6+ Dill Companion Plants – What to plant & what not to plant with Dill?

I’ve successfully grown dill in my garden, but I was thinking isn’t it a waste of space and time to grow just dill plants all alone? That’s when I discovered the concept of companion planting. What you don’t know? In case you’re unfamiliar with companion plants, don’t worry! You’re in the right place to learn more.

For plant lovers who are unsure which companion plants will complement dill plants without competing for resources or disturbing the main plant, I’m here to help. It’s a fantastic idea to explore companion planting to maximize the growth and health of your dill plants.

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Quick takeaways:

  • Dill is one of the annual herbs that is a gardener’s favorite choice. Gardeners tend to plant them in their home garden so that they can use them for medicinal uses and culinary uses.
  • The leaves of the dill plants are very famous as they serve as a seasoning and have an aromatic scent that will be loved by you. Even one can consume its seeds for throat issues. 
  • Dill has a savory flavor that makes you feel refreshed. It even enhances the taste of various dishes.
  • You can plant them in your home to harden them and enjoy their benefits.

Farmers are using this method of companion planting as long as it is useful for them. But here we will discuss the companion plants of the dill plants. Various plants can be grown together with the dill and some can be grown even in the same pot. So, let us initiate this guide so that you come to know about the plants that are companion pants of the dill. But don’t get distracted by planting the non-companion plants of dill. As several plants can not be planted with dill. We will let you know about them also. 

What are Dill plants?

Dill is a famous and universal herb that is used by various gardeners and even has various culinary uses. You can make the dishes savory by using dill. You can grow them very easily like the Watsonia Bugle Lily Plants as they can be even grown with other plants which are their companion plants. Dill helps you in repelling various insects that are contagious such as mites, worms, loopers, aphids, etc. It even attracts beneficial insects such as ladybugs. 

Benefits of planting dill:

  • It can give flavor to various dishes. 
  • It attracts various useful plants.
  • It improves the flavor of the dishes.
  • It provides shade to other plants too.
  • It helps in repelling harmful insects and pests. 

6+ Dill Companion Plants: What to Plant with the dill? 

Below are the plants that can be planted with dill. They are:


It is one of the companion plants for the dill plants. If you already have grown together, then it is great but if not, then you should go for it. They can destroy the pests that harm the vegetation of dill plants and even themselves. 


You might have seen that cucumber is a famous vegetable that is grown by almost every farmer. But do you know that they should be planted with dill plants, if yes, then it’s great. Dill tends to attract useful pests towards them which will help your cucumber plants to remain in the garden. Otherwise, the cucumber beetles will eat the plant itself and you will get nothing. Some other companion plants to grow with cucumber are Lettuce, Onion, Sunflower, Dill, Tansy, etc.


Lettuce and dill can altogether go well as they are amazing companion plants, snails and slugs are the ones who eat the lettuce plant, so they will keep the pests away from your dill plants and also form the lettuce bed which is good for both the plants. 


Cilantro is a great variety that you can plant with the dill plants as they both put off intense scents. They tend to attract the insects that are beneficial and give you double effects when it comes to blooming. Some other companion plants to grow with cilantro are Anise, Basil, Tomatoes, Okra, Oregano, etc. 


Asparagus tends to attract pests that are beneficial for the plants, so if you plant the dill and Asparagus together, then they both will get to see those pests who will feed on themselves. These pests are important for them like lacewings, ladybugs, etc. 


Last, but not least, basil is one of those herbs or plants that can be planted with the dill as they are companion plants. Both need full sunlight for their girth and the soil needs to be well-drained from them. They will combine and give you flavor in savory dishes and they will be loved by you. You can even plant them in the same pot. Some other companion plants to grow with basil are Borage, Petunia, Peppers, Parsley, Chamomile, etc.

What not to Plant With Dill?

As you come to know about some of the companion plants of the dill, it is better for you if you know the plants that can not be planted with the dill as not every plant suits each other. So, below are the plants that can not be planted with the dill: 

Brussels Sprouts 

They are one of those plants that can be planted with the dill plants, they attract pests and insects that can be harmful to the growth of the dill. You should not take the risk of planting these plants together. 


The plant that has plain leaves and irregular flowers is known as angelica. The plant dies after some time which means that they do not stand for long. So, it will harm the growth of the dill too. 


What about cabbage? It can also bring various problems for the gardeners as they can attract cabbage worms which indirectly harms the dill plants. So, planting them together is not at all a good choice. 


If you are thinking of planting a fennel next to a dill, then it is the wrong decision. They can cross-pollinate with dill and cause and flavor of it. 


Another plant that can not be planted with the dill is chilies. As they can attract insects and attract predators. It will harm the plants. 


One of the plants that are not good for planting next to the dill is it will harm its growth. They are not companion plants. When the dill gives flowers, it tends to attract the wasps towards them which can be helpful for the tomatoes. Some other companion plants to grow with tomatoes are Chives, Cilantro, Basil, Petunias, etc.

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that Dill has a savory flavor that makes you feel refreshed. It even enhances the taste of various dishes. You can plant them in your home, harden them, and enjoy their benefits. Companion planting is a wonderful way with the help of which you can attract beneficial insects and repel contagious insects by enhancing the growth of the plants that you have grown together as companion plants. Farmers are using this method of companion planting as long as it is useful for them. Read the whole article so that you have a better understanding of it. 


Can you plant Dill and carrots together?

No, you can grow carrots and dill together as they are not companion plants. 

Is it bad to plant Dill near Tomatoes?

Yes, it can plant dill near tomatoes as they both affect each other’s growth and health. 

What can be planted next to Dill?

Various plants can be planted next to the dill. It means there are several companion plants for the dill such as cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, onion, lettuce, cron, etc. 

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