10+ Easy ways to get rid of Flies in the Compost

Have you ever gotten frustrated by the flies in the compost and spoiled it? You might be. Is so as research has proved that flies tend to roam around scrap food, and vegetables to exploit them. Flies love compost as it tends to provide food to them. We will be making it quite easy for compost lovers, as we will be discussing some easy ways to get rid of Flies in the Compost.

Houseflies are harmful destroyers that roam around your compost both indoors and outdoors as well. They will come to your house if they come to know of the presence of compost in your yard. They will come for sure if they see the garbage cans, farm environment, etc. 

So, you need to find some ways that will help you in getting rid of the flies in the compost. Various ways can help you in removing the flies from the compost will be explained in this guide. So, let’s begin this guide.

10+ Easy ways to get rid of Flies in the Compost

Are Fruit Flies Harmful to The Compost Pile?

Fruit flies are one of the harmless things that can come to the compost pile. It is because these tiny creatures will not be able to eat them because they dont have teeth. Though they are a nuisance why do you worry as they will not harm the compost pile? 

They only come there and pop in and out. You will be amazed to know that they tend to multiply various times and become large in groups. They will die after a few days and the birth of new ones will be more. 

Some fermented foods such as fruits are loved by the fruit flies because of the level of alcohol present in them. It makes them lay their eggs in those areas. So, that is why they get adored by the compost bin as it contains various components in it. 

Guys, need not worry as they are not involved in the ruining of your compost pile if something happens with your compost. But when they lay too many eggs in the compost, then it might become a problem for the garden area. 

When Can Fruit Flies Become A Problem?

Fruit tend to multiply more and more and then become adult within a few days about 10 days from an egg. Because of this reason, they become a problem for the garden area. 

Fruit flies tend to grow in locations where they receive warm climatic conditions for their growth and a good amount of food. So, if they will get warmer areas, then more and more fruit flies will multiply.

These insects will adore the compost bin as it consists of various food options and makes a warm area. They will easily access the compost bin as they are small. 

10+ Easy Ways to Get Rid of Flies in the Compost

Following are the easiest ways that will help you in getting rid of the flies in the compost: 

1. Make sure you are using the lid for your bin

Are you using a lid for your composting bin? If not, then you’re going wrong and that is why flies are coming your way. So, the foremost thing you have to do is to keep the flies away from your bin. 

You have to do it safely by clicking it every time you are throwing anything. I hope your bin has a protected lid that does not let the flies come inside. 

2. Remove the greens from your bin

Another easy way of getting rid of the flies in the compost is to remove all the greens from the bin or bury them beforehand. It is so as flies love to eat the greens just like vegetable eats, fruit waste, etc. 

You can burn it with any layer of soil so that there remains no substance in it. You can put some rotting vegetables at the top of the bin so that the flies get swayed from there as they do not like it. 

3. Make use of a freezer composting bin

What about using a freezer composting bin? Have you ever used the composting bin in your home so that you can freeze your compost by putting it in a freezer? It will not allow the flies to come in. 

Isn’t it great? So, you can make some space in your freezer so that you place your bin there. There is even a way that you can boil your food scraps before putting them in the compost. It attracts the flies towards your food. 

4. Ensure to Cover the food scraps

If you are covering the food scrap, then there is no way to get the flies to your compost

But if you are not doing so, then you need to cover the food scrap by making any layer of mulch on it. You can even use some dry leaves, and straws so that you save your post from the flies. 

5. Use vinegar to catch the flies

Another way is to catch the flies so that they do not feed on your compost, you can do so by taking the apple cider vinegar and putting it in a container, and adding some drops of the dishwasher liquid to it. 

You can cover the container top with any plastic wrapper. Put this web around your compost so that the flies do not come your way. 

6. Freeze the food scrap

Putting the food scrap or vegetable scrap in a bag and putting it in the freeze will restrict the entry of the flies into your compost. 

You have to freeze them all night long so that they kill all the larvae and restrict the flies from coming close to our compost. 

7. Use the fly paper 

You can use this method too as it is tried by most gardeners. It is easy to do. You have to buy fly paper and hang it up so that the file does not come to your compost. 

8. Use water-packed bags

Using water-packed bags to keep the flies away from your compost is also useful. You can rely on this method. You have to fill up a gallon of water and close it from everywhere. 

Then take it and hang it in the way of the flies so that the flies do not come close to your compost, yes it is true.

Flies do not come to your compost if they see these bags as they seem to be a spider web to them. 

9. Make use of some cloves 

Another option that can help you in removing the flies from the compost is cloves. You might be wondering how cloves can help you. But they give you great results as flies do not like its fragrance. So, all you have to follow the below steps: 

Step 1- you have to take a lemon and cut it into two halves. 

Step 2- then, put about 10-12 cloves on it with any bud and place it there so the flies stay away. 

10. Make use of essential oils

Last but not least, there is a way out of getting rid of the flies in the compost. It is the use of essential oils. Even essential oils are proven to be the best home remedies that give the results for sure. 

Various oils can be used for getting rid of flies in the compost. Just apply those oils to it. Some of them are pennyroyal,  Citronella, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and many more. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Flies lay their eggs in the compost and even hatch them there. But people get irritated by the pests on their material. They will create a nuisance by developing some diseases that are not good for humans and even pets. 

Houseflies are harmful destroyers that roam around your compost both indoors and outdoors as well. They will come for sure if they see the garbage cans, farm environment, etc. So, you need to find some ways that will help you in getting rid of the flies in the compost. Read the whole guide so that you understand it properly.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening

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