15+ Pumpkin Companion Plants – What to plant & what not to plant with Pumpkin?

Have you ever considered growing different plants together that complement each other? Well, this idea came to my mind when I planted pumpkins in my garden because I wanted to utilize the space efficiently without disturbing the main plant. Guess what, I discovered many companion plants that can benefit each other by balancing nutrients and meeting basic growth requirements.

Don’t worry, I’m not keeping this discovery to myself. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best companion plants for pumpkins, which can help them thrive and produce maximum yield. I’m sure you’ll find this information valuable! So, why wait? Let’s uncover the mystery and find the answers.

Qucik takeaways:

  • Companion planting is a way to plant various types of different plants together so that they enhance each other’s growth.
  • This type of planting can be done in many ways.
  • There are various companion plants for the pumpkin and some of them are lavender, tomatoes, corn, borage, radish, and others that will be more elaborated on in this guide
  • Pumpkins are considered the beautiful orangish color vegetable that is a farmer’s choice.
  • There are great benefits to pumpkin plants when they grow as companion plants.
  • They can attract pollinators and even attract beneficial insects towards them which help the plants to grow well just like the Hottentot-fig ice plant.

15+ Pumpkin Companion Plants: What to Plant with the Pumpkins? 

Pumpkin plants are one of those varieties that can be a great variety that can be planted in the garden area. So, you should know those companion plants of the pumpkin that suit well with each other. They are: 


Corn is the first choice that you can plant with your pumpkin plants. As corn helps you to improve the conditions of your soil which give fruitful results. So, it will help the pumpkin plants too if you plant the corn with the pumpkin plants. 

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They are a good companion plant to the pumpkin and they can do great with each other. Marigolds are beautiful creatures that can be grown amazingly as they attract bees and even insects that are valuable for plants. 



It is one of the plants that are farmers’ favorite choices. It is one of the common crops that is a companion of the pumpkin plants. They can repel the pests that harm the plants and do not let them grow. 


Nowadays peas have become famous worldwide. They tend to have various benefits and one of them is that they help to fix the nitrogen level in the soil. They do the same work for the beans and can do great with the pumpkin plants. 


These are the varieties that can be grown with the pumpkin plants that are a great choice for your garden area. They can even grow up at a faster pace. Radishes can help you to break up the soil around your pumpkin plants. They even attract one of the ethos varieties of insects as they are beneficial for the plants so that they grow well just like the chocolate soldier plant


It is a difficult crop to grow but if you grow it with pumpkin plants then they will do great. It tends to have various benefits. They are cut flowers and can be eaten by anyone. It tends to attract pollinators to the nearby flowers too. So planting pumpkin plants near them is a great idea without any doubt.  


You might have grown lavender in your garden so it is a great idea if you plant pumpkin plants with the lavender plants. Lavender has a beautiful purple color that attracts not only humans but even bees. It will help you to improve the flavor of the pumpkin plants too if you plant the lavender with the pumpkin plants. Some other companion plants to grow with lavender are Echinacea, Celery, African daisies, Gaillardia, Rosemary, etc.

Korean Licorice Mint

Mint is a great variety that has an aromatic scent and can help to repel harmful pests and insects. They will attract those pollinators that help the plants. It is the best variety for the mint plant to grow with the pumpkin plants.  


Tomatoes grow in the same climatic conditions that are needed by the pumpkin plants. You can space 2 feet of distance between both of the plants which insist on each other’s growth. Some other companion plants to grow with tomatoes are Banana legs, Andes, Alaska, Black seaman, Dwarf pink passion, etc. 


They are a variety that suits the same as squash and they even draw the attention of the bees and they pollinate the pumpkins and the melons. Melons are high in nutrients which makes them healthy plants. So plant them with the pumpkin plants. 


You might have heard that they are good companion plants for pumpkin plants. It is an unnoticeable plant but it has various benefits and one of them is that it can be grown easily. They even grow at a faster pace so it would help the pumpkin plants to grow quickly. 


Dill is another variant that is grown in everyone’s yard. They too tend to have a pleasant aroma which helps in preventing the cabbage worms that are harmful to the plants. So, it will attract helpful insects for your garden and even companion plants. So, planting pumpkin plants near them is a great idea. Some other companion plants to grow with dill are Cilantro, Asparagus, Basil, Brassicas, etc.


It is a great aromatic herb that suits you well if you love teas and ointments. In short, it is a wonderful herb that can be a great companion to pumpkin plants. It even helps to prevent the beetle so that they cannot manage the plants you harden.  


Last but not least, there are various varieties of the beans like bush beans, green beans, and others and they can fix the nitrogen level in the soil. Pumpkins would be a great companion for the beans and even it will help the plants to grow in a better way. 


They are a good companion plant for the pumpkin. So, growing them with the pumpkins is a great thing that you can do as it will even improve the harvesting too. 

What not to Plant With pumpkins? 

As you know about the companion plants of the pumpkin so, you need to know about those plants too that cannot be planted with the pumpkins: 


They are one of those vegetables that get damaged if you plant them with the pumpkin plants. They are not good companions of the pumpkin plants. So, planting them with pumpkins is the wrong decision. 


They even give damage to the roots of the pumpkin plants as they both tend to develop in different conditions in the soil. 


Just like cabbage and broccoli, they are not good companion plants for the pumpkin. They tend to retain their nutrients which will not let the pumpkin grow well.  


It is one of the varieties that comes under the category of the non-companion plant of the pumpkin. They even take the nutrients from the pumpkin plants and they won’t remain healthy.  

Are there any benefits of companion planting?

There are various benefits of companion planting. Let us know some of them: 

  • You can improve the growth of the plants. 
  • It will be cost-effective for you.
  • It will need fewer chemical requirements. 
  • It will boost the harvest of the plants.
  • It will reduce the problems for the pests. 
  • It is good as it builds soil enrichment.  

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that Pumpkins are considered the beautiful orangish color vegetable that is a farmer’s choice. There are great benefits to pumpkin plants when they grow as companion plants. They can attract pollinators and even attract beneficial insects towards them which help the plants to grow well. But you need to be aware of those plants too that are not companion plants of the pumpkin as they will not suit well and spoil the vegetation. 


Do Pumpkins get along with other plants?

Yes, pumpkins are one of those varieties that are good companions of the other plants. Some of them are tomatoes, peas, radishes, lavender, and even many more. They grow well with pumpkin plants.  

What plants should you not plant with pumpkins?

Various plants do not suit well with pumpkins. Some of them are fennel, zucchini, carrots, and others. 

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