List of Determinate and Indeterminate Tomato Varieties & their Differences

Have you ever heard about different varieties of tomatoes, such as Determinate or Indeterminate? Don’t get confused with the word “varieties” here; it doesn’t mean they look different, have different colors, or have different shapes.

Now, the question is, what do different varieties of tomatoes really mean? Here, different varieties refer to the growing habits of the tomato plants. Many plant lovers may still be confused, so let’s clear it up.

The article covers all about Determinate and indeterminate tomato plants, which will help you understand the difference between indeterminate and determinate tomato plants.

Key takeaways:

  • People use the mentioned terms for the growing habits of tomato plants.
  • Various varieties of determinate varieties will be discussed below, a few of them are Roma tomatoes, Amish paste tomatoes, jersey tomatoes, and many more. 
  • Determinate tomatoes grow for a small period as compared to indeterminate tomatoes.

 Do you know whether the plant you are growing is determinate or indeterminate? Which tomatoes are determinate? You will come to know soon.

Before you know its varieties, you should know the exact meaning of determinate tomatoes and indeterminate tomatoes. Let us jump into its information.

What is a Determinate Tomato Plant?

Determinate tomatoes are the ones that tend to develop one larger harvest as an object so that they continue to grow all along in the season. They have a determined time in which they produce the fruit. As mentioned they are even called bush tomatoes because they tend to remain for a small period with more understanding with their other companions. They can attain a height of approximately 4-5 feet. They won’t grow more than this height. 

Determinate tomatoes are often called “bush” tomatoes as they tend to stay smaller and more compact instead of growing very tall as indeterminate plants do. These plants need not be pruned for maximum yield like the indeterminate plants. 

What is an Indeterminate Tomato Plant?

The indeterminate tomato varieties grow and start to produce fruit at the end of the growing season. These are varieties that grow quite tall having vines that grow quite large due to which they are best for staking or trellising on the other hand the Determinate tomato varieties do have growing habits that make the plant grow a specific height and after reaching a specific height they stop growing. this type of plant produces large amounts of fruit at one time which they are best for canning and preserving.

Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomato varieties:

The following table will help you know in more detail the differences between determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties:

Determinate Tomato varietiesIndeterminate Tomato varieties
Determinate Tomatoes grow all yield in one large crop one time which is why it is called bush tomatoes.Indeterminate Tomato varieties are used to produce and ripen the fruit throughout the season this is why it is called ever-bearing or garden types.
The growing pattern of these tomatoes stops after reaching a certain point or specific height. The growing pattern of these tomatoes continues to grow as long as they live.
Here the leaves, fruits, flowers, and seeds do show determinate growth patterns.Here the indeterminate growth pattern is due to the presence of meristems at Shoot meristem and root meristem showing this growing pattern. 
The indeterminate tomato varieties grow to a height of 2-4 feet which makes them best to grow in containers or small garden spaces.The indeterminate tomato varieties grow to a height of 6-10 feet or more which further depends on variety and growing conditions.
They have a more compact growth habit, consisting of shorter internodes and a bushier shape. They have more open growth habits, consisting of longer internodes and a more sprawling shape.
There is no requirement to provide plant staking or supportThey do require staking or support because, with the growth of the fruit, it becomes heavy which also makes them topple over.
They use to produce a certain amount of fruit before the plant stops growing such as over a 2-3 week period.They continuously produce and grow fruit until the first frost comes or until the plant dies.

List of all determinate varieties 

        Variety         Height     Days of Maturity  
Ace 3-4 feet 80 days  
Ace 55 3-5 feet 60-100 days
Alaska 1 to 1.2 m50 days   
Amber colored 60-90cm 55-60 days 
Andes6-8 feet 60 days or more 
Italian Roma 3-4 inches 75 days 
Backa 70-80 cm 125-130 days 
Banana legs 40-76 cm70-75 days 
Bush beefsteak 6 feet 75-85 days 
Black sea man 4 feet 75 days 
Bush early girl30-36 inches 50 days 
Campbell 33 8 inches 69-80 days 
Cream sausage 3 feet70-75 days 
Dwarf purple heart90-120 cm 60-80 days 
Dwarf pink passion 50-80 cm 60-80 days 
Early annie3 feet 65-70 days 
Early Annie3.3 feet 55 days 
Fargo 12-18 inches 70-75 days 
Florida 47 3 feet 100-120 days  
First pick 3-4 feet 60-60 days 
Golden girl 5-7 feet 69-70 days 
Golden fresh salsa 60-90 cm 80-100 days 
Gremlin 5 feet 50-60 days 
Green thumb 3-4 feet 60-80 days 
Hardrock 18-24 inches 70-80 days 
Heinz 100-150 cm 75-80 days 
Hy-brix             –          –
Homestead 245-6 feet 70-80 days 
Rosella Crimson 40 inches 60-100 days 
Kewalo 12-15 inches 75-80 days 
Lady finger 4.5 feet 55-65 days 
Legend 122 cm 68 days 
Lunch box 3 feet 65-80 days 
Long keeper 4 feet 78-85 days 
Marglobe 61-91 cm 75-80 days 
Manitoba 45-62 cm65 days 
Mariana 4 feet72-74 days 
Milano plum 3-4 feet 70 days 
Napoli 12-24 inches 60-65 days 
Northern delight 2-4 feet70 days 
New yorker 4-6 feet 55-70 days 
Pellicore 4 feet 60-70 days 
Picus 4 feet 74 days 
Prescott 4-5 feet 65-75 days 
Red robin 20-30 cm55 days 
Red Robin 90-120 cm 78 days 
Roma 3 feet 70-80 days 
Scarlet red4 feet 74 days 
Silvery fir 45-61 cm 55-60 days 
Sprite 3 feet 60 days 
Tasti-lee 3 feet 72-75 days 
Taxi 2 feet 65-70 days 
Tiny Tim 8-16 inches 60 days 
Window box 12 inches 70-75 days 
Zebra cherry 5 feet 75-80 days 

Which tomatoes are determinate? 

Various varieties of tomatoes are determinate. A good list of them has been mentioned above. If you are here to know some of them in detail, then let us begin to understand them: 

Pellicore tomatoes 

The red color pellicore is cherished by everyone. It is one of the best tomatoes that is specially grown by every grower in their gardens. As tomatoes are a favorite fruit of almost everyone, planting this determinate variety of tomatoes will be great and have many benefits of growing them. The leaves of this plant are narrow and attain a height of 4 feet. The size of the fruit is 10 oz. you will see that this variety’s shape is a flattened globe. 

List of Determinate and Indeterminate Tomato Varieties and their Differences

Picus tomatoes 

Have you heard of this determinate variety before? If yes, then great but if not, then you should know that Picus is a great annual vegetable plant that is raised by a farmer in the garden so that they can enjoy the benefit of eating them. Picus gives you great oval tomatoes that are red. This determinate variety is even known as berries by some people. 

Prescott tomatoes 

Some people call it an indeterminate plant but it is a determinate plant that grows generously. It gives you plumy and savory fruits of ¾ inches. You can add this variety of tomatoes to your salad during your diet especially. 

Rosella crimson tomatoes 

You might have grown this famous variety in your garden area. The flavor of this fruit is as sweet as honey. It produces fruit of medium to large size that matures to a crimson-pink is an amazing regular-leaf dwarf variety.  It is especially famous for its amazing color and taste. 

Scarlet red tomatoes 

If you want a strong determinate plant to grow in your garden, then scarlet red is a great option for you as it is a high-yielding tomato plant. It has a deep red color if it does not turn red it can be due to weather conditions, variety, water, etc, and is also disease-resistant. When you compare it with other varieties of tomato then you will love this.

Tiny Tim tomatoes 

They are great miniature tomato plants and are antique too. This plant can attain a height of 12-18 inches long for its growth. Feed them properly so that they give you fruitful results. You can enjoy the benefits of fruits from this plant after 60 days. 

Black Zebra cherry tomatoes

This plant has a good exterior covered with an amazing red-burgundy color. It has beautiful green stripes. It is a great cross between the black tomato and the green zebra tomato. 

Bush early girl tomatoes 

This plant will give a delicious and tangy flavor to its red tomatoes. Your plant will grow 4 inches wide if you want a long-lasting effect from them. This determinate variety can suit even best in any small area or garden. 

Dwarf purple heart tomatoes 

This determinant variety has some dark shade in its fruit. It will seem like the shape of a heart. When it comes to dwarf tomato varieties, they are the larger ones to plant. 

Silvery fir tomatoes 

Last but not least, this Russian variety gives you various benefits. It is known for its great unique and sensitive vegetation. If you want to plant the determinate variety of tomatoes in the hanging baskets, then this variety suits you well for you. 

List of all indeterminate varities:

Variety heightDay of maturity 
Brandywine 6-8 feet80-100
Cherokee Purple6-7 feet75-90
Beefsteak 6-8 feet80-100
Sungold 6-7 feet55-65
San Marzano5-6 feet75-85
Mortgage Lifter6-8 feet75-85
Purple Russian5-6 feet75-85
Pineapple: 6-7 feet75-85
German Johnson6-7 feet75-85
Chocolate Cherry5-6 feet65-75
Yellow Pear 6-7 feet70-80
Rutgers 5-6 feet70-80
Lemon Boy5-6 feet70-80
Celebrity5-6 feet70-80
Early Girl5-6 feet50-60
Better Boy6-8 feet70-80
Sweet 100 5-6 feet65-75
Green Zebra5-6 feet70-80
Black Krim5-7 feet75-85
Amish Paste 5-7 feet75-85
Big Rainbow6-7 feet80-90
Black Cherry5-6 feet65-75
Campari5-6 feet65-75
Husky Cherry Red  4-5 feet65-75
Pink Brandywine  6-7 feet80-100
Stupice4-5 feet55-65
Hillbilly5-6 feet80-90
Black Prince5-6 feet75-85
Sun Sugar – Height:, Days to Maturity: 4-5 feet65-75
Jaune Flamme5-6 feet70-80
Aunt Ruby’s German Green6-7 feet75-85
Everglades4-5 feet65-75
Black from Tula 5-6 feet75-85
Kellogg’s Breakfast 5-6 feet75-85
Jaune de Flamme 5-6 feet70-80
Costoluto Genovese 5-6 feet75-85
Costoluto Genovese5-6 feet75-85
Red Currant 4-5 feet60-70
Eva Purple Ball 5-6 feet70-80
Paul Robeson6-7 feet75-85
Amish Gold 5-6 feet75-85
Persimmon6-7 feet75-85
Matt’s Wild Cherry  4-5 feet55-65
Grandma Mary’s Paste5-6 feet75-85
Sunrise Bumblebee  4-5 feet65-75
Glacier 4-5 feet60-70

Which tomatoes are indeterminate varieties? 

Now you all know the indeterminate tomato varieties are best known for continuously growing habits and the ability to produce fruit throughout the season until frost arrives. these varieties are best for gardeners who want a constant supply of fresh tomatoes. the following are some popular indeterminate tomato varieties:

Indeterminate Cherry Tomatoes:

These tomato varieties consist of flavor and sweetness. The perfect size of tomatoes is perfect for snacking and salads. here the indeterminate grape and cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes are quite popular varieties. You can enjoy the harvesting of snacking tomatoes for months. My favorite varieties are jelly beans and Sungold. They used to grow in small, bite-sized tomatoes available in different colors such as red, yellow, and orange.

Heirloom Indeterminate Tomatoes:

This tomato variety is being passed from generation to generation which is treasured for their flavor. Some of the most popular heirloom varieties are Mortgage Lifter and Brandywine. These varieties can include cherry, paste, slicers and beefsteaks tomatoes.

Indeterminate Hybrid Tomatoes:

The hybrid tomatoes are basically a controlled cross of two different tomato varieties which help in improving disease resistance, uniform fruits, and higher yields. the popular indeterminate hybrid tomatoes are Big Beef Hybrid and Better Boy Hybrid.

Indeterminate Brandywine Tomatoes:

They come under heirloom varieties which produce large, pink fruits with a sweet, juicy flavor.

Indeterminate Cherokee purple tomatoes:

Indeterminate Cherokee purple tomatoes are large, beefsteak-style tomato ripening with a dark purple color and a rich, complex flavor.

Indeterminate Green Zebra Tomatoes:

Indeterminate Green Zebra Tomatoes are medium-sized tomato ripening with green stripes and a tangy flavor.

Indeterminate Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes:

Indeterminate Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes are large, meaty tomatoes ripening with a mild, sweet flavor.

Covering up 

In this article, you come to know about the Determinate Tomatoes that grow for a small period as compared to the indeterminate tomatoes. You will get your fruit to eat soon by growing the determinant varieties but they won’t last for long. They are do come with their own plus and negative point so read the article properly and then conclude. 


Are Roma tomatoes determinate?

Yes, Roma tomatoes are determinate fruits. 

Is Brandywine tomato determinate or indeterminate?

Brandywine tomatoes are determinate and indeterminate as well. 

How do you know if a tomato plant is determinate?

You can come to know if the tomato plant is determinate or not by checking its flowers, if its grieving blossoms at a time, and the production of the fruit, if it is producing tomatoes at a time, then they are the determinate tomatoes.

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