Balcony Flowers: 12+ Balcony Flowers to grow on the Balcony

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Everyone dreams of planting beautiful flowers on your balcony but you are struggling to pick them by finding different options and getting confused about which one to plant. 

In order to select the flowers for a balcony flower garden you need to consider many important things. There are some plants that don’t grow best in containers but grow best in the ground so you need to know what is best for your balcony. 

You need to pick the flower according to the need for sunlight, shade watering, etc. I am choosing a balcony flower that makes the balcony full of excitement and color. So in this article, I will be guiding you to some best balcony flowers to grow on the balcony. 

What are balcony flowers:- 

The balcony flower is considered a beautiful flower that you can easily hang in the container which you can find in different colors like white red pink yellow etc. Planting balcony flowers will make your balcony elegant and colorful. The flower is available in different types and in different colors. you have different options depending on which you want to grow on the pot of your balcony.

People used to grow balcony flowers in the small Garden which made their Garden look elegant and have a cool Vibe.

There is a slight difference between the plant that grows on the ground and the plant that is small in size and best for growing balcony. You need to properly take care of the plant for a proper amount of Sunlight. There is a vast variety of plants in which there are many stable plants that you can grow in a pot On a balcony. You can decorate the balcony with different colors of flowers easily.

12+ Balcony Flowers to grow on Balcony

The following is the list of the most beautiful balcony flowers that are quite easy to grow and are able to Bloom on balconies or terraces beautifully.

  • Zinnias.
  • Verbenas
  • Torenia
  • Sweet alyssum
  • Petunias
  • Pansies
  • Morning glories.
  • Mandeville.
  • Marigold
  • Begonias.
  • Dianthus.
  • Fuchsia
  • Chrysanthemum


  • The zinnias are considered the best flower that you can easily grow on the balconies. 
  • These flowers are used to Bloom and spread quickly in the pot having a brighter color of flower. 
  • They also attract butterflies and other pollinators. 
  • For growing the zinnias plant unit large harvest
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  • The verb beans are beautiful flowers that you can plant on the balconies. You can also grow them on the edge of the planter box.
  • Verbenas grow best in zones of six to ten and they come in different ranges and colors. 
  • It also grows in full sunlight and if you forget to water this plant then it will grow and will continue to thrive.


  • This flower is known as a wishbone flower. 
  • It has two-tone flowers with a combination of three colors purple, pink, and white. 
  • Torenia spreads upto 12 inches tall even some pollinators birds like hummingbirds love this plant.
  • This balcony plant grows in different colors. 
  • Some of them grow in yellow color, some grow in pink color, some grow in white and even some of them grow in purple color.


  • Sweet alyssum is a beautiful flower and it is a sweet flower that adds color to the more elegance in the gardens. 
  • Like other flowers, sweet alyssum doesn’t have tall stems. 
  • It blooms in the month of spring.


  • Many gardeners love to grow petunias as this flower is one of the easiest flowers and it grows and blooms in different Colors. 
  • In the evening the fragrance of this flower cherishes the night with this elegant and pleasant fragrance and it refreshes the moods of the people sitting over balconies.
  • Petunias are in different colors like purple, pink, red, and white. 
  • Even these flowers grow best in containers or in other hanging baskets but these plants need plenty of sunlight, the more sunlight it gets it will bloom more.


  • Pansies flowers are in velvet color and these flowers look very beautiful when it grows. 
  • These flowers grow faster than other flowers.
  • These balcony flowers grow well in containers and even in window boxes or balcony baskets.
  • These flowers need more fertility and humus-rich soil that is slightly acidic and even these pansies have thousands of varieties.


  • Morning glories grow in different colors purple, pink, blue, and white. 
  • If we grow these glories in several different shades then it will give and create a beautiful balcony.
  • Even the balcony flowers need something to clump on as a support and it reaches upto 15 feet. 
  • These flowers need full sunlight and protection from cold. 
  • If you forget to water the plant for a few days still this flower gets moisture that helps to bloom.


  • Mandevilla is a tropical plant that loves heat and keeps this plant in sunny areas with some shelter from the afternoon sun.
  • This flower blooms in different colors i.e. in pink and red color. 
  • Sometimes when the temperature is low we need to bring this flower inside as it can grow in low temperature but its leaves shed in low temperature. 


  • Marigold flowers need less maintenance.
  • They are bright in color and look beautiful in gardens and balconies even these flowers don’t need much care and they grow and spread in empty areas.
  • Marigold discourages unwanted insects and pests from eating plants. 
  • Marigold helps to stop pest problems.


  • These flowers are good for small balconies but the foliage of begonias is heart-shaped without flowers.
  • These balcony flowers are red, pink, and orange and are in a variety of colors. 
  • These flowers provide elegance and beauty to balcony gardens. 
  • These flowers in baskets and containers look very beautiful and fascinating.


  • Most people refer to this flower as mum.
  • this flower is one of the most popular flowers in the garden.
  • It grows in all regions but the season varies. 
  • Chrysanthemum grows well in containers and grows in summer. 
  • These flowers need full sunlight to bloom and need space to grow.


  • Dianthus grows in different colors like pink, red, salmon, and white.
  • It grows in full sunlight as it needs six hours of sunlight to bloom. 
  • These flowers need fertility and are well-draining which adds a stunning appearance to the balcony.


  • Fuchsia has different colors red, pink, white, purple, orange, and white.
  • Even the size of fuchsia also varies. 
  • Many gardeners love fuchsia as these flowers look unique when they are hung on the balconies, and many people call fuchsia chandeliers.

Tips for Starting a Balcony Flower Garden:

If you are a beginner for growing balcony flower gardens then these tips will help you to get started and in the right direction. It is quite easy to eat flowers and plant on the balcony but actually, the trick is doing it the right way. Here are some tips for starting balcony flower gardening. 

Start with A Few Pots:

In the beginning, you can start with planting flowers in 5 containers and learn how to grow flowers. Once you get the idea you can start increasing the pots in your garden.

Know-How Much Sunlight You Have:

You need to know how much the flower needs the sunlight and how much it gets the sunlight on the balcony. So you need to plant the flower in the afternoon, the flower type, and according to the direction your balcony faces. For example, a balcony facing South will receive a good amount of Sunlight but a balcony facing north will not get much light for the flowers. So always plant the flowers according to their sunlight needs. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Combinations:

You need to grow flowers in a cluster form, especially the annual flower category. So plant the flower in larger pots and make a combination of different plants. After some time you will see the flower growing out with a different color of the flower.

I was just you to add different colors and heights to the pot and place them according to your choice. For example, if you want to place the toll plant in the center surrounded by some smaller flowers and have different colors which will make your balcony more attractive.

Stick to Three Colors:

In the starting I will suggest you stick with only three different color flowers as planting more colors without any proper combination will make your balcony attractive. You need to look at the flowers according to their greenery, Shades, and size. always plant the flowers on the balcony according to their color combination. 


Planting balcony flowers will make your balcony look beautiful and elegant. Planting different colors of the flower will give your garden a New shade. I will suggest you plant a small flower in a container having a different color that will make your balcony attractive and fragrant. It will be able to attract butterflies. 

First, you need to decide how much plant we need to grow in the balcony and if you want a low-maintenance plant then you need to decide accordingly.

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