17 Easy Flowering Plants For Pots

If you love flower blooms in your garden then here are some easy Flowering Plants For Pots. We all love flowers! Who doesn’t anyway but beginners face a lot of problems while growing flowering plants. Seeing the flowers can take much time if you are a beginner. What if you can plant flowers that are super easy to grow? It is possible! Take a look and enjoy.

Key takeaways:

  • Flowering plants for pots will make your garden more colorful.
  • Some easy flowering plants for pots are Petunia plants, Geranium Plants, Dahlia Flowering Plants, Coelus Flowers, Lobelia Plants, etc.

Best and Easy Flowering Plants For Pots

Below is the list of easy-to-grow plants in pots that flower and looks super pretty in your garden. You can make your garden or porch look more colorful with these plants. If you make a mix of these flowers it will suit even better. I have tried these flowers and I’ve got only good to say about these plants. Have a look at these plants and let me know in the comments if you have more suggestions.

Petunia Flowering Plants for Pots

Petunia with so many colour options is easy to care for and the bloom is ideal for easy flowering plants. They can be planted easily in pots, containers, or even in gardens. You can plant them in hanging pots to frame your fences or porch areas. They can thrive in full sun, but afternoon sunlight can be avoided by simply moving them to shade. Petunias are known for their color pop. 

Geranium Plants for Pots

Another popular one is germanium which is so easy to grow and can be contained in pots. The flowers bloom during the late spring to the summer season. The plants also need full sun and well-drained soil. The height of geraniums is usually seen to be 1-4 feet. 

Fuchsia Flowers for Pots

The fuchsia plants are best grown in outdoor containers or hanging baskets. The Long stamens are seen on the flowers that give a falling appearance the bell-shaped flowers add drama to the area. Fuchsia needs partial shade and moist soil. Make sure the soil is well-drained. 

Dahlia Flowering Plants for Pots

For growing in pots, you can go for planting dahlia whether long or short varieties. You can combine them as well in a pot to give a varying level appearance. The plants love the full sun and flowers glow in the sunlight. 

African Daisy Flowers for Pots

Beautiful flowers look a lot like daisies and are easily grown in pots with a fuller appearance. The flowers blossom in various colors like yellow, pink, problem orange, etc. African daisies are fast-growing and need full sun to partial shade. 

Zinnia Flowering Plants for Pots

Zinnia flowers love summer heat. The plants are annual and are very colorful. Zinnias are fast-growing plants and easy to keep as well. You can just not plant them in pots but also in hanging baskets. The soil should be well-drained and fertile enough so that the flowers can burst the beautiful colors well.

Coelus Flowers for Pots

Coleus plants are famous for colorful leaves like orange, red, purple, pink, etc. leaves are also in almost black shade. Coleus is a shade lover. You can place them on the porch. Many hybrid varieties of coleus love the partial sun as well. The soil should be moist and well-drained, you can see the flowers too on coleus with good care.

Black-eyed Susan Flowering Plants for Pots

Black-eyed Susan is a wildflower and wildflowers are another best option if you can’t give our plant ample time. They thrive well in full sun and have a fast-growing ability. They have a natural tendency of staying water-tolerant and pest resistant. 

Lobelia Plants for Pots

Lobelia is simply pretty and best grown in containers because they form a beautiful full crown over medium-sized containers. The tiny flowers in the shade of blue and purple look so elegant and minimal as well. The plant needs full sun to partial shade and soil which is moist but not soggy.

Sunflowers for Pots

Sunflowers are the best friends of the sun. They can’t get enough sunlight. The yellow bright flowers are large and attention seekers. They are easy to grow even in pots, you can choose dwarf sunflowers. The plant needs good warm moist soil, and heat and they will shine bright. Sunflower plants are pest-resistant too. 

Alyssum Flowering Plants for Pots

Alyssum is known for its versatility and cluster of tiny flowers. They form great groundcovers too. If planted in pots, alyssum plants still will form a beautiful cover with so many flowers close to the ground. Alyssum plants don’t get affected by full sunlight. 

Marigold Flowers for Pots

Marigolds with yellow strong colored flowers are a great attractors of beautiful hummingbirds and useful pollinators. They are a perfect choice for container planting. 

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Pansy Plants for Pots

Pansies are the winter star! The plants bloom in cold and early springtime. They are known to beat the cold and frost conditions as well. With so many color options in pansies, you can grow them in large containers to give the contrasting look. They don’t like strong summertime much.

Nasturtiums Flowering Plants for Pots

Full sun-loving nasturtiums are yet another ideal option to be grown in pots. The round leaves are edible with the flowers that are funnel-like with so many pp colors like yellow, orange, red, white, etc. the plant needs well-drained soil. 

Lincoln Gem Cactus for pots

There are various types of Succulents that are easy to grow and need very less water and thrive in arid zones too. The Lincoln gem cactus is a flowering cactus yielding golden blooms that look exquisite and give surprise to viewers. They can also grow well in indoor bright light. The soil should be drained and moist, let the soil dry before watering. 

Bugleweed Flowering Plants for Pots

Bugleweed is with beautiful spikes having tiny violet flowers that look super aesthetic and the good thing is that they take no time to bloom. The plant needs full sun but partial shade also works well. The soil should not stay damp for long. 

Clematis Plants for Pots

Clematis are vines that flower and need full sun. They can be planted in pots with moist soil and the vines will rise and frame the surface with the purple flowers. Flowers are star-shaped and need partial sun and shade. 


Flowering Plants for Pots

The following questions were the most asked about the flower plants in pots so i have made a list and answered them. I hope this will help you too. If you have more questions apart from these, Let me know in the comments. Let’s see what others are curious about.

Which flowers grow well in pots?

Impatiens, coral bells, hydrangeas, and Mandevilllas are some flowers that grow well in pots. Other than these, we have listed the best easy-to-grow plants in this article. 

What potted plants bloom all year?

Sweet alyssum, pansy, cyclamen, flowering kale, and twin spur are some of the plants that will bloom the whole year in your pots. 

What is the longest flowering annual?

Ageratum houstonianum, belonging to the family Asteraceae plant, will bloom for the longest time, from the start of summer to the last frost. The flowers are super pretty in various shades like red, pink, blue, etc. 

What annual will bloom all summer?

The annual that will bloom all summer is poppy flowers. The poppies can grow in heat and dry conditions. The whole summer they bloom with beautiful colorful flowers. 

Does lavender grow well in pots?

Lavender such as Lavender Crape Myrtle definitely can grow well in pots, and containers if the pots have proper drainage holes, the soil is not soggy and well moist. 

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