10 Best Hanging Basket Plants and Flowers for Shade 

Hey folks, do you also love hanging basket Plants and Flowers Hanging Basket Plants and flowers for Shade? Growing more and more vegetation in your garden can make it look gorgeous and eye-catchy. And it is better when you plant the plants in hanging baskets in shady areas. It will give you a lot of benefits that will be explained below. Before that, you should be aware of those plants and flowers that are required to grow in the shade in the hanging baskets. 

Hanging Basket Plants and Flowers for Shade 

Quick takeaways:

  • By planting them in the shade, you are protecting them to retain the moisture.
  • If you love your garden and want to make it more beautiful then without any doubt, go for shaded plants and plants that can be hung in the baskets.
  • Some best-hanging basket plants and flowers for shade are Creeping Jenny, Lobelia, Coral bells, Vinca, Bacopa, etc. 

Let us get started to know more about those plants by reading this guide. 

Best Hanging Basket Plants and Flowers for Shade 

Plants that love to be in the shade and flowers for planting in the hanging baskets are discussed below. So, let us have a glimpse of them. 

  1. Coral bells 
  2. Begonia 
  3. Creeping jenny
  4. Fuschia 
  5. Hostas 
  6. Lobelia 
  7. Coleus 
  8. Impatiens 
  9. Vinca
  10. Bacopa  

Coral Bells in Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket Plants and Flowers for Shade

These bells are also known by the name, heucheras. These coral bells are shade affectioned plants. The different leaves of the coral bells and having bold vegetation is a great combination for your yard. You can even hang them in your yard in any sunny area when they receive shade.

Begonia in Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket Plants and Flowers for Shade

This variety suits best as it grows well in a hanging basket and loves shade. You need not overwater the pretty begonias, they will blossom in the summertime if you give them proper care. This ‘million kisses’ series is a great variety for your yard.

Creeping Jenny in Hanging Basket

This plant tends to grow in the full sunlight or when you place them in a full shady area. It can be a great option for your garden as it is easy to maintain and also covers the edges of the pot or basket with its flowers. Isn’t it amazing? So, plant this amazing shade-loving plant in your garden.  

Fuschia in Hanging Basket  

You might have heard the name Fuschia or even have planted it once in your garden if you are a garden lover. Fuchsias are a great addition to any type of garden. They are delicate but provide elegance in your yard. Bugs can contaminate them so try to keep them away from the bugs. Provide them with less amount of water and sunlight. They love to be in shady areas. 

Hostas in Hanging Basket

When you place hostas in the hanging basket, they will give you the best results. By placing them under the shade, they can give you beautiful vegetation of green, blue, yellow, and other colors which will look elegant in your yard. You can easily grow them and they ask for minimal care same as Hoya Australis. So, what are you waiting for? Plant the shady hostas in your garden. 

Lobelia in Hanging Basket

Best Hanging Basket Flowers for Shade

Have you heard of this plant before? If not, then you went somewhere wrong as this flowering plant serves the finest if you hang them in the baskets on your balcony or yard. You can click your pictures thereby making a great ambiance with the help of these beautiful flowers. They come in a blue shade. You can hang them in contrast with your white background wall. 

Coleus in Hanging Basket

Best Hanging Basket Plants for Shade

If you want to make your garden look attractive, then you can go for the bright-colored reaction that loves to be in the shade. You can water the coleus lightly when you plant them in the hanging basket for adding a gorgeous look. 

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Impatiens in Hanging Basket

For a shady garden, you can go for beautiful impatiens that can be planted in hanging baskets for adding a unique background to the yard. Don’t place them under the sunlight as they love the shade. There is a disease named Downy Mildew, impatiens are prone to them but there are various new varieties that can resist this disease. So, you can grow them and take advantage of the shade.

Vinca in Hanging Basket

The vinca plants tend to thrive best in the full shade. They can resist the water facilities but they love the shade. If you water the vinca correctly, then they will give your garden a colorful look with its blossoms. You can even hang them in the baskets for a unique look.

Bacopa in Hanging Basket

These plants suit great with the green vegetation and they are white. The contrast will look awesome as they will be hung in the basket with the surroundings of green color. These plants love to be in the shade. 

Best Trailing Plants for Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden with some new trailing plants, we’ve got just the right ones for you! Our selection of best trailing plants is perfect for hanging baskets and adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Whether you’re in the mood for foliage that’s lush and green or flowers that offer a splash of color, our selection of trailing plants has something for everyone. So why wait? Pick up a few today and start filling your garden with beautiful blooms!

Best Plants for Hanging Baskets in Shade

When it comes to plants for hanging baskets in shade, there are plenty of options that will complement any garden. Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance plants or those that will add some color and life to your space, these nine plants are a great start.

1. Spider Plant: Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are one of the best options for hanging baskets because they require little water and care, making them a perfect plant for those with limited resources. Their sturdy stems and leaves make them great candidates for climbing up into hanging baskets, too.

2. Peace Lettuce (Lactuca sativa): This hardy perennial is a great choice for hanging baskets because its slender stems can reach up high and its thin leaves provide good coverage. Its cultivar ‘Blue Ice’ is especially popular for this purpose because its blue-green leaves stay green even in hot weather.

3. Fiddlehead Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides): Fiddleheads are another great option for hanging baskets because they grow quickly and produce small leaves that tend to remain green even in hot weather. They also do well in shaded areas, making them an excellent choice for gardens

Best Plants for Hanging Baskets in Full Sun

Some of the best plants for hanging baskets in the sun are philodendron, Boston fern, African violet, and spider plant. These plants grow quickly and can provide plenty of color and interest in a small space.

Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

When it comes to choosing flowers for hanging baskets, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, the type of pot you’re using. Second, the height of the plant. Third, the width of the plant. Finally, the type of flower. Here are some tips on choosing plants for hanging baskets:

For pots that hold smaller plants, use annuals and perennials in shorter vines that drape over the sides. Taller plants can use longer vines that reach to the ground. For pots that hold taller plants, choose annuals and perennials in taller vines that hang down from the pot. When selecting the width for plants for hanging baskets, keep in mind where you plan to place your basket. Larger plants can be used near a window or door to allow the excess sun to light up their flowers during early morning and late afternoon hours. Smaller plants can be placed nearer a wall or inside a corner of a room to create a more intimate space.

Best plants for hanging basket

There are many plants that can be used as hanging basket plants. The best plants for hanging baskets vary depending on the climate and location. Different plants will thrive in different climates and locations. Here are some of the best plants for hanging baskets:

Bunches of Flowers: This type of plant is great for those who want to add a lot of color and life to their hanging basket. Some good flowers to choose from include roses, lilies, carnations, and daffodils. Spring bulbs: These types of plants blooming in late winter or early spring are perfect for a winter garden or a colder climate. They include crocus, hyacinths, snowdrops, and tulips. Ferns: Ferns are one of the most versatile types of plants when it comes to hanging baskets because they grow well in both dry and moist environments. Some popular ferns for hanging baskets include Boston fern, Japanese maple fern, and English ivy. Hardy Perennials: Hardy perennials are perfect for those who want a more stable plant that will not die off in harsh weather conditions. Some good perennial choices for hanging baskets include hostas, peace lilies, and bromeliads.

Benefits of Full Shade Plants? 

Of course, there are various benefits of full-shaded plants. Some of them are as follows: 

  • These plants maintain the moisture of the soil.
  • These plants even add the beauty of colors to the yard. 
  • These plants ask for minimal care such as Dieffenbachia and maintenance.
  • The water requirements of these plants are less. 
  • They provide bright and shining vegetation. 

Covering up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the plants that can be planted in the shade and the hanging basket. By planting them in the shade, you are protecting them to retain the moisture. If you love your garden and want to make it more beautiful then without any doubt, go for shaded plants and plants that can be hung in the baskets. I hope this information will help you. 


What types of hanging plants don’t need sun?

Those plants that do not need sun are pothos, peperomia, silver queen, prayer plant, staghorn fern, etc. 

What are the perennial plants for hanging baskets? 

Perennial plants for hanging baskets are dianthus, geranium, viola, petunia, ivy, etc. 

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