15+ Tomato Companion Plants – What to plant & what not to plant with Tomatoes?

This article will be a piece of guided information about some Tomato Companion Plants. Companion plants are plants that can be grown with a specific plant and provide benefits. Let us know further, about 15 Plants that can be grown with Tomatoes, and are Tomato Companion Plants.

Key takeaways:

  • The tomato plants are the star of the vegetable garden.
  • Growing all tomatoes red and juicy makes the planters feel all the joy and happiness.
  • The tomato scientifically known as Solanum lycopersicum, are berries of the tomato plants and goes best in dishes.

So why not go for the companion planting!? 

Companion planting is the process of growing the plants together and if there is not much space you can grow the tomatoes in the pots that will benefit mutually or maybe one plant without harming the other plant. The plants will either enhance the taste of the main plant, increase the flavor or yield, or keep harmful pests away. 

So, what are the companion plants of the tomato plants that you can also plant with tomatoes in the containers? Let’s know about the good as well as the bad companion of the tomato plants. 

Good companions of tomato plants – Tomato Companion Plants

Bee balm

Bee balms are considered to be great growth regulators of tomatoes when grown with them in the garden. They enhance the growth of tomatoes and also the flavor of crops. The bee balm is also an attractant of many pollinators that can increase the yield of tomatoes by pollination. 


Borage protects the tomato plants from worms that can destroy the tomatoes like hornworms, aphids, and from other pests.


Chives are another good companion to tomatoes as they also complement best with the taste of tomatoes in many dishes. Just not this, the chives plants when grown near the tomatoes have also benefits. The chives enhance the flavor of tomatoes in the garden and also the aphids, and mites stay away from the tomato plants in the presence of chives plants. 


Cilantro when grown with tomatoes deters the pests from tomatoes that love to munch on the tomato plants. The tomatoes and cilantro work well together, cilantro also invites many predators near the plants that are beneficial as they feed on the pests that attack fruits and vegetables. Some other companion plants to grow with cilantro are Garlic, Tomatoes, Anise, Okra, Oregano, etc.


Bail and tomatoes benefit from each other in the garden and also complement each other on the plate or the dishes. Basil and tomatoes mutually benefit each other in the garden when planted nearby. They both help each other to grow. Basil helps the tomatoes with a good and high yield. Basil also helps in repelling pests, and insects away from the tomato plants. Some other companion plants to grow with basil are Spinach, Carrots, Roses, Eggplant, Kale, etc.


Dill plants are seen to make the tomato plants more healthy and thriving. They also increase the yield of tomato dill plants and attract beneficial predators into the garden that also feed on the tomato hornworms. Some other companion plants to grow with dill are Brassicas, Cucumber, Asparagus, Basil, Lettuce, etc.


Garlic and tomato when grown together enhance each other’s flavor and also they can be harvested at the same time. The garlic also deters many aphids from entering the garden or near the spot where tomatoes are already present. Some other companion plants to grow with garlic are Carrots, Roses, Tarragon, Cauliflower, Eggplant, etc.


Petunias being so attractive are great for beautifying the spot of tomatoes and also the petunias keep some harmful insects away from the tomato plants. The petunias bring some pollinators to the garden that increase the pollination and thus the yield of tomatoes. 


The marigolds are again brilliant colored vibrant flowering plants that go well with the tomato plants. The plant brings some beneficial insects near the tomato plants and also many bees, which increase the production of the crop via pollination. 


This strong aromatic herb keeps the aphids far far away from the tomato plants. They are also known to bring some insects like wasps that eat the tomato hornworms. Make ensures there is well space between the mint plants and tomato plants as the root of mint plants can be a little invasive. The tomato flavor is also seen to improve in the presence of tomato plants. Some other companion plants to grow with mint are Dahlias, Bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, Beans and peas, Cabbage, and cauliflower, etc.


The nasturtium plants with their colorful bunch of flowers bring the pollinators near the tomato plants and the bugs that usually feed on the aphids and hornworms. Both these pests cause harm to the tomato fruits. The nasturtium flowers are also edible which makes it another great option to plant in the garden near the tomatoes as to keep the bugs away from the plants. 

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When growing near the tomato plants, they keep the tomato hornworms away from the tomato plants. Hornworms are among the leading pest of tomatoes that destroy the tomato plants. Thyme with its strong aroma also makes the tomatoes tastier. 


The radish and tomatoes are other companion plants that benefit each other. Radishes keep many beetles like flea beetles, and cucumber beetles away from the tomato plants. 


The lettuce plants are short in size and need some tall plants near as they cannot tolerate the afternoon sun or the strong sunlight. When you have good space near the tomatoes, don’t overthink and plant lettuce near it. The tomato will provide the needed shade to the lettuce plants. 


The cosmos are the attractants of many beneficial bees and pollinators that help in pollinating the tomatoes and enhancing their production. The cosmos when is planted near the tomato plants then there are low chances that aphids will attack the tomato plants. 


The asparagus plants when grown near the tomato plants benefit the tomatoes and also get benefits in return. The asparagus plants keep the root nematodes away from the tomato plants whereas the tomato plants keep the asparagus beetles away as they usually affect asparagus badly causing them to be unfit for eating. 

What not to plant with tomato plants 


Corn and tomatoes have common pests and problems. Many worms like corn earworms are attracted to the plants which can harm the tomato plants. 


The brassica cannot thrive well in the vicinity of the tomato plants as they will die hungry and nutrient deficient, unable to compete with the tomatoes, as tomatoes are the heavy feeders. 


Potatoes and tomatoes have similar nutrient requirements and will compete with each other for nutrition. 


Fennel if grown near the tomato plants will inhibit the growth of tomato plants. 

Final words: 

So, we hope you all, by now, will be well aware of what you are gouging to plant near the tomato plants and what not. The tomatoes are tender fruits and need proper maintenance and the companion plants should be that so that they have some common basic requirements, don’t compete with each other, and keep the pests away from the tomato plants. Happy companion planting! 

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