Do Squirrels eat Tomatoes? (Tips to keep Squirrels out of your Garden)

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I hope your garden is prospering and touching the sky with your efforts. A gardener maintains his lawn properly through his efforts and hard work. They grow all types of plants and vegetables. One of them is tomatoes.

Tomatoes are being grown in every region of the United States. But gardeners are facing some issues like not getting fruit from the tomato plants. There might be a reason behind the no fruit on the tomato plants. Do squirrels eat tomatoes?

Key takeaways:

  • People love to eat tomatoes, farmers plant them so that they get the fruit from them.
  • There can be squirrels who are eating your tomatoes. They find tomatoes very attractive and eat them wholly.
  • They eat them when they get red and ripened. Yes, they love to eat tomatoes not only them but there are many animals like birds, groundhogs, deer etc also love to eat tomatoes.

Do you wonder how they can do so? Need not to as tomatoes are a favorite fruit of squirrels.

So, you need to find out some ways that you can keep squirrels out of your garden. You will be happy to know that there are ways with help which you can keep them out of the garden so that they do not spoil your vegetation. 

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes? 

Squirrels roam around the tomato plants so that they can eat the fruit. They tend to eat tomatoes. They will bite the numerous tomatoes and they will leave the unripe ones. They can eat those tomatoes that are ripening. They can even eat the whole tomato. They don’t eat tomatoes only, various fruits are eaten by the squirrels such as beans, cucumbers, peas, and others. 

When they find tomatoes hardened, they eat them. If they see any other plant that they can eat, then they will drive toward them and eat them. During their thirst period, they can even eat green tomatoes. Not only do squirrels eat tomatoes, but other animals also there too who eat tomatoes.

They are the offenders behind the rip-off of tomatoes. They will manage your plant and the garden. You won’t be able to keep them away from your tomatoes if they make any nests near your house. So, try some tips that can keep the squirrels out of the garden. 

Types of Squirrels That Eat Tomatoes

There are mainly two types of squirrels that tend to eat tomatoes in your summer Vegetable garden. One of them is tree squirrels and the other is ground squirrels. Both of them will come to the garden area actively throughout the season.

Ground Squirrels

  • Ground squirrels are one of those squirrels, that are not bigger than the tree squirrels.
  • They tend to grow about 12 to 16 inches tall which includes their mottled brown firm and their tail. 
  • They pop up in the garden area and eat the tomatoes as they love them. 

Tree Squirrels

  • Tree squirrels are one of the squirrels that will like to enjoy on the trees in the garden area.
  • These types of squirrels like to eat ripe tomatoes, they will pasta and ripe tomatoes.
  • Also, the diet of the squirrels will change with time.

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes off the Vine?

Folks, what do you think squirrels eat the tomatoes off the vine or not? During the growing stage of the tomato plants, the tomatoes do not get fully red and ripened. So, do they eat them off the vine? 

Various animals are so naughty and eat vegetables, fruits, and other things from the garden, and even though you make ways to stop them, they will eat them. But here we need to know: Do they eat tomatoes off the vine? So the answer is yes.

They eat them wholly off the vine. They tried to eat the lying tomatoes on the garden floor too. When the fruits get fully ripened and fall into the garden, then you should take them away from the garden so that the squirrels do not come close to the plant. 

Signs Squirrels are Eating Tomatoes 

  • You will observe the time that will happen in the daytime because if the damage happens overnight, then it is not done by the squirrels.
  • You will observe large holes on the side of the tomatoes showing that squirrels are eating them.
  • They tend to eat the whole tomato too.
  • But they prefer to take the bites from all the tomatoes. 
  • Sometimes you observe small holes in your area or in the containers, which shows you that the squirrels are digging there.
  • Also, squirrels will come to the flowers, especially daisies because they love daises.

Why do Squirrels eat Tomatoes?

Before moving, it is important for you to know why squirrels eat tomatoes one of the reasons might be their yummy flavor. Yes, it is true squirrels left the tomatoes for their delicious taste.

Another reason is that they do not understand what to eat, but not to eat, what belongs to them, but not belongs to them. 

So if the tomatoes are accessible to them, they will eat them to satisfy their hunger. They might eat other plants in the garden area for their hunger but tomatoes are favorites.

It is their nature that they are in love with the tomatoes, but you can protect your tomatoes from the squirrels which will be explained in this guide.

Tips to Keep Squirrels out of Your Garden

Tomato is loved by the squirrels and they will eat them wholly and the gardener will receive nothing in the end. So, let’s know about some of the tips to keep the squirrels out of your garden: 

1. Motion-activated sprinklers 

  • It is very important to keep the squirrels out of your garden, so it is better to use motion-activated sprinklers so that you can let them away from your garden area.
  • It won’t let the squirrels enter the garden and it will prevent them from eating your tomato plants. 

2. Various scents 

  • As you know squirrels do not like the scents and get offended by them.
  • You can use some of the deer repellents.
  • It won’t let the squirrels come to your yard to eat tomatoes. 

3. Motion sensor lights

  • If you have used the motion sprinklers, it will be easy for you to use the sensor lights.
  • When these lights sense any type of movement, they turn the lights on.
  • When the lights will blink, the squirrels will get scared.
  • This method can be tried at night.
  • You can use the sprinklers in the morning and lights at night. 

4. Make use of Companion plants  

  • You can use the companion plants to keep the squirrels away from your tomato plants.
  • They can get attracted to other plants except for tomatoes such as mint, mustard, marigolds, and others.
  • So, if you plant these plants in the container also with tomatoes, then they can stay away from your tomato plants. 

5. Dogs 

  • What about welcoming dogs into your home garden to keep those tomatoes safe?
  • It is because of the natural, sense of the dogs that will keep the squirrels away from your plant.
  • You can train your dog to bark at squirrels, which will scare them and they will go away.
  • Keep in mind not to harm the squirrels. So you can use dog hair as a natural repellent against squirrels.

6. Hot Pepper Spray

  • Hot pepper spray is one of the options for keeping the squirrels out of your home garden.
  • As you know, squirrels have strong senses and sensitive senses. So by spring hot pepper in the plants, they will not come to the plant.
  • This is because the active component present in the paper is called capsaicin.
  • Last, but not least spraying the hot pepper spray on the tomato plants will not let the squirrels come to your garden area. 

7. Alternative food resource 

  • I know sometimes it becomes frustrating to put in all your efforts and then get no results. The same is the case with the situation.
  • If you’re not able to keep the squirrels out of your garden, then you have to divert them.
  • Feeding them nuts or seeds that are their favorites will divert them.
  • You can also make use of squirrel, friendly, food like bean sprouts, celery, carrots, spinach, chopped apples, etc.
  • Also, by planting some favorite pieces of squirrels, like Chestnut, Beech, and oak, You can save your tomatoes.
  • So by providing them with alternative food resources, we will be able to keep them out of your garden area.

8. Promote predators

  • Another best method is to promote predators in the home garden.
  • Predators, such as Hawks, snakes, and owls will help you control the population of squirrels in your home garden.
  • The snake will suit you best as it will not let the squirrels come near your garden. 
  • So by providing them with a wildlife habitat, you can invite search predators to protect the home garden.

What is the reason behind the attachment of squirrels to the garden? 

Squirrels are driven toward eating fruits and vegetables as they love them. Squirrels are those little animals that become a part of your garden with time by eating the plants if you won’t stop them. 

They like flowers, birdseed if one has scattered around the garden, fruits, vegetables, and other things.

That is why they are attracted to the garden so that they can eat all the stuff and fulfill their needs. Your household trash can attract squirrels so it is better to maintain your things properly. 

Covering up the article 

In this guide, you come to know Tomatoes are being grown in every region of the United States. People love to eat tomatoes, farmers plant them so that they get the fruit from them. But gardeners are facing some issues like not getting fruit from the tomato plants.

There can be squirrels who are eating your tomatoes. They find tomatoes very attractive and eat them wholly. Read the whole article to know more about them. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!


1. Do squirrels eat tomatoes in the garden?

Yes, they tend to eat ripe tomatoes as they love them. They can eat green tomatoes and red tomatoes as well.  

2. Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away from tomatoes?

Yes, coffee grounds can help you in keeping squirrels away from your tomatoes.  

3. Do squirrels eat tomatoes at night?

Yes, there are chances that squirrels eat tomatoes at night. But almost all of them eat the tomato plants in the daytime as they are active at that time. 

Yes, there are chances that squirrels eat tomatoes at night. But almost all of them eat the tomato plants in the daytime as they are active at that time. 

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