How to grow flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes? (Step-by-step guide)

Hey folks, ever worried about How to grow flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes? In my gardening field, is used to think about whether to grow flavorful Aerogarden tomatoes or not. Growing vegetable plants right inside your house is a pleasant experience, especially if you are growing them in the Aerogarden.

Key takeaways:

  • The Aerogarden is best suited for hydroponics and is equipment that is fitted with LED lights that help the plants to grow and provide the perfect indoor atmosphere that helps the plant grow healthy and faster.
  • It is easy to grow flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes.
  • The tomato plants when grown in Aerogarden there are fewer chances that you would be worried about your babies as Aerogarden will be doing the whole work.
  • The Aerogarden in the winter or frost weather keeps the plants warm inside providing the optimum warmth for them.
  • No need to load the soil inside as the plants can grow without the soil still getting enough nutrients and water.

What’s better than tasting the yummy tomatoes by just picking the tomatoes from the Aerogarden tomato plants, all full of flavor, juicy and fluffy? 

let’s get started to know more about the growing process of flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes.

How to grow flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes?

1. Get started with Aerogarden

Now as you have bought one, Aerogarden should be properly clean and sorted before planting tomatoes in them.

Take it out of the box and place it in a spot that has a good electrical connection and space. Fill the reservoirs with water and nutrients so that the pods get ready for the seeds to be placed.

2. Working of light 

The next step in growing flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes is the working of light. The grow light should work properly in the Aerogarden. The grow lights should be about 5-6 inches away from the plants so that proper heat and light reach the plants.

Keep them at the lowest height in the case of tomato plants. Keep the timer of the grow light to be on for 15-17 hours in 24 hours. Choose the option ‘Quick Grow’ in your Aerogarden and make sure you follow the instructions properly for that. 

3. Place the seeds inside 

The seed pods need to be placed into the Aerogarden and keep the alternate seed pods empty and still covered with pod covers. The pod covers don’t let the space get warm and algae grow.

The tomato seeds need to drop into the seed pod via a sponge or using the growing medium. It is ideal to take 1-2 seeds in the center of the pod and place the sponge in the growing space.

4. Cover with domes

The grow domes provided with the Aerogarden system help the seeds stay warm and let them sprout more quickly than in regular cases.

The seeds get optimum heat and regular moisture all separate from the harsh atmosphere. Let’s jump to the next step in the process of growing flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes.

5. Little adjustments

If you are still a little scared to start regarding setting the system and a little adjustment then simply follow the above steps and click the option ‘tomato’ on the Aerogarden. Last but not least, flavourful Aerogarden Tomatoes can be grown easily.

This is easy! The system has a control panel that makes it simple for users to just click the button according to the plan and let Aerogarden do the smart work. The lights will be adjusted according to that option for the fixed suitable time for tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, etc.

How to prune tomatoes in Aerogarden?

After covering with grown domes, the tomatoes need to be provided a room temperature of about 75-75 degrees F for a week so that sprouts start to appear within these days. It will help in feeding you with the flavourful Aerogarden tomatoes.

The sprouts as appeared should be given some space make sure you check daily and as sprouts appear remove the grow domes and let them grow further.

After 12 days the sprouts start to outgrow the pod. Prune the tip of sprouts and also make them thin, cutting the multiple stems and letting the strong stem stay in the pod.

Though Aerogarden doesn’t let you do much of the task and do it on its own you still need to keep checking the soil if it’s low or even if the nutrient content in the soil needs a refill. You can simply look at the screen and get to know about this or install the app provided by Aerogarden and get notified about it.

After two weeks the plant might have grown about 5-6 branches tall, clip or top the plant above the branch to enhance or give a little ‘push’ to the plant growth. Make use of sharp clean pruners for this that are lightweight or small in size. It will help in feeding you with the flavourful Aerogarden tomatoes. With time if you are seeing some unwanted or invasive outgrowth you can also trim that branch or leaves.

How to pollinate the tomatoes in Aerogarden?

Pollinating the indoor Aerogarden tomatoes is not as complex as it sounds. Trust me! This is going to be easy. Also as there are no pollinators inside the house that means you have to do this process all by yourself to get that juicy tomato.

With time, as the plant is showing some flowers you need to shake the flowers gently. You can do this by using the electric brushes or hand but make sure the force is not too strong for 20-30 seconds. The purpose is to make the pollen fall on the sticky pollen tube. Do this one time a day.

After 35 days you will see the flowers turning into tomato fruits by closing themselves up. If some flowers are still not closed that means pollination didn’t occur in them. Shake them well and let them form the fruits. It will help in feeding you with the flavourful Aerogarden tomatoes.

How to harvest tomatoes in Aerogarden?

After 10-12 weeks, you will see the tomatoes all ripen and turn red if not there with be a common reason like water, variety, heat, cold, etc round, and juicy in your Aerogarden without much effort and with such good results.

Feel the tomatoes if they are squishy and then pull the tomatoes from the branch softly as the Aerogarden will be helping you to get more tomatoes for a few weeks more.

Wrapping the context

You don’t need to provide much care to the tomato plants if the season is summer or near the fall. But it is important as Aerogarden is doing the work and its aerator or pump need to be clean and flushed, having no plant build-up. So keep the aerator all sanitized and hygienic so that plant growth doesn’t get compromised. We hope you like the information in this article and that it was all useful to you. What you are waiting for? Enjoy that juicy tomato by kick-starting the process. All the best!


1. What are the best tomatoes to grow in an Aerogarden?

The determinate tomatoes are the perfect tomatoes to be grown in the Aerogarden. As there are the tall varieties too. The cherry tomatoes and the giant cherry tomatoes are appropriate to get into the Aerogarden. 

2. Can I grow full-size tomatoes in my Aerogarden?

The Aerogarden suppliers also provide you with the seeds options and the plants you want to go with. You can get a growing height of up to 36 inches in the farm family. This length is too much for the dwarf tomato plants and will help you grow with some tall tomato plants but as this is equipment, you still need a determinate tomato variety. 

3. Why is my tomato plant dying in AeroGarden?

The reason is your plants are getting suffocated and the common problem is the roots not getting aerated and thus the plant, the Aerogarden has the capability to aerate the water so that roots stay fresh and get some air to supply to the plant and don’t get suffocated. 

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