Porch Plant Ideas, Live Plant Pots, and Accessories for Porch

Are you searching for some porch plant ideas? Ask yourself, “How can I make my porch look nice?” JUST IMAGINE, coming towards your house and looking at that breathtaking porch section, feeling, “Ah! What a lovely view!” and patting yourself that you have designed it! Yes!

I want the same to happen to you, but before that, realize this thing first: whether your porch is facing the sun or not, so accordingly, you can decide what colors and types of flowering plants you want on the porch.

To help you out, I have mentioned the most common types of flowering plants from which you can select. Not only this, but here you will also get the best idea for beautifying your porch. So without wasting time, let’s start to read and add some beauty.

What are common types of flowering plants used for some porch plant ideas?

If you have zero clue what we are talking about? Here is some description:

Annual plants 

Have a long bloom session, live for one season. They have the bright flowers of all and most are the choices of many gardeners for pots or containers and porch ideas. 

Perennial plants

Perennials are plants that bloom for one season only. They usually provide habitat to a few birds, bees, and butterflies. They are short-lived plants.

Biennial plants

Biennials are plants that don’t bloom until the second season of their life. They grow for two seasons. For these plants, a lot of patience is needed. 

So what’s better: annual or perennial?

Annuals are the best option indeed if you are thinking of plants for your porch. If you want perennial, then we suggest you keep shuffling with the colors to cope with the season. 

Okay now! So you have understood the very important step, now let’s move forward to the best porch ideas that you can follow to bring out some tremendous porch looks.

Best Ideas for BEAUTIFYING your porch

Before proceeding, it is important for you to know about the best designs for your porch if it looks attractive, then people will appreciate your hard work.

So it is important to know that when you are choosing a design, you have to keep three things in mind: choose a thriller, a filler, and a spiller.

So are you ready to know about the best ideas to keep in mind for your porch? If yes, then let’s get started to know more about them in detail they are as follows: 

  • You have to choose a palette for your area that will contrast best with the colors of your home.
  • Then you have to choose that color for all your containers in the home garden. 
  • It is your choice to add different shapes, textures, and colors by mixing them to add a virtual look to your garden.
  • For instance, you can make use of various varieties of flowers and leaves that will not look similar and will look attractive to visitors.
  • You can make use of leaves like some heart-shaped, trumpet-shaped, elephant-shaped, etc. 
  • Then choosing different pots for different plants depends on the size of the plant.
  • You can choose the shape of the container as per your choice. 
  • You can plant one plant in one container as it will look, clean and gorgeous.
  • Whereas if you’re looking to do the opposite, then you can choose the container in which you can put some of the different leaves that will look attractive.
  • So are you ready to add amazing containers to your home garden? If yes, then you can pair it with some different species.

Follow the below best ideas for beautifying your porch that will look attractive and eye-catching fro everyone. They are as follows:

Live Plants 

  1. Lantana: Lantanas are perfect shrubs to give a color pop to the sun-kissed porches, planted in the containers. Soil- well-drained, watering- when soil is dehydrated.
  1. Petunia: Another sun-loving porch plant with colorful flowers is the petunia. Just like the name as it sounds, this plant can bring elegance to your entrance.
  1. English Ivy: Best suited for low-light areas or entrances. These are trailing plants that can be used as hanging options or framing windows or doors.
  1. Daylilies: The mesmerizing texture of daylilies just makes you awestruck and “keep looking at the porch” for real! These are very low-maintenance plants and need good sunlight and water quantity to thrive well.
  1. Begonia: Extremely pretty adaptable flowers to give that lavish look to your porch or window section. Use them in a container for hanging or window boxes to grab all the attention right to that corner.
  1. Coleus: Damn! Look at that color explosion. This plant has a lot of varieties from trailing to upright ones and the way they make the porch so appealing is just to flatter them!
  1. Hydrangea: The faded shade of different colors of Hydrangea flowers is the best choice if you want to give that traditional subtle appearance to your porch. They can grow well in sunny to shady spots, so no worries! The hydrangea plants are loved to be eaten by deer.
  1. Topiary: With topiaries, you have a lot of options for bringing versatility to your welcoming spot. The tall topiaries can be natural tower guards to your entrance, or you can plant it simply in a short pot, or tall pot and shape it according to your wish whether a ‘classic’ or ‘modern’ punch, it all depends on you!
  1. Succulents: The succulents are dry-tolerant, heat-loving plants that require little water. So you don’t need to water that often. Looks classy, and protective, and is an excellent green option for your porch. Style them in tiny pots, to large ones, they will still do their attractive work nicely!

10. Verbenas: Big clusters of tiny flowers are an awesome go-to option, with their ability to fight any climatic conditions like drought, strong sun rays, and even frost. You can plant them in small pots or keep them as hanging plants.

Pots and accessories ideas for the porch:

You just cannot buy a plant and plant it in any pot. A big No! No! My dear!

Different plants demand different heights to bring attention to the porch and simultaneously different setup is required. It’s not as hard, as it sounds, we are putting it as simply as possible.

For the flowering plants, go for the filing pots.

For the tall, vertical plants, choose pots with a height.

  • For trailing or creeping plants, you can choose the spill pots to give a dramatic twisty appearance to your porch.
  • You can also go for various containers, other than just choosing the design of pots like go for:
  • Hanging containers, tabletop containers, rustic containers, terracotta containers, stone containers, trellis planters, etc. To buy Porch planters, you can also visit this page on Amazon.

For more such plant-related articles, you may also read, Growing Asparagus in Pots – How to Grow and Care for Asparagus?

For Accessories, there are millions of DIYs, and creative ideas, for filling and decorating the space near your front door. The accessories can do stunning work in bringing quality and class to your porch. Here are a few brilliant ways: 

Ladder planters

Bushy birdhouse

Wall planter/ Shelf with plants



Flowerpot on the table


Mix and match planters

Beautiful rugs

Comfy sofa or chairs

Leveled pots on the steps


Barn lights, Cushions on the floor, A good classic table, etc. There are tons of ideas and options available on Etsy that you can buy. Check them out!

Wrapping up the context 

JUST IMAGINE, coming towards your house and looking at that breathtaking porch section, feeling “Ah! What a lovely view!” and patting yourself that you have designed it! Yes!

We want the same to happen to you. Does your porch face the sun or shade? Realize this thing first! So accordingly, you get to know what colors and type of flowering plant you want on the porch. So, read the whole guide to understand it properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening! 


What can I plant next to the front porch steps?

Placing the plants in ascending order to the rise of the steps, to mimic the visual appearance like the small one will come at the first step on either side whereas the tall one comes at the middle step, and so on.

What are topiary plants?

The topiary plants are busy plants and also come as small trees that can be shaped to give an artistic appearance.

How do you landscape the front of the house?

By adding lighting, creating ground cover with flowering trails, planting perennial shrubs, adding rustic rocks, and pots, cheating flower beds around the space left near trees or gardens, etc.

What potted plants like the full sun?

Petunias, lavender, sedum, portulaca, verbena, canna lilies, and blanket flowers are full sun potted plants.

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