes, tomatoes are loved by the rabbits as they gain nutrients from them. So, you have to be ready to face the problem that your tomato plants will be destroyed soon. Rabbits can eat any variety of tomato plants, it doesn’t matter for Tom.

Rabbits are most likely to draw towards new plants and young plants that are not fully matured in their size and growth. You planted the tomato plants with your efforts and they are wasting them. As we know tomatoes are a part of the nightshade family, they produce a toxin named solanine and tomatine in tomato plants. This thing indicates that when the rabbits swallow the tomatoes, they get stomach aches and even diarrhea. Despite this, Bunnies love to eat them as they are tempting to them. 

Moreover, you need to protect your tomato plants from rabbits. They are drawn toward sweet foods and tomatoes to produce a sweet flavor that attracts the rabbits. You have to take preventive measures if you didn’t take them the rabbits will come again and if they know that you are growing tomato plants. 

Why Do Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

As mentioned they are herbivores who tend to feed every plant in the garden. Rabbits and long-eared animals can easily harm your vegetation by eating the plants, leaves, vegetables, and fruits in your home garden. 

Specialists, it is being said that rabbits are drawn to tomatoes just because they gain vitamins, nutrients, and also many other health benefits from them. Rabbits remain hydrated and fresh by eating tomatoes as they provide them with more than 95% of water

Eating Tomatoes Harmful to Rabbits?

The tomatoes are not going to hurt the rabbits when they eat them if they are eating them in small quantities but when they tend to eat them continuously for the entire season then it can harm their health.

The tomato plant does contain glycoalkaloids in very huge amounts which is the source of the toxic solanine elements. Dont worry they will not cause the death of pet rabbits but hurt their intestine. They will undergo suffering causing them stomach aches as having 4 grams of sugar does hurt the rabbit’s health.

The following are some problems the rabbit can get after eating them:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Stomach pain

Signs Showing Rabbits Are EatingTomatoes:

How would you know if your tomatoes are eaten by rabbits? Here I am to help you with it by guiding you with some signs that show rabbits are eating your tomatoes:

  • The rabbits are used to infiltrating the garden and do love to dig the garden so you would see the signs of digging in your garden.
  • You would see smaller holes and digging signs in your garden.
  • They do have clean eating habits so there are no signs of any chewing on the leaves. so if the tomato plants and leaves are fewer in number and are no signs of chewing then it of for sure done by rabbits.
  • Finding the pellets around ¼ to ½ inches is another sign that rabbits are eating your tomatoes.

After observing all these signs are present in your garden you need to follow different ways to keep them away and prevent the rabbits from getting into your garden before it result to worst by eating up all your tomatoes plants and leaves

How can you Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden? 

As mentioned, what is the fun of growing a plant that won’t give you any benefit and instead will get managed by any source? One of the damaging effects is done by the rabbits as they are drawn towards the tomatoes due to their tasty and sweet flavor. So, let’s know about the preventive measures that can be taken by you to keep rabbits out of your garden. They are: 

1. Maintain cleanliness in your garden 

As if your garden is filled with more and more plants, then there are more chances that the rabbits can hide in the garden and you won’t be able to find them. So, to prevent this you can keep your garden area neat and clean so that they leave your space. 

2. Motion sprinkles 

You can put it in our garden area where you keep the rabbits away from your garden. A time when rabbits come to your garden and room here and there, the sprinkle will get activated and spray the undesirable visitor.

The rabbit will get scared and leave your garden area, you will be successful in keeping him away from your garden. 

3. Red Pepper Spray

You might know that rabbits do not like the smell of garlic or even red pepper, so you can spray it around your plant so that the rabbits do not come there and go away from your garden. By inhaling this scent, they won’t stay there for long and will never come again. 

4. Rabbit repellent 

You can purchase any scent from the market that is not liked by the rabbits at all. Commercial rabbit repellents combine the odors and you can sprinkle them in your garden so that the rabbits do not come near your plants and coils do not destroy them. 

5. Humane catches

You can use this method after trying all the mentioned methods as it is a tricky one. In the market, a trapper comes in that box you put the food that the rabbit loves, then when they come close to it, the wire will get tripped and the door gets closed you can trap them but check the laws of your location before doing so. 

Enfolding the context 

In this guide, you see how rabbits manage their tomato plants by eating them. Being herbivores, rabbits love vegetables and fruits as well. Though growing tomato plants in the garden can benefit you a lot, what if they get destroyed by the rabbits? Rabbits damage your tomatoes, they will eat the fruit and the leaves of the plants as well. Read the article carefully and take preventive measures so that you can save nature. 


1. What happens if rabbits eat tomato plants?

You have to remove the seeds as rabbits make them toxic too by eating them. If you want to feed the tomato to rabbits, then you can go for only one as more will make them greedy and they will eat by themselves and your plant will get damaged. 

2. Will coffee grounds keep rabbits away?

Yes, they can help you in keeping the rabbits away from your garden area, just sprinkle them around your plants.

3. What smells do rabbits hate?

They hate various smells like vinegar, lavender, garlic, chili powder, sulfur, etc. 

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