12+ Lavender Companion Plants – What to plant and what not to plant with Lavender?

What could be better than having fresh lavender leaves at home? I’m not referring here, to how to grow lavender because today I have something interesting for you. Did you know there are many plants known as “great friends” of the lavender plant that can be grown alongside it to benefit both the lavender and its companions? If not, stay connected and scroll down.

Growing companion plants alongside lavender offers numerous benefits, such as boosting growth, repelling pests, and improving soil quality. Isn’t it interesting? Trust me, companion plants assist basil in numerous ways, which I’ll detail shortly.

Below, I’ve listed the best companion plants perfect for growing with lavender plants. If you encounter any problems, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Let’s understand the benefits of companion planting and explore some lavender Companion Plants without delay.

Quick takeaways:

  • There are various Lavender Companion Plants that can be opted by you to grow in your home garden.
  • Some of them are rosemary, mint, celery, basil, sedum, thyme, chamomile, fruit trees, and many more explained below.
  • With this, you should know about some of the Lavender Companion Plants that can not be grown with each other such as hostas, impatiens, etc.
  • The companion plants do great and give you the desired results. They help in growing the plans at a faster pace.
  • Planting companion plants will protect your plants from the pests and insects that are harmful to the plants and attract the best beneficial insects that will help them grow.
  • Lavender is a perennial herb that grows faster and can even grow in the worst times. It needs full sun for its growth and sometimes needs shade.
  • In this plant, you need to maintain it by providing it with well-draining and dry soil so that they grow well. Water the plants regularly like watering tomato plants.

What Is Companion Planting?

It is a proven gardening method that will help you enhance plant growth and protect plants from harmful insects.

Farmers grow plants near each other so that the plants attract beneficial insects and also help in enhancing the growth of the plants. 

There are various benefits of companion plants:

  • It helps you to repel the insects from plants.
  • It tends to improve the nutrients in the soil.
  • It provides shade to the short-height plants.
  • It enables good plant growth.
  • It attracts beneficial insects to the plants. 

12+ Lavender Companion Plants: What to Plant with them?

Lavender plants are easy to grow and can be maintained minimally. What about its companion plants? It has various champion plants that you will see right below. So, below are the lavender companion plants that can be grown with them: 

  1. Basil 
  2. Chamomile
  3. Celery 
  4. Fruit trees 
  5. Brassicas
  6. Echinacea
  7. Mint
  8. Rosemary
  9. Roses
  10. Sedum
  11. Thyme
  12. African daisies 
  13. Gaillardia 

1. Basil

It is one of the best plant herbs that can be grown with lavender plants. They give great help to the lavender by letting them grow at a faster pace. They tend to grow at their best if you plant both plants with each other.  

2. Chamomile

It is another companion plant that does great when planted with the lender. If you grow them in different pots next to each other, then they will go great.

As chamomile grows in moist soil for its growth, lavender grows the same way as it also needs the best well-drained soil.  

3. Celery

It is a variety that can grow great with lavender plants. Even lavender will help the plant to grow high and won’t let the pests harm the plant. 

4. Fruit trees

It is a great choice when it comes to working with lavender plants. Lavender tends to attract the pollinator of bees which are needed for pollination. It will help the plants to sicken the pests. 

5. Brassicas

What about Brassicas? Have you ever grown them in your garden and especially with the lavender plants? They will help you to keep away the harmful insects from your plants and stimulate good growth. 

6. Echinacea

This plant and the lavender plant make a great pair as both look gorgeous when planted next to each other. They are even known as cone flowers that need full sun for their growth just like lavender.

7. Mint

Mint and lavender are famous combinations that leave a great impact on the aphids which won’t let them destroy the plants. Some other companion plants to grow with mint are Geranium, Brussels sprouts, Beans and peas, Tomatoes, etc. 

8. Rosemary

Have you ever grown rosemary with lavender plants, if not, then you need to consider it. It is because rosemary grows well with lavender plants. It is considered to be the best lavender companion herb. Both plants like to grow in dry soil.

Note: you can even grow the rosemary by cutting.

9. Roses

Roses are a favorite choice not of farmers but also for teenagers. They get attracted to them because of their color and aromatic scent that lightens the mood of anyone.

If you plant roses next to the lavender then they will not let the aphids come to attack the plants near them.  

10. Sedum

Sedum has various colors that can be contrasted greatly with lavender. Both plants will grow in full sun conditions. They will even need rocky soil so that they remain drained all day long. 

11. Thyme

Thyme suits well with the lavender plants and both of the plants are drought tolerant which makes it easy for them to survive. Thyme is the best option that you can go for planting next to the lavender plants but you need to water the thyme properly.

12. African Daisies 

It is also a great option to plant with lavender plants. They resemble lavender plants. They are unique and have excellent vibrant colors.

They are one of the amazing companion plants of lavender as both of them can grow in the same conditions. They do not even demand high maintenance. 

13. Gaillardia

This plant is even known for its other name, the blanket flower. It is similar to the daisy flowers that will do great with your lavender plants. The flowers for this plant will look great on the lavender plants and make your garden attractive.  

What not to plant with the lavender? 

Though there are several companion plants for lavender, there exist some non-companions for lavender too. They are: 

1. Hostas 

Have you ever grown hostas next to the lavender plants? If not, then you should go plant them and come to know its paring plants. Hostas can adapt to nature easily compared to lavender plants. 

2. Impatiens 

They are another variant that has no future with the lavender plants. Impatiens have to meet their own needs so that they grow well while doing differently from the lavender plants. 

3. Camellias

Last but not least, these plants cannot be grown with lavender plants. These plants have different growing conditions requirements, so if you plant them with lavender, then the growth of both plants will stop and you will get nothing.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Lavender plants have various companion plants to grow with them. You will be happy to know that in this article you will understand them. The companion plants do great and give you the desired results. They help in growing the plans at a faster pace. They will protect your plants from the pests and insects that are harmful to the plants and attract the best beneficial insects that will help them grow. It would be great if you read the guide properly. 


1. Can you grow lavender and other flowers with lavender?

Yes, you can grow lavender with the other flowers as they will help to grow each other even at a faster pace. 

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