How to get rid of Spider Mites on Hibiscus? (5 Tested Ways)

The spider mites are a big problem for plants and even gardeners. Hibiscus plants are not just beautiful but also beneficial for good hair health. The hair fall is controlled if you add extracts of hibiscus to the hair oil. Anyways the hibiscus plants get affected by the pests like aphids, thrips, and spider mites. Do you know How to get rid of Spider Mites on Hibiscus?

The spider mites get easily transferred to the plants via pets, winds, clothes, etc. The hibiscus plants start to show yellow leaves if they are taken over by spider mites. It is a little tough task to get rid of spider mites that easily. If you Plant it even in a sunny window, in dry condition, it will get attacked by the spider mites.

The spider mites are destructive so you must take measures as soon as possible to scare them away from your hibiscus plants. Seems like you are looking for solutions if the hibiscus plants are attacked by the spider mites, go through the article and know about tested ways to get rid of spider mites on the hibiscus.

What are spider mites?

Minute in size and about similar to grain, spider mites are not that easy to be looked upon. They are known for the light wens they make on the surface of leaves. They are arachnids and that’s the feature of these species.

The webs also protect the eggs they lay. The spider mites are active during the summer heat and are easily moved from one plant to another plant. These are the mites that are just like spiders, so lightweight that you hardly have a clue they are on the clothes and are easily passed on to the plants.

What do spider mites look like in Hibiscus?

  • Being pests and like other mites, they suck the sap from the plant body.
  • The hibiscus plants show yellow patches when there is an infestation of spider mites.
  • Later the yellowing of leaves becomes severe and many leaves show discoloration.
  • Later the leaves start to droop in large numbers.
  • The other indication is that the leaves looked webbed.
  • The brown spots or white spots on the leaves also appear if the hibiscus is affe cted by the spider mites. 

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How to get rid of spider mites on Hibiscus plants?

Below are the methods to get rid of spider mites on Hibiscus plants:

1. Using horticultural oil (chemical method) 

Horticultural oil is a pesticide used to get rid of pests and is a specialized pesticide that need not be used according to the instructions given on the label. Though they bring the chemical, it should be used in the proper amount as excess can affect the nearby plant parts and plants.

Even beneficial insects die if they ingest the pesticides. You need to take a look at the surfaces of the leaves and then apply the horticultural oil to both surfaces of the leaves.

The horticultural oil is mineral oil based but kills insects with pests too. If the hibiscus is diseased the horticultural oil can be used but make sure to follow the instructions before using it. 

2. Spraying water (natural method)

The hibiscus plants can be sprayed with the water jet through the hose. The water spray will help in throwing away the spider mites. The leaves and stems have webs that can be focused with the water jet to make the spider mites wash away.

How to get rid of Spider Mites on Hibiscus? (5 Tested Ways)

The spider mites though can come back to the spraying tends to be frequent if the hibiscus plants are under stress or showing webs of spider mites.

Checking the plant regularly for the pest is always beneficial for the plant as you take the action as early as possible. 

3. Beneficial predators (natural method) 

Natural predators like the thrips, pirate bugs, lacewings, etc. keep the spider mites away. You can buy these beneficial insects from the markets or order online.

Use them directly into the pots and let them do their work. They will eat many mites and help in scaring them away from the hibiscus plant.

4. Insecticidal soap

The insecticidal soap is also effective in irritating the spider mites away from the hibiscus plants. You can also use dishing soap as well instead of insecticidal soap.

Make a soap solution by adding two tablespoons of soap to the gallon of water. Pour it into the spraying bottle and spray all over the plants’ affected areas. You can spray on the whole plant as well; it won’t harm the plant because of the mites.

5. Essential oil (natural method)

This method is organic and effective in killing spider mites. The essential oil has a strong smell and again irritates the spider mites. Rosemary, coriander, chamomile, and spearmint essential oils are known to be effective in torturing the spider mites from the hibiscus plant.

You can mix some drops of essential oil with water and spray it over the hibiscus plant to get rid of mites. Neem oil is another best ingredient that you can use to prevent and kill spider mites.

How to keep the spider mites away from the hibiscus plant?

  • Give the hibiscus plant a good amount of water in the beginning growing times and decrease the plant in the adult stage, keeping it to one or two times a week.
  • Also, wash the plant now and then so that the mites and other pests get washed away.
  • Spider mites keep coming back, so multiple washing will keep the spider mites at bay. 
  • Keep the surroundings of the plant clean and hygienic.
  • Throw the garden waste as it gets collected.
  • The unhygienic surroundings will elevate the attack of spider mites on the hibiscus leaves.
  • Keep the plant clean and don’t let the dust get collected on the plane parts.
  • Keep the healthy plants away from the hibiscus plants that have spider mites and infestations

Concluding the context

Getting rid of spider mites is not a one-day thing. You need to be consistent with the spraying of water, organic pesticide, or the above-mentioned options. The spider mites are needed to be washed off and killed as they will eventually cause the brown spots or browning/yellowing of whole leaves. We hope you like our effort and find the information helpful. We are happy to help you guys and love to hear from you. We care for you as you care for your plants. Happy caring! 


1. What kills spider mites and their eggs? 

The horticultural oil can be sprayed on the spider mites, their larvae, and the eggs. Other than this you can use neem oil, too on the spider mites. Neem oil is a natural pesticide and won’t harm the plant. 

2. Does rain stop spider mites? 

The rainwater will act as a natural spray on the spider mites. The water splash on the spider mites will wash some of the mites from the plants, but if the rain is heavy and frequent. If not then go for spraying with water on mites the other day as well. 

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