20 Best Hanging Basket Plants for Sun

I have plenty of space for hanging baskets on the north side of my house, but I was concerned about which plants could thrive best in the sun. In my search, I discovered some of the best hanging basket plants for sunny conditions, and I was amazed by the results.

Isn’t this interesting? So, why not give it a try? Don’t be afraid or worried about how to proceed because you’ve landed on the perfect page.

Here, I’ve shared all my experiences and research and have shortlisted the best hanging basket plants that can thrive in the extreme sun while meeting all their basic requirements. So, let’s not waste any time and decorate our location with different blooming plants.

Key takeaways:

  • With this, you will come to know which type of flowers are good for your garden as they should also match your style.
  • Creating your garden’s ambiance to look grand can be demanding, but if you are a garden enthusiast, then you can do it efficiently.
  • Some best-hanging basket plants for the sun are Sweet alyssum, Air Plant, Dichondra, Lantana, Marigold, Burro’s Tail, etc. 

List of 20 Best Hanging Basket Plants for Sun

Do you want to know if your garden class is full of hanging basket plants that require being under the sun? Let us move so that we can make our garden look graceful and stunning. 

  1. The String of Pearls
  2. Lantana 
  3. Air Plant
  4. Petunia 
  5. Spider plant
  6. Bougainvillea
  7. Madagascar Jasmine
  8. Portulaca
  9. Mandevilla
  10. Sweet alyssum 
  11. Marigold
  12. Million bells 
  13. Sweet Potato Vine
  14. Dianthus
  15. Purple Heart Plant
  16. Dichondra
  17. Herbs 
  18. Sunpatiens 
  19. Nierembergia 
  20. Burro’s Tail

The String of Pearls

This plant can be a great choice if you are looking for hanging basket plants for the sun. This plant can be grown easily. You can plant them both inside the house or outside the house, it’s your call. It develops pea-shaped leaves and spreads all over the edges. They can grow more by 12-15” every year. You can propagate them through cuttings. 


If you are searching for flowers or plants that spread all around, then you can go for lantanas. They can fit best in hanging baskets for the sun as they will cover all sides of the basket and it will look elegant. They bloom for a longer period and can be maintained smoothly. 

Air Plant

Do you think air plants can be grown under the sun and in the hanging basket? You might not. But yes, they can be propagated and it has thicker leaves that tend to ask for full sun. So why not grow this unique air plant in your yard? It can be a great addition to your garden. 


The pretty petunias carry joy with them so planting them can provide you with a cheerful mood. They love the sun so try to plant them under the sunlight. You can take care of them easily as they ask for low maintenance. 

Spider plant

The spider plants can make your garden look elegant. This plant can be grown outside by hanging them in the baskets and giving them sunlight as they tend to grow more brightly in the sunlight. 


If you plan them in baskets, the Bougainvilleas will look astonishing and will make your garden adorable. You just need to put some drainage holes by using a potting mix of fine quality. Provide them with full sun so that they can grow at their best.

Madagascar Jasmine

It is also known by its scientific name, i.e.; Stephanotis floribunda, and also known as waxflower. This jasmine gives you beautiful white flowers at the time of spring, and summer. It gives fragrance to your garden. You can grow them in the hanging basket under the sunlight. 


It has a great variety in terms of colors and succulents. Gardeners or growers use the portulacas to plant them in the hanging baskets they fill with their amazing colors. What else do you need? Placing them in the hanging basket under the sun can be a great option so you should go for it. 


This plant is also known as rock trumpet. It has giant and different shades of blossoms in the colors, apricot, red, pink, etc. They can be maintained easily. You can plant them in the hanging basket for sunlight outdoors. Even Mandevilla can be contrasted with the background of the wall. 

Sweet alyssum 

The name itself defines that the plant is water-resistant. It loves heat and can be grown easily in hanging baskets. They come in various colors such as pink, white, purple, etc. They can tolerate the full sun. 


You might have grown a marigold in your garden once. This flowering plant is very common in every gardener’s area. They are exposed to the full sun. make sure to plant them at a place where they will receive full sunlight facilities. They can become tall by 4-36 inches and are present in colors like orange, red, yellow, white, etc. 

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Million bells

What comes to your senses by reading the name of the flower? The name is engaging, right? These beautiful flowers named A Million Bells are heat-loving and are best when you plant them in hanging baskets, just providing them full sun for their growth. 

Sweet Potato Vine

This plant has eye-catchy leaves that attract everyone to it. This plant doesn’t have any edible parts. This plant can be grown easily in your garden and even they love sun and heating facilities. They come in various colors such as purple, green, blue, etc. it has bright vegetation. So, what else do you need? Grow them in your baskets under the sun. 


The dianthus comes in colors such as red, white, pink, etc. You can grow these sun-explosive plants in your garden to add elegance to your garden. This plant can attain a height of 5 inches. 

Purple Heart Plant

The purple heart plant has bright vegetation that has purple, and pink flowers within. They will give a gorgeous look to your hanging baskets. Place them under the full sun so that they can grow fully. 


This plant asks for partial sun exposure to full sun. They come in shades of green and silver that fascinate the viewers. These plants can attain a height of 2 inches and give you the desired results.


Have you ever grown herbs in your garden? If not, then you would not wait any further. Grow them under the full sun for their best outcomes. They have different varieties of green color. The size of the herbs varies with the different species. 


Just like the impatiens, Sunpatiens also fit well in the hanging basket, it will give their beautiful colored blossoms. It will look beautiful and eye-catching. You can grow them in the full sunlight so that you can enjoy them in your garden. 


Nierembergias can grow in the full sun properly so propagate them in the area where they receive the sunlight fully. They come in the shade of blue, white, and purple. Nierembergias is also known as a cupped flower. 

Burro’s Tail

It is a succulent perennial that can grow up to 2 feet long. Some people used to call it a donkey tail. These plants can retain moisture which makes them drought tolerant. Place them in the full sun for their growth. They have greenery in various shades such as pink, red, bluish-green, etc. 

What are the benefits of hanging plants that need full sun? 

There are various benefits of hanging plants that need full sun. A few of them are as follows: 

  • These plants can be adjustable as you can change them as per your choice over seasons. 
  • You can even change hanging baskets to plant new plants in them.
  • When you want to change the position of the basket, then you can do so.
  • In winter, you can bring your hanging baskets of plants indoors so that they can not get destroyed. 

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know about the top 20 best hanging basket plants from the sun. Creating your garden’s ambiance to look grand can be demanding, but if you are a garden enthusiast, then you can do it efficiently. Read the above-mentioned basket plants for sun spots that you can some of them in your garden. 


What can be grown in an indoor hanging basket?

There are various plants that one can grow indoors in hanging baskets such as Burro’s Tail, Bird’s Nest Fern, Arrowhead Plant, Boston Fern, English Ivy, etc. 

What is an affordable hanging plant to grow?

The hanging plants that can be grown at a minimal cost are Devil’s Ivy, Mistletoe Cactus, String of Pearls, Spider Plant, etc. 

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