How do you grow Bubblegum Petunias in the Landscape?

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I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. Do you know about the Bubblegum petunias? How do you grow Bubblegum Petunias in the Landscape? You are here to know how to grow ‘Bubblegum Petunia’ but do you know the original name of Bubblegum Petunias is Supertunia Vista Bubblegum?

They are well-designed varieties that are perfect and have beautiful landscape options. Let us know more about growing Bubblegum Petunias further in this article.

Key takeaways:

  • The plant should be pest-resistant, and drought-resistant, and have beautiful color options and flowers. The plant should have rapid growth.
  • Bubblegum petunias grow up to 2 to 3 feet in height.
  • The soil to grow bubblegum petunias is acidic.

What are Bubblegum petunias?

They are called Supertunia Vista bubblegum and are one of the popular varieties that are grown by every partner in his home garden.

They are grown as annuals and are famous for their amazing Pink colored blooms that they produce in the gardens and also their vigorous foliage. it looks so attractive in your garden area that everyone adores it. 

You will observe that it will grow about 2 to 6 feet in a landscape Garden and will attain a height of about 2 feet every year. They require a good amount of four hours of direct sunlight for their growth. If you provide them with less sunlight, then the plant Will not bloom as it will bloom in bright sunlight. 

What plants are perfect for landscaping?

Landscapes look good if the light is abundant. Plants that can grow well in light and need less maintenance are the vital features that you should ‘look for’ in perfect landscaping plants. The plant should be versatile and able to survive in drought as well.

Bubblegum petunias

‘Bubblegum’ is named because of the light pinkish of these Supertunia petunias. The bubblegum petunias grow at full pace and are known for resistance to drought, pests, shade, etc. 

  • Height: 2 to 3 feet
  • Sunlight- 4 hours for healthy and luscious-colored flowers
  • soil – acidic 
  • Heat and drought tolerant 
  • No deadheading is needed 

How do you grow Bubblegum Petunias in the Landscape?

As beginners, many people doubt if they would be able to grow bubblegum petunias. But stick with us, we will help you give fruitful results. Keep reading!

The blooms spread well and show up more in the summer season. Usually, the growing zones that favor bubblegum petunias are hardy zones 3 to 11, other than this bubblegum petunias thrive in hardy zones 10 to 11(as perennials).

Bubblegum petunias will give you many options for planting like landscape, groundcover, container, spillers, hanging baskets, table containers, etc. 

Growing conditions for bubblegum petunia

Below are the growing conditions for bubblegum petunias in your garden. They are as follows:


The soil that is good for bubblegum petunias should have proper drainage, porous as too many flowers can be suffocating for plants, you need to keep the soil to an acidic pH for healthy petunias. The plant can rot if the water logging condition prevails. Check that to avoid rotting situations. 


Supertunia petunias are resistant to heat or high temperatures. Some bubblegum petunias of other colors are seen to withstand low temperatures as well. The annuity to tolerate the freeze depends on the type of bubble petunia and its quality.

In general, bubble petunias are quite hardy plants that will grow well in strong rough conditions too. But, plants need some warm soil in the early stage of growth. 


Supertunia Vista petunias need a good amount of compost when they are growing in landscape and in their early stages. The regular supply of fertilizer in light amounts will do well.

Make sure to not add fertilizer too much, less fertilizer is still ‘okay’ to these beauties but too much will harm them. You can use liquid fertilizer to fertilize the bubblegum petunias. 


A regular supply of water is great for keeping Supertunia healthy. The bubblegum petunias in hanging baskets or containers need more water than in the landscape due to losing water via drainage. Keep checking the dryness of the soil and then go for watering. 


It requires a good amount of full sunlight for its growth. It means that you have to provide them with about six hours of sunlight daily. They will grow well in full exposure to sunlight.

Though they will grow in partial shade they will not produce as many flowers as they will produce in sunlight. If the plant is lacking in sunlight, then it produces leggy plants. last, but not least, it requires a good amount of sunlight for the process of germination. 

How to care for Bubblegum Petunias?


You need to prune the bubblegum petunias if they have overgrown or misguided the shape. Pruning shears can be used to trim some volume down. The bloom will appear back in a few weeks.

Spacing the bubblegum petunias

Spacing:18-24 inches

Bubblegum petunias are wide when they grow healthy, planting them too close will hinder their healthy growth. Make sure the bubblegum petunias are well-spaced and have air passing between them. Invading a little into each other will still give some popping look but too much might damage the plants. 

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Supertunia Vista petunia can be propagated by using cutting but being a cultivated or patented one, propagation of bubblegum petunias has restrictions and is considered illegal. 

Pest and diseases

In rare cases, bubblegum petunias might get problems with pests and diseases. They are resistant to diseases and pests, and sometimes get affected by mites, thrips, and caterpillars. 

The diseases like blight, powdery mildew, root rot(root, stem, and crown), and wilting are seen in bubblegum petunias. 

When to plant bubblegum petunias outside? 

You have to be careful when it comes to planting this variety outside in your garden. It is because the climatic conditions matter a lot and deciding the location and the time to plant your variety. As you are looking at when to plant these annuals, I must tell you that it is a tricky task. 

They are one of the hardy plants you grow in your garden. Some of the varieties will require planting outside when the temperature is cold. You have to check the greenhouse when you are purchasing it to see if you can plant the variety outside or not. 

Where to plant bubblegum petunias? 

Planting these varieties in the right location decides the result of the plant. If you will provide the bubblegum petunias with a good amount of full sunlight, then the plant will bloom in your garden area. A spot with full sun and direct sunlight facing plants for 5-6 hours will work well.

Mass planting favors bubblegum petunias if you want a pretty landscape. So you have to plant them in the location where the plant will receive about six hours of sunlight for its vigorous growth. As you know, this variety spreads in your location, Which is why they are grown in landscape positions.


  • Used as filler
  • Bubblegum petunias are perfect landscape plants
  • Other than this, bubblegum petunias offer too many options for planting
  • Resistance to drought, pests, and easy-to-care 
  • Looks stunning in hanging baskets as well

Final thoughts on the context

By now, you might have understood that Supertunia Vista Bubblegum petunias are great landscaping plants with good trailing ability. They spread widely, so spacing them, especially in the landscape, is important. You can add different colors together to give a vibrant appearance. These bubblegum petunias are also great to grow in containers as spillers and fillers.

Other than this, good sunlight and moist drained soil will keep them healthy. We hope you have liked our effort to help you grow bubblegum petunias in the landscape. What are you waiting for now? Go and plant some in that border. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Gardening!

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Do bubblegum petunias come back every year?

In USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11, the bubblegum petunias are seen to bloom longer and even grow as perennials there. The warmer zones have a long blooming time for these bubblegum petunias. But most people like to replace it every year so that the blooms are fresh and color choices can be shuffled. 

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