10 of the best Seed Starter Kits for Germination to buy

I adore growing new plants in my garden, but I used to struggle with the germination process until I discovered seed starter kits. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. But fear not, as I have the answers you seek.

After trying out several seed starter kits for germination, I discovered which ones were the best for the process. To assist you, I’ve shortlisted some of the top 10 seed starter kits. You can go through them one by one to decide which is perfect for your garden.

If you need further assistance with gardening, feel free to ask me in the comment section. Let’s not waste any more time and delve into learning more about these seed starter kits.

Key takeaways:

The following are the best seed starter kits for germination such as:

  • Bootstrap farmer seed starter kit
  • Jiffy peat peel seed starting greenhouse
  • Window garden seed starting kit
  • Super sprouter propagation kit
  • EasyGrow Medium Domed Propagator
  • ACT Biodegradable seed starter kit

To know more in detail you can go throw the below information.

10 of the best Seed Starter Kits for Germination to buy:

1. Bootstrap farmer seed starter kit

  • Popular name
  • Durable trays
  • Have a humidity dome made of super durable plastic
  • The plastic is heat resistant, crack-resistant, and works for years in all weather
  • Can be recycled, safe for food growing
  • Provide accurate space for the seeds to grow
  • Expensive but worth every penny

2. Jiffy peat peel seed starting greenhouse

  • Popular company
  • The pellets are filled in the kit that needs to be soaked with lukewarm water and they get expanded
  • Sowing seeds is super easy and comes with a gift 
  • 36-50 seats in the kit
  • Affordable option 

3. Window garden seed starting kit

  • A great option for window gardening as it is placed by the window that gets plenty of sunlight and heat
  • The kit is reusable and comes with three kits each having 30 cells having seed-starting pods
  • Affordable
  • Though the kit is easy to use but needs to be maintained. The kit lasts two to three uses
  • Gives a great start to germinating the seeds. Later, they can be transplanted as well. 

4. Burpee self-watering seed starter tray

  • Many times indoor planters forget to come inside to water their garden, this light is helpful for those
  • You can grow vegetables, herbs, and seeds in the trays
  • Have coir soil pellets, watering, and dome facilities 
  • Good result of seed germination
  • No humidity vent, manually need to remove the dome lid
  • 72 cells in each kit

5. Super sprouter propagation kit

  • This is a little pricey but surely my personal favorite. The kit has a T5 light, a warming mat tray, and 7 domes. 
  • 100% seed growth is seen, provided with humidity vents so no worry about too much humidity
  • However, it comes without a bottom tray and does not include a growing medium. 
  • This kit is the best option for beginners with inbuilt sets that help seeds sprout and a completely reliable option

6. Vivosun seed starter kit

  • This kit includes a thermal mat that provides temperature that helps seeds to start sprouting
  • A digital thermostat that helps the working and monitoring easy
  • The seedlings get the perfect growing environment, no setup is needed, easy to use
  • The humidity dome, trays, and heating pad, all are included in the kit
  • No holes in the bottom of the trays, with good water resistance
  • Surely a value-for-money kind of investment

7. EasyGrow Medium Domed Propagator

  • A medium-sized domed propagator comes with side extensions and security clips
  • Made of durable plastic, cups are not already so need to buy them separately
  • Contain humidity vents do need not worry about dispensing off excess moisture
  • The kit is easy to assemble

8. Trueleaf seed starting kit

  • Salad vegetables can be easily grown
  • three kit options are available- basic, deluxe, premium
  • A basic kit includes a humidity dome, cell trays, drip tray, garden seeds, seed labels sticks, and  12 compressed soil pucks
  • Also effective in winter with grow light.
  • A go-to option for the new gardeners.

9. ACT Biodegradable seed starter kit

  • This kit makes you happy as it comes with indoor as well as outdoor planting containers with trays that are biodegradable.
  • Other than this, a seed dispenser and gloves with some gardening tools are also there
  • It is UV-resistant, and reusable with peat pots that need to be replaced 
  • Easily transplanting plants or seedlings without any shock

10. Jump start seed germination kit

  • Jumpstart seed germination kit is a budget-friendly option with a waterproof heat mat tray including 72 cells and one 2-inch dome cover 
  • The beginner gardener can get help from the growing tips brochure provided in the kit
  • The roots stay away from fungus and grow healthy
  • The kit is not that tough so other options are tougher enough but surely a good cheaper kit

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What to look for while buying the seed starter kit? 

Trays, cells

The seed starter kit has too many cells, the size of each cell will be small compared to those having less number of cells in the growing trays. What seed starter kit to buy depends on you how many plants you want to plant or sow the seeds. The seedlings should not reach the other cells, which can be crowded for the other seedlings to grow. Too many large cells can also be ineffective for seed sprouting. Choosing the 10-12-cell tray is a safe option in the beginning. The more seeds you want to sow, the more cells you will need unless you have another kit. 


The containers if provided in the kit are a cherry on the cake, as you get the option to plant some more vegetables and flowers indoors as well as the containers can be used for outdoor planting too. The containers can be used again. Other than this, there are disposable options in containers that are also available if you don’t want a cleaning headache. So, go for the containers accordingly. 

Growing medium 

Many times buying the seed starting kit includes the option of selecting the growing medium yourself whereas some kits have single options and fixed options like peat moss, coconut husk, seed starting mix, sphagnum mix, etc. Again buying a particular kit will depend on what your seed needs fertilizer to germinate. Some kits dont come with pods, or pellets at all, so you might need to buy them separately. 


Lids play a huge role in the quality of kits. The dome in the seed starter kits is really important, the cover will add moisture to the greenhouse, and watering needs will be decreased. All dome covers are not good, as they dont have vents for air exchange and you manually need to take it off for a while. Too much humidity in the greenhouse will lead to mold growth and kill the seedlings. The height of some vents in the dome is vital for the healthy growth of seedlings. You should also know the height of the seedlings to choose the dome.


The kits should be made of a material that has high durability and can withstand any weather and seasons. If the material used is plastic make sure that they have high durability, can be reused, and are heat resistant as the growing seeds need to be placed in the sunshine. 

House indoor conditions

Indoors your house if get enough sunlight then the kits even without a grow light would work. Also, we would say the window garden starting kit will also be a great choice. The house indoors in some cases is quite dark and doesn’t get much sunlight. For this, your wish of gardening will not fade it still is possible with the kits that have grow light fitted in them. 


A proper drainage system should be available in the seed starting kits. The holes need to be there so that the seeds or seedlings don’t stay drained in water. Long exposure to too much water can harm any grown plants, we are talking about seedlings, so drainage is a really important thing to look for in these kits. 

Easy to use

The seed starting kits should be easy to use so that every person can use them. Whether your spouse, your teen kids, grandparents, or anyone. In short, it can be easy to use by a layman. Not much science, not much technicality. 

Summing up the context:

We hope you find this article and efforts helpful and now understand what type of seed starter kit you are up to buying. Nothing is better than growing plants in front of your eyes in hygienic conditions and enjoying the deliciousness of these. Happy planting! 

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