How to Grow and Care for Crape Myrtle Twilight?

How to Grow and Care for Crape Myrtle Twilight? We came across various trees in our day-to-day life. Uncountable species of trees are available in our nature. One of the beautiful species of trees is crape myrtles. An amazing fact about these trees is that they bloom. Imagine how beautiful it is to see a tree having so many colorful flowers on it. It satisfies your soul.

Many people want to grow crape myrtle in their garden but they don’t know about the requirements and also do not have sufficient knowledge about the tree. So, in this article, we will cover all the details about the twilight crape myrtle species that is the most famous one. This article contains a proper guide for you on how you can grow this tree and how to care for it.  

What is Twilight Crape Myrtle? 

With the eye-catching blossoms, appealing mottled bark, and multi-trunk shrub growth, crape myrtle trees are cherished for their year-round aesthetic attraction. Twilight Crape Myrtle trees take things to the next level, blooming all summer long with enormous, crinkly, deep-purple blossoms. 

They are a must-have for a spectacular privacy screen, foundation plant, or solitary specimen due to their great size, deep color, and unusually lengthy flowering season. The appearance of this tree is like it includes multi-stemmed shrubs having round-shaped leaves and they are approximately 15-25 feet tall when grown up and can go up to 10-15 feet wide. 

Some of its features are:

  • Tree with the deepest shade of purple.
  • Drought-resistant.
  • All year long, mottled bark adds visual appeal.
  • All-season summer bloom Low upkeep.
  • Draw hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies to your yard.

How to plant the Crape Myrtle Twilight?

Let us learn some more facts related to this tree. What is the best time to plant this tree and when can we expect it to bloom? Late fall or early spring are the ideal times to plant Twilight Crape Myrtle trees. The conditions you need to focus on are like selecting a location that receives direct sunshine, and if required, adjusting the soil. 

Remove any turf or garbage, and pull any weeds. Create a hole that is roughly three times the root ball’s width and depth. With your fingers, loosen the root ball after removing it from the container. These are just an overview, we will cover this in detail further in this article. Depending on the plant type, the blooms frequently occur in the late spring to early summer and can have a fuchsia-pink hue. Before dying to the ground, the blooms bloom for roughly 120 days. 

How to grow and care for crape myrtle twilight?

Now, it’s time to know what tips and points you should keep in mind if you are thinking of growing twilight crape myrtles. These points which you will learn in this section are also important for the caring of your tree. Care of trees is very important for healthier growth.


The first factor to focus on is the space required for growing this tree. Proper spacing is the base for the plant to get sufficient nutrients and sunlight. So, it is important to grow the tree in a suitable place. Leave your plant 4 feet in diameter from the grassy area. Plant each tree at a distance of between 4 and 12 feet.

Soil Type

The second factor is the type of soil where you should grow this tree. Chalk, loam, and sandy soils are all suitable for growing twilight crape myrtle. Due to their great capacity to retain water, clay soils can be unhealthy for plants and make them more prone to root rot and other soil-related diseases. Also, check the pH value of the soil. The species prefer a pH of between 5 and 6.5, which is somewhat acidic.


It is an important factor responsible for the growth of a tree. A sufficient amount of light provides healthy life to the tree. During their active growing phase, twilight crape myrtles need an average of 6 hours of unfiltered sunshine to be healthy, create flowers, and grow to greater heights much more quickly. Although low light can have an impact on the species’ development rate, health, and appearance, it can also endure partial sunshine circumstances.

Water Supply

This factor we all know is important. But always remember that there must be a controlled and scheduled water supply to a tree. Never over-supply water. Depending on the season, development stage, and weather, the twilight crape myrtle has moderate water needs. For example, Plants that have just been cared for need more water than old, established plants. 

After planting, water young plants well. Then, for the first two months, water 1-2 times each week. Although mature plants may go for long periods without water, they still require around 6 inches of water once or twice each month.


Proper nutrition is important. When the leaves first appear in the spring and again in the early fall, treat your tree with a slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. Select fertilizer that is balanced and has an NPK value of 8-8-8 or 10-10-10.


Pruning is the method to remove undesirable branches from a tree, bushes, or other plants. It is very important for the caring of your tree. Maintaining constant growth, shaping your plant, and controlling the spread of pests and diseases are all benefits of routine crape myrtle trimming. Since the plant is in its dormant form throughout the winter, this is the ideal time to trim your crape myrtle Twilight bush.

Twilight crape myrtle would be the best option for making your garden more beautiful and colorful. Evening Crape Hummingbirds and other pollinators like butterflies and bees are drawn to myrtle trees. Just remember the above-mentioned points before growing the tree and maintain proper care of the tree.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that One of the most beautiful species of trees is crape myrtles. An amazing fact about these trees is that they bloom. Imagine how beautiful it is to see a tree having so many colorful flowers on it. It satisfies your soul. Many people want to grow crape myrtle in their garden but they don’t know about the requirements and also do not have sufficient knowledge about the tree. Read the whole guide to know more about the crape myrtle twilight. 


What kind of soil does a crape myrtle like?

Crape myrtle likes to be in sandy soil or loamy soil as it grows best in these kinds of soil.

Do you cut back crepe myrtles in the winter?

Yes, you can cut back the stems that are old in the wintertime. At this time the plant is fixed. Do not chop it’s top rather just prune it. 

How much sun does a Twilight crape myrtle need?

Twilight crape myrtle needs about 6 hours of sunlight which shows that they will grow in full sun light. So provide them full sunlight for their growth.

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