25 Varieties of purple Tomatoes (Taste, Differences & Growing tips)

In this article, you can know many varieties of purple Tomatoes. Yes! you heard it correct, Purple tomatoes do exist. So let us know more about the varieties of purple Tomatoes further.

Key takeaways:

  • The purple tomatoes or nearly black due to dark deep purple coloured tomatoes are rich flavoured tomatoes with little fo acid in them.
  • All varieties dont taste alike, there are still variations in flavour in various purple tomato varieties.
  • These tomatoes are perfect to use in sandwiches, salads, salsa, making a sauce, or even for canning.
  • Some different varieties of purple tomatoes are Cherokee Purple tomato, Purple boy, Black beauty, Great white, Dwarf wild Fred, etc.

 Here are the best 25 varieties of purple or black tomatoes along with their taste, and growing tips. 

25 Top Varieties of Purple Tomatoes 

  1. Cherokee Purple tomato

Cherokee purple tomatoes have dark purple on the outside and have reddish flesh. The taste is sweet, perfect for sandwiches and you get to eat it quite quickly as you grow them. They grow at a fast speed and mature within 80-85 days. 

  1. Brads black heart

As the name indicates, this tomato variety is heart-shaped and full of flavours. The colour is a darkish shade of purple. They are perfect to be squeezed and make a fresh yummy sauce. They get to the height of 6 feet and produce good yield all over the season. The plants are vine-like so need support to extend and grow. They don’t require much water and too much supply of water can split these tomatoes.

  1. Purple boy

Purple boy tomatoes are known for their symmetry disease resistivity, and deep purple colour on the outside and inside surface. They need to be planted after the last frost. The purple boy tomatoes mature after 80 days. We forgot to mention these plants are hybrid and give rich flavored tomatoes 

  1. Black beauty

The darkest of all the tomatoes is the black beauty tomato. The tomatoes are the deepest colour of purple and very meaty with the best flavour of all tomatoes. They are popular because of the high level of anthocyanins in them and antioxidants as well. 

  1. Ace 55-vf

The Ace 55-Vf tomatoes are the determinate varieties. These heirloom tomatoes are classic varieties of America. The seeds germinate within a week or two. 

  1. Great white

The white tomatoes, yes! The white tomatoes. But the flavour is so enjoyable and juicy with a lot of flesh. The flavour is a combination of fruits like pineapple, melon, and guava. The seeds grow in a week or two weeks under full sun. 

  1. Black Krim tomatoes

These tomatoes are large and they are deep purplish coloured that love full sun and have wonderful taste. The tomatoes are full of nutrients and are grown in the summer and fall time. They also need good support for growing well. 

  1. German Johnson heirloom tomato

These varieties of tomatoes have a tall stems and have colours of shade between pink and red. The yield of these plants is not too much but the tomatoes are remmy to add to your dishes. 

  1. Rosella purple

The rosella purple tomatoes are medium-sized as the plant is also dwarf in size and is indeterminate so can be grown anytime in the season. They can be sliced easily and plants need full sun to make the tomatoes juicy and fleshy. The plants mature in 76-78 days after getting planted. 

  1. Chocolate Cherry

The chocolate cherry tomatoes as the name indicates are cherry coloured but in a deep dark shade. The flavour is just incredible and very sweet. The plant matures 65 days after planting and is an indeterminate plant.

  1. Amish paste

The Amish paste plants are indeterminate and tomatoes are paste-like (when we boil them for making tomato paste), the colour of the fruit is deep reddish. The tomatoes are thick and fleshy. These tomato plants grow well when stated and are acorn-shaped with full of juice inside. 

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  1. Dwarf wild Fred

This dwarf variety matured within 85 days and was first created by the cross between the carbon and new big dwarf varieties. The tomatoes are in the shade of rose-purple and have an oblate structure. The flavour is so rich with sweetness. The pants are indeterminate but need support. It will be reflective if you use stakes for them and grow well outside.

  1. Indian stripe

The Indian stripe tomatoes are just like Cherokee tomatoes with fruits coloured purple-burgundy. The rich flavour with the complexity of the wine makes these Indian strip tomatoes perfect for dinner. The variety is disease resistant and loves the heat. The plant grows in full sun and reaches a height of 6-8 feet. 

  1. Purple Russian

The variety is also called Ukrainian purple. The tomatoes are purple-red with a sweet rich flavour that is extremely enjoyable. The pants mature 80 days after planting, 

  1. Purple calabash

The purple calabash has the deepest and rich purple colour of all purple varieties. The sweet flavour of tomatoes has also a hint of citrus tang. The plants are indeterminate, and ideal for planting inside as well. The plants need good support, that will reach up to a height of 4-6 feet.

  1. Carbon tomato

The carbon tomato plants need full sun to grow and 80 days to mature. The tomatoes are firm, large and so meaty with fewer seeds. The flavour is rich and complex. Drip irrigation is highly effective for carbon tomato plants with the usage of a tomato cage. 

  1. Indigo ruby

Indigo ruby tomatoes are darkish purple and look similar in size to cherry tomatoes and sometimes plum. The indigo ruby plants need a good amount of water like two times a week. Mulching will help you not to overwater and keep the soil as well as the plant moist. The flavour is a little acidic with tangy. 

  1. Hillbilly

The hillbilly tomatoes are more fruity in favour and juicy like apricot but low in acid. The plants need well fertile soil so pre fertilized the soil, the stem should be deep into the soil, so remove the bottom, and leaves before planting. 

  1. Oxheart pink

The oxheart pink tomato plants have high yields, with meaty tomatoes and 

Have savory sweet to acidic flavour. The plants are indeterminate heirlooms, with heart-shaped tomatoes, love full sun, and start with indoor planting before the last frost like 4 to 8 weeks before. 

  1. Vr Moscow

Vr Moscow tomatoes are known for old fashioned Swedish flavour that is very pleasing. These determinate tomatoes are thick-walled and perfect for canning. The seeds germinate within 8-10 from sowing. The hardiness zones are 3 to 14. 

  1. Yellow Pear

The yellow pear tomatoes are one to two inches in length. The colour is yellow and the size of the fruit is easily biteable. The flavour of tomatoes is abngy and mesmerizing. 

  1. Brandywine

The best-tasting tomatoes are large with so much meat inside. The tomatoes have very less acidic levels. The plants need good space to grow well, and applying mulch will keep the soil moist and warm.

  1. Southern night

The southern night tomatoes get their name from the black nights in southern regions of Russia. The tomatoes are purple-brown and the plants are indeterminate. The tomatoes are medium-sized with a flat top. Very rich and complex flavour. 

  1. Paul Robeson tomato

The tomatoes have a very unique flavour with little smokiness in them. The Paul Robeson tomato plants are easy to grow and give a good amount of crops. They grow well around the stakes and are indeterminate. Start with indoor planting and as they get mature plant them in moist soil in a sunny spot.

  1. Bonny best

Bonny’s best tomatoes are scarlet coloured and have a sweet old-fashioned flavour that is good for canning. The plants are vine-like and are indeterminate and reach 1.5 meters, grow well around the stakes, and need full sun. They are drought-tolerant and produce clustered fruits on the branches. 


Wrapping up the context

We hope you like and enjoy knowing the various types of purple tomatoes. So what you have decided to go for in your garden or your kitchen, please do let us know. of all the varieties which you have already and how much you like them, let us know in the comments. Till then take care and Happy planting! 

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