25 Best Flowers for planting in Hanging Baskets 

Hey folks, are you also interested to know about Flowers for planting in Hanging Baskets? You are here to know about the flowers that can be planted in the hanging baskets. Do you want to make your garden look attractive? It’s great. You can do this by your choice. But before that, you need to know about the flowers that suit best for the hanging baskets. Right? They might be annuals, perennials, or mixed. You are required to have proper knowledge first. For that, you have to read the whole article for proper understanding. 

Key takeaways:

  • With this, it will help you know which type of flowers are good for your garden as they should also match your style.
  • Making your garden ambiance look elegant can be demanding, but if you are a garden lover, then you can do it easily.
  • Some best flowers for planting in a hanging basket are Vervain, Sweet peas, Dahlia, Snapdragon, African daisies, Nemesia, sweet potato vines, etc.

So let us move forward to know how you can make your garden float in the sky. 

List of 25 Best Flowers for Planting in Hanging Baskets 

Folks, planting flowers can be a great addition to your garden or yard. You can make it attractive and eye-catchy by planting flowers in hanging baskets. What do you say? Isn’t it unique? It will give a remarkable look to your garden. But do you know which kind of flowers you can plant in the hanging baskets? If yes, then it’s great but if not, then you can read down the list given below to know more about it. Let us proceed so that we can make our garden look classy and beautiful. 

  1. Calendula 
  2. Begonia 
  3. Million bells 
  4. Dahlia 
  5. Impatiens
  6. Fuchsia 
  7. Lantana
  8. Petunia
  9. Pansies 
  10. Portulaca 
  11. Vervain 
  12. Diascia 
  13. Sweet peas
  14. Geraniums 
  15. Verbena 
  16. Lobelia 
  17. Snapdragon 
  18. Fairy fan flower 
  19. Sweet alyssum 
  20. Bougainvillea
  21. African daisies 
  22. Primrose 
  23. Snowtopia Bacopa
  24. Nemesia
  25. Sunpatiens 

Let us know about them in detail. 


If you are thinking of planting the calendula in your garden then you are going great as it suits you well with the annuals and perennials. If you hang the basket of calendula in the full sun, it will give you the best results as it also has medicinal uses and can be eaten. Then what are you waiting for? Plant the beautiful calendula in your herb garden to add a great variety to it.


This variety suits best as it grows well in a hanging basket. You need not overwater the pretty begonias, they will blossom in the summertime if you give them proper care. This ‘million kisses’ series is a great variety for your yard. 

Million Bells

What comes to your mind by reading the name of the flower? The name is interesting, right? These beautiful flowers named a million bells are heat-loving and are best when you plant them in hanging baskets providing full sun for their growth.  


If you are thinking of planting the smaller variants of dahlia, then you can go for it as it will look great when you plant more of them in a hanging basket. Their symmetry will look attractive.  These flowers tend to grow in full sun. They give a variety of color changes with their different flowering styles. 


For a shady garden, you can go for beautiful impatiens that can be planted in hanging baskets for adding a unique background to the yard. Don’t place them under the sunlight as they love the shade. There is a disease named Downy Mildew, impatiens are prone to them but there are various new varieties that can resist this disease. So, you can grow them and take advantage of the shade.


You might have heard the name Fuschia or even have planted it once in your garden if you are a garden lover. Fuchsias are a great addition to any type of garden. They are delicate but provide elegance in your yard. Bugs can contaminate them so try to keep them away from the bugs. Provide them with less amount of water and sunlight. 


If you are searching for flowers or plants that spread all around like flowers to plant around your mailbox, then you can go for lantanas. They can fit best in hanging baskets as they will cover all sides of the basket and it will look elegant. They bloom for a longer period and can be maintained smoothly. 


The pretty petunias carry joy with them so planting them can provide you with a cheerful mood. They love the sun so try to plant them under the sunlight. You can take care of them easily as they ask for low maintenance. 


Guys, pansies can grow best in the hanging baskets and it will be more adequate if you plant them in the early springtime. They suit the best for this time, they do not like to be in the sun as they can not be grown in the heat. Instead, they are well known for their cold temperatures. 


It has a great variety in terms of colors and succulents. Gardeners or growers use the portulacas to plant them in the hanging basket as they fill it with their amazing brushes and colors. What else do you need? Placing them in the hanging basket can be a great option so you should go for it. 


There is another variety of flowers that can be grown in hanging baskets and it even covers all the edges of the basket. Do you know what are they? They are vervains that have a scented essence and are present in shades of red, purple, white, blue, and pink. They will give you blossoms all along during the summertime. 


This flower has a variety of color scopes from white to coral and even orange colors. This flower also covers the sides of the basket with its flowers and it will look eye-catchy. This plane tends to grow in full sun. They grow in the springtime till fall. 

Sweet peas 

They are best for the hanging basket just like the others mentioned above. The vines of the sweet peas will fall over the sides of the basket. You need to deadhead this plant regularly in its growing phase. So, it will develop new flowers then. 


The geraniums tend to grow in the sunshine. You can hang them in the baskets or pots and they will give you a bright look. So, you can try hanging them on the exterior walls of your home which will look attractive and elegant. They come in shades of pink, white, red, etc. 


This variety of flowers has various sub-varieties which are more than 250 in number. Isn’t it great? You can choose anyone for your garden. It is famous for its calming essential oil. You can grow beautiful verbenas in the hanging basket in the full sun.


Have you heard of this plant before? If not, then you went somewhere wrong as this flowering plant serves the finest if you hang them in the baskets on your balcony or yard. You can click your pictures thereby making a great ambiance with the help of these beautiful flowers. They come in a blue shade. You can hang them in contrast with your white background wall. 


You might have heard of this flower in your childhood days. Yes, they acquire the shape of the face of a dragon when they get compressed. They are colorful and provide you with the blossoms of every shade. They tend to thrive in the full sunlight. 

Fairy fan flower 

The fan flower can resist water. Isn’t the name of the flower interesting? Kids will love this plant if you hang it in the basket. They will look pretty in your garden as they tend to have the shape of a fan. 

Sweet alyssum

The name itself defines that the plant is water-resistant. It loves heat and can be grown easily in the hanging baskets. They come in various colors such as pink, white, purple, etc. 


If you plan them in the baskets, the Bougainvilleas will look astonishing and will make your garden adorable. You just need to put some drainage holes by using a potting mix of fine quality. 

African daisies 

Are you thinking of planting some daisies in your garden? Then why not African diseases? They will add elegance to your garden and they are even drought tolerant like other tolerant plants Euphorbia, Coneflower, Bougainvillea, agave, etc. They give you beautiful daisy-type blossoms that spread over the sides of the hanging baskets. 


The plant can suit well in both the aspects such as when you plant them in a shady area or under the full sun. They are tolerant of both. They will give you their pretty white flowers for a long time. 

Snowtopia Bacopa

These plants suit great with the green vegetation and they are white. The contrast will look awesome as they will be hung in the basket with the surroundings of green color. 


There are two good varieties of this variety that are N. strumous and N. caerulea which come in the shade of blue and white. You can plant them in the hanging baskets. 


Just like the impatiens, Sunpatiens also suit well in the hanging basket, it will give its beautiful colored blossoms. It will look beautiful and eye-catchy. 

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Few ideas to make your garden attractive 

  • Try to use old-fashioned flowers. 
  • Try to plant a variety of colored flowers.
  • Try to contrast the colors of the flowers with the garden.
  • Prepare small baskets for a good ambiance.
  • Try to change the flowers with the change in seasons.
  • Plant the elegant flowers.

When should one buy hanging flower baskets? 

Do you think there is any time for buying the baskets? Yes, as purchasing them ahead of time will not cause a problem for you in the future. You can buy the flower baskets online or offline but if you do so early, then there are chances that you will get your desired baskets. Otherwise, they will be sold out. 

The other benefit of doing so is that you can plant the flowers in the basket indoors when the frost will be there. Then after it is gone, you can plant them outdoors, its beauty will be more elegant and enjoyable for all. So without wasting your time, go purchase them and start your work to make your garden a beautiful place. 

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know how you can make your garden look beautiful with the flowers that can be hung in the baskets. The described above flowers can be a great addition to your yard, balcony, or garden. Read it properly for a better understanding of these flowers. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plant them in the hanging baskets. 


What flowers last the longest in a hanging basket?

The flowers that can last for a long time in a hanging basket are lobelia, bacopa, tomatoes, verbena, petunia, fuchsia, etc. 

What are the best trailing plants for pots?

The best trailing plants for your pots can be bacopa, ivy, trailing lobelia, trailing petunia, and others. 

When should you begin hanging baskets?

When your plant gets mature by 4 to 6 weeks, then you can transplant them into your hanging baskets so that they can keep growing and give you the desired blossoms. 

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