The best Flowers to plant around your Mailbox 

I have a mailbox at my house, but I wasn’t fond of its dull appearance, as it spoiled the entrance. Then, a friend suggested planting flowers around the mailbox, and the result was amazing. Now, I’m tempted to plant another mailbox surrounded by flowers. Just kidding – I actually quite like my mailbox.

What are you thinking? Let me guess – about the flowers? Of course, if I’ve inspired you to consider growing flowers around your mailbox, I’m happy to help you find which flowers to grow.

In this informative guide, I’ve shortlisted a selection of my favorite flowers to grow around my mailbox. So, keep reading, and feel free to let me know in the comment section if you encounter any issues.

Key takeaways:

  • Mailbox gives a prime and grand look to your home if you decorate it.
  • It will not take your immense efforts, with low efforts it will enhance the beauty of your home.
  • everyone’s mailbox is withstood at the entrance gate of the home. so, it might take little effort to plant flowers around it.
  • You need to know about those flowers that will suit the best around your mailbox. 

The flowers that can be best for your mailbox are those that can tolerate the drought and give elegant beauty to your mailbox surroundings. What about those whose mailbox is under a tree? They have to plant those flowers that grow in the shade so choose the best shade cloth accordingly and do not need much sunlight for their growth. Are you tense about the choosing of the flowers? No worries! This guide will help you out! Let us begin to know about the best flowers to plant around your mailbox. 

Before jumping into the list of flowers, first, you need to know about the mailbox garden. Do you know about it? Let us proceed to know about it. 

What is a Mailbox Garden? 

As mentioned above, planting flowers near your mailbox gives a graceful look to your garden. When you plant more and more flowers with bright foliage around your mailbox so that it gives an eye-catching look, it is known as a mailbox garden. 

It is simple to do, just needs your effort. You can decorate it as per your taste. As you know the plants will be at the roadside and suffer from some things, so you should be ready for that first. Guys, you have a great chance to make your grand entrance at your convenience. 

Five best flowers to plant around your mailbox 

As you are deciding to make your mailbox look attractive. Below are the flowers you can plant around the mailbox to make it classy. So let us move forward: 

  • Mandevilla 
  • Dianthus 
  • Vinca
  • Zinnias
  • ‘Purple wave’ petunia 


Have you heard of Mandevilla? They are amazing tropical plants that drone toward the full sun. They need water for their growth. So, nourish them with plenty of water so that they grow well. They will give a unique look to your mailbox with its spreading climbers. It will create a good display with its blossoms. 


What about Dianthus? It is a perennial or annual that can be added to the collection of your mailbox gardening. It will serve satisfactorily and will give a refined look to your mailbox surroundings. This plant also wants full sun for its growth and amazing blossoms. So, plant these beautiful flowers around your mailbox to increase its value and give a grand look to your entrance.


Vinca is also one of the great choices for your vinca plants. As the mailbox is exposed to the heat, the vinca plant will look amazing there. Vinca plants even attract the butterflies towards them so it will give a graceful look to your mailbox. They come in various shades such as red, purple, white, pink, etc. 


Zinnias can be a great addition to your entrance if you plant them. They grow stronger and give amazing blooms. Due to their dazzling flowers, they can make your mailbox look showy and even they bear the shortage of water. Like dianthus, they too need full sun for their growth. Isn’t it incredible? Grow them and enjoy their benefits. 

‘Purple Wave’ Petunia

Petunia is the foremost and great choice to plant around your mailbox. ‘Purple wave’ petunia is a dense annual that will give a charming look to your entrance. They can bear the heat if your mailbox is at the roadside. This variety of petunia is one of the famous petunias as it has large and bright flowers that last all long in the spring and the fall. These petunias can bear all the climatic conditions. So what are you waiting for? Plant the beautiful petunias around your mailbox. 

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’:

Growing clematis jackmanii which is a crawling flowering vine will add natural beauty to the mailbox pots. They are used to grow about 10-15 feet tall and used to spread for 3 to 6 feet. They thrive best in hardiness zones from 4 to 8. To grow the plant you need to protect the root with mulch so that sunlight does not damage them. They are used to bloom with pretty purple flowers that love to climb. The botanical name of this plant is  A hybrid cross between C. lanuginosa and C. viticella. They love to grow in full sun and partial sun and need to have well-draining and moist soil. The soil pH for Growing the plant is neutral. 

The best Flowers to plant around your Mailbox 

Russian Sage:

The Russian sage flowers are used to fill large areas in a beautiful way. They are used to grow in hardiness zones from 5 to 9. They come under low-maintenance shrubs which have a mounding growth habit. Russian sage flowers are used to grow from 2 to 4 feet high and wide. The flower blooms in a color of purple which can attract the Bees butterfly and hummingbirds. They love to grow in full Sun and well-draining soil. The soil PH for growing Russian sage should be acid-alkaline or neutral. The botanical name of the plant is Salvia yangii. 


They do come under Early Spring flowers. The plant is the most animal-proof spring bulb. They are used to Bloom in Golden white with pistol shade. They come under dwarf varieties such as ‘February Gold,’ ‘Tete a Tete,’ and ‘Baby Moon,’ which are good compact choices.

the best Flowers to plant around your Mailbox 

Rugosa Rose:

They are also called Shrub roses which are used to grow in a mounded way. They grow from 4 to 6 feet high and wide. They come under the deciduous perennial which loves to grow in the hardiness zone from 2 to 7. The flowers are used to Bloom from May to the end of all and attract the pollinators. They love to grow in full sunlight and moist and well-draining soil. The soil pH level Ranges from acidic to neutral. The botanical name of rugosa rose is rosa rugosa. 

the best Flowers to plant around your Mailbox 

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List of some shrubs to grow around your mailbox

Shrubs can also give a good look to your mailbox and will suit it. Shrubs have various benefits as they can tolerate the heat, shortage of water, etc. some of the shrubs that can be planted around your mailbox are: 

  • Potentilla
  • Creeping juniper 
  • Viburnum 
  • Rugosa roses
  • English yew 

Binding up the context 

In this article, you understand how you can make the ambiance of your entrance great.  When you plant more and more flowers with bright foliage around your mailbox so that it gives an eye-catching look, it is known as a mailbox garden. It is simple to do, just needs your efforts. You can decorate it to your taste. I hope the given flowers will be planted by you around your mailbox. 


What can you put around your mailbox?

You can put things around your mailbox as per your taste and choice. Some of the things you can put for a decorative look are plants, rope, decorative pots, etc. 

What can one plant around a light post?

You can plant shrubs, flowers, and even plants of your choice that will suit them around a light post. 

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