Herbs that grow well together (& Which herbs to avoid growing with others)

Gardening is a good hobby that anyone can follow. So, being a gardener you might have planted various varieties of plants, fruits, vegetables, and others. But have you ever tried companion plants in your yard? 

Quick takeaways:

  • Companion planting is a way to plant various types of different plants together so that they enhance each other’s growth.
  • In short, it is a practice that lets you know which plants or herbs can be planted together in the garden to attract beneficial insects and repel harmful pests. 
  • There are various herbs that grow well together such as basil and oregano, parsley and rosemary, basil and parsley, and even many more explained below.

You need to know about the herbs that suit well with each other. As you know herbs are a great addition to your garden as it makes the garden attractive. Read the whole guide so that you come to know more about the herbs that can grow well with each other. So let’s know some Herbs that grow well together and also which herbs to avoid growing with others.

What Is Companion Planting?

Companion planting is one of the best plants that grow with each other and provide beneficial results. When you plant the companion herbs and plants together, then you receive the desired results. Companion planting is one of the techniques that is used by farmers all over the world so that they maximize their productivity. 

Even they tend to make your garden attractive and flourish. What else do you need? The plants will remain in each other’s company which will make them grow healthy.

Some of the plants have a different growing cycle, so it is a must for you to know about the companion plants first so that you do not plant the wrong plant with them. You will come to know about the herbs that can be grown together. 

Few features of companion planting: 

  • They tend to attract insects that will help you to keep harmful pests away from the plant. 
  • It can improve the level of your soil.
  • It will add more nutrients to the soil. 
  • The taste of the crop will be improved by companion planting. 
  • It will help in repelling insects
  • You will see that the beneficial insects are starting to grow in your plants. 

What are those Herbs That Grow Well Together? 

Various herbs can be grown as companion plants. In this guide, we will come to know a few of them so that you increase productivity in your home garden. There are various herbs like lavender, sage, rosemary, oregano, and others that can grow together and give great results. 

But also some are not good for each other and spoil the vegetation. So, let us get started to know about the best herbs that grow well together: 

1. Basil and oregano 

These two herbs are one of the crops that are grown by every farmer in their yard no matter what. It is so that they have various uses and are used in the household too. They tend to give a delicious flavor to the dishes which makes them unique from others. 

Though they will give a great effect if planted individually when you plant them together, they will show wonders. Yes, it is true.

You will see the strong smell of the pests and also the harmful pests wot be able to come to the plant to spoil it. Make sure you prune the plants for the good growth of both of them. 

2. What about Marjoram, Thyme, Lavender, and oregano?

The combination of these herbs is famous when it comes to companion planting.

You can plant them together which will give a great look to your garden. You can plant them together and even as group plants.  

3. Tarragon, Arugula & Chamomile 

All these plants have deep root growth. So planting them together will be a great option. They will grow better if you provide them with compost that will make the soil more nutritious.

Pests will be repelled from the plants if you plant them together. 

4. Marjoram and chives 

Another great combo of companion plants is chives and marjoram. They can be used in cooking which makes them different from other herbs.

These herbs can be planted together which gives a unique look to your garden. Marjoram and chives have the same qualities which makes them different from others. 

5. Parsley and Rosemary 

It is one of the best companion plants to grow in the house garden just like celery. They will perform amazingly if you plant them in the same pot. The leaves for the rosemary and parsley will benefit you to a great extent.

So, planting them together is not a wrong idea. It is great to plant them as companion plants in your garden to make your garden eye catchy too. 

6. Basil and parsley 

Have you grown basil and parsley together in your garden? If not, then you should try it. Planting them in the same container will provide vigorous growth for both plants.

Provide them with plenty of light so that they grow well and you receive the desired results. It will help you to control the weeds and you will get a good harvest in return.

7. Chervil and Coriander 

Last but not least, other companion plants are chervil and coriander. They can add great flavor to your dishes. The herbs have a great effect on your life as they provide you with health benefits too.

But make sure that you water your plants regularly as needed by the coriander. Try not to keep them under direct sunlight as it can harm the plants. Provide them with shady areas so that they give you fruitful results.

Which Herb To Avoid Growing with Others? 

As mentioned, with the companion plant, there are some plants too that can not be planted next to each other as they tend to harm each other. So, let us know about them so that you do not plant the wrong plants with each other:

1. Mint

One of the avoidable plants is mint. It is different from other types of crops as they have growing conditions that are not matched by the others. These herbs are invasive and can grow vigorously. They can steal the space of other plants too which does not let others grow.  

2. Fennel and cilantro 

This combo can not grow well if planted as companion plants. They tend to compete with each other

3. Dill and lavender 

This combination can not be grown together as the growing conditions of both plants differ from each other.  

4. Rue, sage, and basil

These combinations of plants can damage the growth of each other if you plant them together.

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that Companion planting is a way to plant various types of different plants together so that they enhance each other’s growth. In short, it is a practice that can let you know which plants or herbs can be planted together in the garden so that they attract beneficial insects and repel harmful pests. You need to know about the herbs that suit well with each other. As you know herbs are a great addition to your garden as it makes the garden attractive. Read the guide properly so that you excel in your gardening field. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening!


1. What herbs go well with mint?

Various herbs can grow well with mint. Some of them are basil, lemon balm, and oregano. Even various unknown species will suit wells that the mint plants. Not all plants are companions of mint plants.  

2. Do herbs grow well together in the same pot or container?

Yes, herbs that are companion plants can grow with each other in the same pot or container. But make sure that they are the companion plants that have the same growing conditions and weather situations. If they differ in their environments, then they won’t be able to grow and get spoiled.  

3. What herbs go well with parsley?

Parsley is one of the crops grown by farmers. It is used for various purposes. You can plant parsley with various herbs such as thyme, oregano, basil, dill, lavender, and even many more. 

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