How to grow Wave Petunias in a Hanging Basket? (10+ tips) 

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, always on the lookout for new additions to your garden, why not consider petunias? Trust me, I’ve grown them and witnessed their stunning beauty.

If you’re unsure about how to grow wave petunias, don’t worry; you’ll find all the answers here. Why not give the new variety of petunias, Wave petunias, a try?

In this informative guide, I’ve shared the steps I followed while growing wave petunias and provided essential tips for growing them in hanging baskets. Let’s get started on growing them.

Key takeaways:

  • Growing this variety in your garden will be a great option. The wave petunia came in the year 1995 and fascinates people in such a way that everyone grows it in their home garden. 
  • Wave petunias can be grown easily and it even spreads in a hanging basket.
  • The minimal maintenance of these wave petunias attracts most farmers or gardeners in the United States.
  • The wave petunias can be propagated throughout the summertime.
  • Wave petunias can suit the best in the hanging basket as they will be hung and receive as much sunlight as they need for their growth.

What about growing the pretty and healthy wave petunia in a hanging basket?

What else do you need? So let’s begin to know about the process of growing wave petunias in a hanging basket and some of the tips for planting them.  

How to grow Wave Petunias in a Hanging Basket? (10+ tips) 

How to grow Wave Petunias in a Hanging Basket?

Do you know how you can plant your petunias in the hanging baskets? If not, then you will come to know by following the below steps:

Step 1- Firstly, you have to organize your hanging basket by adding some of the potting soil into it and designing it as per your choice.

Step 2- Then, take your wave petunia plants, take them out from their container, and pull them out.

Step 3- Put it into the hanging basket at your convenience. 

Step 4- After that,  you have to cover the wave petunia so that they can be matched with their soil line.

Step 5- Make sure to water the wave petunias regularly. 

10+ tips for growing wave petunias in hanging baskets 

I know the process of planting the wave petunias in the hanging baskets. Let’s discuss the tips for growing wave petunias in hanging baskets. Some of them are: 

Tip 1: Good drainage holes 

You are required to choose a basket that has drainage holes that will not exploit the roots of the grown wave petunias. 

Tip 2: Fertilizer requirements 

You have to give the fertilizers to your wave petunias in the summertime though they are already nourished with the low fertilizer. You should give fertilizers to the plant in the hanging basket so that it grows well. 

Tip 3: Sunlight conditions

Wave petunias demand full sun which means that they are asking for 6 hours of sunlight in a day for their growth.

They are sunlight enthusiasts so provide them with natural sunlight as much as you can. If they don’t get the proper sunlight, then they won’t be blooming throughout the summer. 

Tip 4: Early planting of the hanging basket 

If you want your wave petunias to bloom earlier, then it is recommended to plant the basket as early as you can. As we all know wave petunias are good growers so they grow well in the early planets hanging basket. 

Tip 5: Trim off the dead leaves 

You ought to trim or cut down the dead leaves so that the plant can take new growth.

Cutting the dead or yellowed leaves will promote the blossom’s growth. No need to worry while cutting them as they will again grow new leaves. 

Tip 6: Do not add more than one plant to a basket 

Guys, as you all know wave petunias are healthy and strong plants, they do not need to be fitted with other plants in a basket as they will overcome those plants in any hanging basket.

So, plant every individual wave petunia plant in a separate basket so that each plant grows well in its basket. 

“There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

– By Minnie Aumonier

Tip 7: Water them regularly

You have to give water to your wave petunias so that they can grow well in the hanging baskets. As they love to thrive in the full sun, they will be demanding more water too. Water them properly so that they bloom throughout the summer.

Tip 8: Do not overwater 

To check whether the plant is fully satisfied with the water, you can check by lifting the hanging basket, if it feels light, then it needs more water.

But if the soil is moist and well-drained then do not overwater them as the plant will start getting destroyed. 

Tip 9: Protect them from pests and diseases 

You have to protect your wave petunia from pests, aphids, and diseases. For that, you can choose neem oil which can stay away from the pests and mites from your wave petunias without destroying your plant. 

Tip 10: Soil requirements 

Wave petunias tend to grow in well-drained soil. Do not let the soil remain waterlogged which will result in the soil rotting. 

Covering up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the wave petunias. Growing this variety in your garden will be a great option. The wave of petunias came in the year 1995 and fascinates people in such a way that everyone grows them in their home garden. Wave petunias can be grown easily and it even spreads in a hanging basket. So, by reading this guide, you will come to know about the process of planting in the hanging basket. So, get ready to add a new variety to your home garden. 


1. How often should you water petunias in a hanging basket?

You should water your petunias regularly in a hanging basket so that they grow well. In the summertime, you should water them two times a day but do not overwater them which will make the soil soggy and can destroy the plant. So, for that choose the basket that has drainage holes within which will not collect the water in the basket for long. 

2. Why do petunia hanging baskets die?

The petunias hanging baskets die due to the fungal infections caused to the plants. It can happen by an excess of moisture in the roots and even root rot. So, protect your plant by not over-watering them. 

3. Best wave petunia for hanging baskets?

Lucky Dragon Wave Petunias have long, leafy stems and a wide blooming pattern. They have bold yet soft colors that blend beautifully with most backgrounds.

4. Cascading petunias for hanging baskets?

There are three ways to grow cascading petunias in hanging baskets. First, you can plant the flowers on a wire mesh and attach them to a container or a basket with twine. Next, you can plant the seeds right into your garden soil and water them with care.

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