Can I Grow Tomatoes in Compost? (If yes! How and When?)

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I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. Can I Grow Tomatoes in Compost? The compost adds organic matter to the soil but does compost actually help tomatoes?

Straightly putting the tomatoes in the compost has resulted in high yields. Compost is basically the organic material that we get after the decomposition of waste which can be garden waste food waste, or any other waste.

Quick takeaways:

  • The longer the decomposition the better the results in growing the plants.
  • The plants will be able to absorb the nutrients better with the proper decompositions. 
  • The tomato plants should get most of the nutrients from the compost. 

What is Compost?

The compost that is not properly prepared will not be easily used by the plants. The compost should get easily mixed with the soil and for that, the compost should be smooth.

The compost soil has a good ability to hold water and still be able to provide ample nutrients to the plants. 

Can I compost tomatoes?

The tomatoes can be composted but there are some complications related to their usage on tomatoes. As the tomato plants have overgrown and passed the growing season the tomato number will be reduced.

Why not compost tomatoes?

All the seeds don’t vanish or get killed by the composting. The composting makes the seeds germinate really quickly and randomly which can be an issue for you. The unwanted plants will use the nutrients that are actually not for them. 

The tomato plants that are composted spread diseases. Diseases like fusarium wilt, etc can be there because of the bacteria that are causing the decomposition. 

The composting of tomatoes should be done if the tomatoes don’t have any fungal growth or bacterial growth. 

Also, it is noticed that the plant waste if added should be broken down into simpler forms like tearing them into small-sized pieces. This will make their decomposition even better without growing many infections. 

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How to compost tomatoes? 

The tomatoes for compost should be without any wilting or fungal infections. Also, the plants need to be layered properly. They should be moisturized well.

The conditions for compost need to be warm and moist. It is considered that the internal temperature should be 135 degrees Fahrenheit for the tomatoes to be compact. 

Can I grow tomatoes in compost? 

If you are thinking of using compost for tomatoes then it’s not a bad idea though. The compost adds nutrients and also improves the quality of soil for tomatoes. The tomatoes can grow in the co, post but if the compost is used properly and when to use the compost. 

It is believed that tomatoes need to get compost soil when they are being transplanted or while changing the soil with a good potting mix soil. 

Can I Grow Tomatoes in Manure?

Now the question is if the tomatoes can be grown in manure or not. The whole process depends on the type of manure you are using for your plant. Most of the gardeners use composted manure. It will help the plant to grow at its best. composite cow manure is one of the commonly used manure for tomato plants that has NPK values of 0.8–0.5–0.5. 

It shows that your plant will not be burnt. Chicken manure and composted manure can even be used but it will not suit the tomatoes. Because of the high content of nitrogen present in them. It even tends to burn the roots of the plant, especially when they’re fresh.

Last, but not least, other manure used is rabbit manure, but that can be mixed with the composted manure. So you can add this one to your soil. So yes, you can grow tomatoes in manure as the plant will grow at its best and you will receive healthy results from it.

Where to Plant Tomato Plants? 

Are you worrying with a thought where will you plant tomato plants? then you should not as I will let you know about it. 

If you have grown tomatoes in the garden bats or the pots you have to provide them with a good amount of sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours a day. they like to grow in direct bright sunlight for their well growth. 

Also if you feed them with well-drained potting mix, then they will grow Ideally in your area. Also, the ideal pH level for these plants lies between 5.8 to 7.0. Do not feed your plant with clay soil.

When to Compost Tomatoes? 

Folks, here comes the important part of this article. Do you know the best time to compose tomatoes? If yes then you’re going great. But if not then you should be aware of it. Gardeners can compose the tomato plants if the plant is not suffering from any of the fungal infections. 

Sometimes you observe a virus in the plant that will not let the plant live for a long time. So such plants with such viruses can be composted. You need to manage the compost pile for breaking down spent tomatoes.

Is it beneficial to grow tomatoes in compost? 

The compost is not well prepared and by ‘prepared’ we mean that the compost is not rough or has wood pieces or bark pieces in it as this can reduce the water retention power of the compost.

The compost is used to nurture the soil with the nutrients that make the tomato plants healthy the whole season. A Good amount of minerals, water, and micronutrients are added other than major nutrients that have to be given to the tomato plants just like most. 

Cons of using compost for growing tomatoes

The whole game of using compost depends on the minerals and nutrients they add to the soil. But if the ratio is not correct that can backfire on the tomato plants and make them unhealthy. As some nutrients are in excess amounts than the plant actually needs. While other nutrients are so low that the tomato plant gets deficient in those nutrients and starts to show symptoms. 

Summing up the context

By now we hope you have all your questions answered and understand that compost is indeed a great way to fulfill the tomato nutrition requirements. The tomato plants are loved by many living organisms for example aphids, birds, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, etc, and are also prone to getting infected, it is important that composting is done the proper way and used in adequate quantities only.

Make sure the tomato already doesn’t have any disease or the compost needs to be prepared with a good ratio of plant and kitchen waste. We hope this article was helpful to you as we are always looking forward to helping you guys out!

Happy composting! Happy planting! 


Do tomatoes grow better in pots or in the ground? 

The tomato plants if growing in the summertime you will notice that the tomatoes will grow really well as they thrive well in warm conditions. The tomatoes need to be planted in the early summer season and the warm conditions make the tomatoes juicier. The heat will also stimulate the plants to produce more tomatoes. 

Can I reuse tomato soil? 

It is better if you don’t use the tomato soil again for the new tomato plants otherwise the yield might be low. Though the soil can be reused to grow other vegetables like bush beans, peppers, and other flowers. 

What is the best time of the day to fertilize tomato plants? 

The tomato plants should be fertilized in the morning time or the evening time. This time the sunlight is not that strong and the fertilizer gets time to get dry and benefits the plants effectively without getting washed off. Using a soluble fertilizer is good to use for tomato plants. 

Can you add too much compost to the soil? 

There is the possibility that you get to see the adverse effects of using too much compost in the soil. Though the compost increases the organic matter in the soil, the excess use of compost makes the plants unhealthy and affects the surroundings. 

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