Best Tomato Trellis for your garden: Provide Support and Add Style

What the heck is happening to my tomatoes? Why are they rotting? It really sucks to see all your hard work go to waste. I used to cry, but what’s more important is what I did to save the tomatoes.

After all the struggle, I got the idea of using a tomato trellis to provide support for the tomatoes. Let me tell you about the magic a trellis can do: providing support for tomatoes to grow taller and preventing their leaves from touching the ground, which will result in keeping the tomatoes disease and pest-free.

Now, you might be thinking, which trellis is good to use for a garden? Don’t worry; I have explained here all the best tomato trellises to use for your garden.

Best Tomato Trellis for your garden:

Following is a list of the trellis and the cages that you can use to provide support to your tomatoes. It will be easy to decide which tomato trellis will be good according to your garden. I have provided suggestions by looking at their special features. 

Tomato cages:

  • Tomato cages are one of the most classic options for providing support to your tomatoes. 
  • You can also make this at home by yourself or by purchasing it from any Centre or online. 
  • They come in different ranges of heights made up of plastic metal wire or wood. 
  • These tomato cages are very low maintenance so you can use them easily. 
  • You need to simply tuck the tomato branches and stems into the cage and make them rest on it while they are growing. 
  • Instead of using tomato cages, you can insert a bamboo pole to provide support to your tomatoes. 
  • The tomato cages do exist for many years so you can be used again and again. 
  • The tomato cages are used to take up more space than other tomato supports so you need to have a large space in your garden.
Best Tomato Trellis for your garden: Provide Support and Add Style

Florida weave:

  • In the case of growing intermediate tomatoes, I will suggest you the option of Florida weavecon. 
  • They are less expensive Trellis. You can easily find them.
  • In the case of determinate tomatoes when they reach a certain point they stop growing but the intermediate tomatoes don’t and they continue to grow throughout the season so Florida weave is best for those tomatoes. 
  • These tomatoes can reach over 10 to 12 inches tall and the approximate tomato cage is about 3 inches high. 
  • For this you need Garden stakes bamboo poles T-posts and insert them on the other side of the tomato plants after that you need a nylon cord to be woven between the supports.
  • The best point in providing support for Florida wave trellis is that they are simple to construct and will save space in your garden.
  • In case you don’t know how to use the Florida weave you can also check the sample videos for it. 

Single stakes:

Providing support to your tomatoes with single Stakes can be a tough task but when you do it you can pack a lot of tomato plants into the garden.

  • You can use bamboo poles, metal t-post wooden stakes, and other support to provide strength to the stem of the tomato plant.
  • In these tomato trellis you need to remove the side stems of the plant so that the tomato grows taller, not wider.
  • You can easily grow the tomato plant closer to other plants without worrying about the overlap condition using single staking.
  • As intermediate tomatoes are able to grow up to 10 inches tall so you can easily purchase a tall stake that will be able to provide support to your entire tomato plant. 
  • By cutting the side branches of the tomatoes will make the production of tomatoes lesser but the other tomatoes that will grow will be of the best quality.
  • The single staking method can be useful in gardens or pots and is not so costly.

Trellis netting:

  • You can use the trellis netting to provide this port for your beans, peas, tomatoes, and other plants.
  • It will help to hold the tomato branches. 
  • They come in flexible shape and you can easily use them in hard areas having small space in the garden.
  • You can use the trellis netting like a frame or you can hang it on the top of the porch roof for growing the tomatoes on the balconies.
  • The netting comes up to 15 inches long which you can hang vertically or horizontally according to your tomato’s growth. 
  • These Tomato trellis are made up of Nylon which is able to hold the weight of the tomatoes and can be reused for many years. 
  • For attaching the netting to the tomato plant you can use clips of Garden twine or adjustable velcro Garden wraps. 

Spiral stake:

  • These are your other options for a single stick. 
  • Using spiral stakes is the best option for the shortest tomato varieties
  • Using these trellis will add charm to your garden as they come in different colors. 
  • You can easily use them. 
  • This is a great option in case you have a small space in your garden. 
  • You can also use them for the tomatoes that are grown in the pot by simply inserting the stake into the soil and then finding the tomato plant over the stake for further growing.

Trellis arch:

  • Using a trellis in your garden will add interest and height to your walking path. 
  • These arching trellis are basically structured for vining plants and you can also use them for intermediate tomatoes.
  • You can provide support even to the tallest intermediate tomatoes using these trellis. 
  • These tomato trellis are available in many shapes and sizes which you can use in a decorative way in your garden. 
  • They are more costly than other trellis for installing them but they can be used for years for the growing season.
  • They are able to grow a mixture of plants on them. For example, you can grow some beans, and peas on the top of the trellis, and then at the bottom of the trellis, you can fix smaller tomato plants with the help of velcro wrap or coated wire.

Obelisk trellis:

  • These tomato trellis are made by the time several States or bamboo poles and then planting the tomatoes they need them. 
  • In case if you want a perfect till then you can buy them online or from your nearest garden center. 
  • They are available in different designs which will go with your garden design. 
  • These tomato drills are available in a small design which you can use on a container and come in big sizes which you can use in your garden too. 
  • You can also reuse them for growing beans, peas, and other vining plants.
  • They are rust-proof trellis which come in packs of 2.
  • You can easily keep them in a small container with tomatoes. 

A-frame trellis:

  • You can make this A-frame trellis on your own using scrap material such as wood chicken wire or you can also buy from Garden Center. The A-frame trails are tall and sturdy which will help to provide support to tomatoes in large quantities also. 
  • To use this trellis you need to simply attach the tomato to the Trends with the help of velcro or twine. 
  • You can grow many varieties of winning plants including tomatoes on these trellis.
  • You can also plant Shade-loving Herbs and other veggies like spinach, lettuce, dill, and Basil at the center of the A-frame which will make the use of the trellis even more.
  • These tomato trellis are available 6 inches which is perfect to be used for larger tomato plants. 
  • It is made up of durable Steel which will not get rusted and is able to hold up to 30 pounds of weight.

Cattle panel trellis:

  • These tomato trellis are categorized as the strongest trellising option. 
  • you can provide support not only for the tomatoes but also do melons and gourds
  • The cattle panel trellis can be found at the livestock supplies Store or in the garden center.
  • You need to secure the tomato tills with the help of t-posts. After that, plant the tomatoes and the other vining vegetables that will help you to maximize the garden space by letting the growth of veggies vertically.
  • You can also install these cattle panel trellis horizontally. 
  • They are basically weatherproof tomato trellis.

Hanging baskets:

  • The Hanging basket does not come under the category of Technical trellis but you can use them to grow large tomato plants.
  • They are used for small spaces, for example on the balcony. 
  • Using a hanging basket will provide the tomatoes with natural support.
  • Using them to provide support to the tomatoes is a very easy task. 
  • These baskets are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors and you can mix varieties of plants to grow in them.
  • The Hanging basket is also available upside down which will make more solid space for your tomato roots.


I hope that you will love the idea of using different types of tomato trellis to get more productivity. You can take an idea from the image of a tomato trellis and decide which tells will be best for your Garden.

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