30 Rare Kinds of Hibiscus Plants for Your Garden

Being a plant lover, I love to plant different types of plants in my garden, each blooming with different colors of flowers.

One day, while searching, I came to know about hibiscus plants which caught my attention when I discovered that there are almost 30 rare varieties of hibiscus.

I know you will have the same reaction and want to know more, so I’ve already done most of the work for you and explained about the rare kinds of hibiscus plants. If you still have any confusion, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

Hibiscus plants: 

There are some hibiscus plants which are hard to find in an area. You can grow this plant by mixing and matching to create a tropical Paradise having colorful displays during the spring and summer seasons.


  • It is a rare kind of hibiscus which is also called Kasturi musk mallow and musk seed in India.
  • It is categorized under the annual plant which are able to reach the height of about 2 to 6 feet when they are fully matured.
  • The plant is native to India and produces a very musky smell of perfume when the flower is used to bloom.
  • You can add the seed of the plant to the coffee and the shoots and the leaves of the plant are able to eat like a vegetable.
  • The flower bloomed by this plant can be used as a homeopathy for treating urethritis and gonorrheal cystitis. 
30 Rare Kinds of Hibiscus Plants for Your Garden


  • They are plants in dark pink color, large in size, blooming with single flowers having bright yellow color in the center.
  • It is used to bloom from mid to late summer keeping them in partial shade to sunny locations.
  • The flowers bloom in six to eight inches having velvet and dark green foliage. 
  • It used to bloom each year in August having any type of soil.
  • The plant grows upto 2 to 3 feet tall.
  • This hibiscus plant hybrid crosses Vin Extraordinaire and Space Oddity.

Beach Beauty:

  • The beach beauty is the larger rare kind of hibiscus plant having a flower that blooms about 8 inches across and includes rings of white golden yellow and candy pink color.
  • The flower used to bloom with a very bright red eye and had hints of Orange on the edges.
  • The plant is a hybrid cross of Acapulco gold and Stolen Kiss, having vivid but soft colors of both parent plants which give them a stunning look.
  • They are used to bloom with medium size bushes that reach upto 18 feet high.

Berry Awesome:

  • The Barry awesome is the hibiscus plant which is prone as the winner of perennial of the year in 2019.
  • The plant is a trademark and owned by Walter Gardens.
  • It is used to bloom with 7 or 8 inches flowers having hot pink ruffled with a crimson eye.
  • This kind of hibiscus plant is perfect for growing as a flower border next to the ornamental grass.
  • The plant used to bloom with a darker green foliage from July to the end of September.
  • They are included in fast-growing varieties that are used to form compact then shrubs and group 4 feet tall and wide after getting fully mature.
  • The plant is the hardest variety that does not require extra tension during the winter season so that it can grow quickly in the spring for blooming in pretty flowers.

Blue Bird:

  • The blue bird hibiscus plant is a botanical name hibiscus syriacus which does have bluish purple coloring.
  • The plant does have a large amount of flowers by growing at a more compact height from 3 to 4 feet.
  • The plant is used to grow in referred battle having dark green foliage.
  • They are best for growing in a cottage or traditional garden.
  • They are widely grown in hardness ranging from 5 to 9 zones.
  • During the colder weather, the plant is used to losing the leaves.
  • You don’t need any regular maintenance to grow the plant.
  • Growing a single plant in a container will be successful in adding a pretty blue splash of color in that particular area.
  • Blue is a rare color for this kind of hibiscus plant so you need to plant this in your garden.
  • The plant is able to survive poor soil and even in drought conditions.

Blue River II:

  • The growing of blue river hibiscus plants is possible in medium to average soil but they bloom perfectly organically with soil by keeping them in a location where they get full Sun.
  • The plant is used to grow between 12 to 15 feet tall.
  • The flower used to bloom with five petals having a short life as they are not able to live for more than a single day.
  • They used to bloom every year in succession from mid-summer to early fall.
  • The plant is used to have green foliage that forms a good contrast with white flower


  • It is part of the head-over-heel series from the University of Georgia.
  • The name given to the hibiscus plant is derived from the person who created the plant, John Ruter.
  • The plant used to bloom with a very delicate pink flower having a wine-red eye.
  • They are used to have a wine red color foliage that grows in a compacted way from 2 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 foot spread after getting matured
  • These blush plants are perfect for planting in borders or containers in which you can add different colored flowers that will give it an interesting look.
  • The flower used to bloom from early summer to fall.
  • The flowers of the blush plant have a slightly ruffled texture.
  • During the winter season, the dark green of the plant is used to die and bloom again late in spring month.


  • It is the hibiscus plant which is the state flower of Hawaii and is commonly called Hawaiian hibiscus.
  • They come under the tropical plant which is used to grow up to 30 feet high and can crow shorter shrub trees of about 15 feet.
  • The flower is used to bloom from early spring to mid summer and belongs to a group that is used to bloom early which makes them a rare kind of hibiscus plant.
  • The plant has seven species that are native to Hawaii and group best in humid warm temperatures.


  • The cannabinus is also called kenaf which belongs to the Malvaceae family.
  • The plant is also famous for the fiber you get from it that many companies use for creating jute.
  • They are used to bloom with a single and large flower with having deep red color which is used to be three to four inches in diameter.
  • The plant grows perfectly in well-draining soil during the early Summer or spring season when you locate them in a Sunny location.


  • It is the hibiscus plant which is used to bloom with a big 8-inch single flower having a red hue and a tiny red center.
  • The plant is a hybrid cross of Rainbow Christie and Muffin Man which makes them bloom with even colored and smooth flowers.

China Rose:

  • It is a rare hibiscus plant variety that is used in the tropics for polishing in the shoes of the people.
  • They come under Asiatic shrubs that are used to grow between 15 to 25 feet high when they are fully matured.
  • They are used to bloom with an oval-shaped flower which is 3 to 4 inches long.
  • The flowers used to bloom in red color but you can also find them in pink, yellow, or Orange varieties.
  • The plant is used to bloom with double or single petals.
  • The flower of the plant is used to form a long column from the stamen.


  • It is also called Texas star hibiscus.
  • They used to bloom with a 7-foot-tall plant.
  • After blooming it will have a red flower three to four inches in diameter.
  • For best results, you need to place them in a full sun location but avoid keeping them in extreme cold and Frost conditions.
  • To grow flowers from the plant you need to add mulch in the soil.
  • The plant is successful in attracting butterflies and hummingbirds toward itself


  • This hibiscus plant variety is used to bloom with multicolor large flowers 7 to 9 inches wide.
  • The flower used to bloom with orange, yellow, pink, and red colors.
  • The plant is a cross hybrid of fireball and saffron which both of them used to grow in medium-sized sizes having Vivid colors.

Flower of an Hour:

  • They are called hibiscus trionum.
  • This used to bloom with a maximum height of 4 feet and had a yellow or green color flower.
  • The flower is used to add beauty to the garden as a decorating peace


  • The plant is native to Hawaii and is used to grow between 6 and 10 feet.
  • They come under the longer living there kind of hibiscus plant.
  • They are popular to be used as landscaping plants in hedges and containers.
  • The plant can tolerate the web soil and is also able to grow alongside the waterways in many areas.
  • The flower is used to bloom all year with a purple and pink color which gives a contrasting color to grow against the green foliage having heart-shaped leaves.

Giant Rose Mallow:

  • The giant Rose mallow is the real hibiscus plant which looks similar to hibiscus moscheutos having broader leaves and growing taller in height.
  • The flower of the plant used to bloom with a pretty pink color but is also available with white flowers having a dark green center.
  • The plant is used to have very smooth foliage in a coppery purple shade.
  • It is used to bloom in succession during the mid-summer month to the first Frost in the fall.
  • For growing the plant you need to provide them with moist soil having a bright Sunny location.

Hawaiian Hibiscus:

  • They come under the 7 known species of the hibiscus plant which are native to Hawaii.
  • They are used to grow with very large petals that have brighter colors.
  • Used to grow very fast after planting them when you keep them for a long time if we compare them to other hibiscus plant types.


  • It is a hibiscus plant that has a very unique look and is native to Phillip Island, right of Australia.
  • Growing in the wild environment the plant is used to form clumps which have a very extremely rare wild growth habit.
  • The flower is used to bloom in a star shape that grows in clustered pronounced stamens.
  • Planting them in your hedge or privacy screen will be able to distract anyone who visits your place but for that, you need to provide them with good support.

Luna Pink Swirl:

  • The Luna Pink swirl is a hardy perennial plant that is used to bloom with big white or pink flowers having deep red centers.
  • The flower is used to grow up to 8 inches across and has a top of 8 feet tall.
  • Growing them enough for time moist soil which is well drained is the best location to grow them.
  • They are used to blooming in late summer months but you need to give them a high amount of care because they are prone to fungal diseases that will kill the plant.
  • The petals of the flower have light pink on one side and fade to a creamy light pink on the other side.
  • The plant does attract the hummingbirds and butterflies.

Luna Red:

  • These are bushy compact plants that bloom in gigantic flowers.
  • The flower used to bloom having five petals that contrast with bright green foliage.
  • Growing them best for decoration.
  • They are used to grow best in fertile well-drained soil having moisture.
  • The flower of the plant is an eye-catcher that is used to bloom 6 to 8 inches.
  • The flower dies during the winter and comes back in the summer season.
  • Planting them in a big container is the perfect place for them.
  • The Luna red plant attracts hummingbirds.

Mango Liqueur:

  • These are striking rare kinds of hibiscus plants.
  • The plant that is botanical named mango liqueur has a bright red and fluffy flower yellow gradient on the border.
  • The plant is under the hybrid cross between Creme de Cacao and Muffin Man plant.


  • They bloom in pretty multi-color flowers.
  • They come under perennial shrubs that are used to grow upto 3 to 8 feet long after full maturity.
  • The flower bloom has a color range from deep rost to pure white having a deep maroon color in the center.
  • They belong to the Malvaceae family and are also known as  Rose Mallow.
  • They are used to bloom 12 inches wide with dark green foliage and yellow stamens. 
  • The bloom period of the flower is from summer to the first frost.


  • The mutabilis hibiscus plants are also called the dixie rose mallow or the Confederate Rose.
  • The plant has double-blooming flowers with green or white foliage.
  •  Growing them in your garden will add a touch of beauty and color to it.
  • The flowers used to bloom from summer months to fall. 
  • It consists of flowers which are 4 to 6 inches wide.
  • In starting the plant’s color is punk and white but it changes to vibrant red color slowly.
  • They love to grow in partial to full shade and well-drained soil.

Rock Hibiscus:

  • The rock hibiscus plants are native to the United start and Mexico and love to grow to cling to rocky formations.
  •  They are used to grow upto 2000 feet elevation with no trouble.
  • The foliage is very sparse with gray leaves in a triangular shape.
  • The flower bloom in color ranges from pink and dark purple to white having five petals that are use to 3 inches in diameter. 


  • The plant is also known as Chinese hibiscus which is the most popular type of hibiscus type in the world.
  • The plant used to have vibrant colored bright red flowers.
  • They basically originated from Asia having a flower that is used to last for 24 hours before dying off.
  • The plant attracts many butterflies and birds as it has delicate but large colorful flowers.
  • The plant is used in tropical regions to make the shoe shine.


  • They are called Indian Roselle that bloom with solitary yellow flowers. 
  • These are plants either a perennial or annual show which grow up to 7 to 8 feet high.
  • It does consist of 3 to 5 leaves lobes between 3 and 6 inches long 
  • The flowers bloom with pink-yellow to white color having a 4-inch diameter. 

Rose of Sharon:

  • They are well known as hibiscus syriacus, a Hardy plant that is easy to grow as a shrub.
  • The plant used to bloom from late summer to the first Frost.
  • They are widely grown and sold in South Korea.
  • The plant is used to bloom in shades of violet purple and white color.
  • They used to grow between 5 and 15 feet high in the oval shape of leaves.
  • The flower consists of 3 to 5-inch long petals having dark green foliage.


  • These are the most famous botanical hibiscus cultivars used for culinary purposes.
  • It is used to bloom in pretty white flowers having blood-red buds.
  • The plant is used in a lot of drinks called Jamaica.
  • It also has medicinal properties such as regulating blood pressure and helping with constipation.
  • They also used to drink it in a tea form mixing with sugar and lime in Central America.

Secret Heart:

  • The secret heart hibiscus plant consists of two-toned pink flowers with a bright red center.
  • They are used to bloom with bigger flowers if you plant them in an alkaline soil.
  • During the cooler season the flower color blooms in pink and red and turns to Blue when the weather is warm.
  • It consists of a blue tone on the petals of the flower having a warm-up pink color on the edges.
  • The foliage of the plant is a hybrid from the Creme de Cacao mother plant and the blue color having a red center comes from Rocket’s Red Glare father plant.


  • This hibiscus plant belongs to a mallow family.
  • It is used to grow between three and 6 CM.
  • The plant consists of young branches, flowers, and buds that are covered with a very short shaft Hair.
  • The flower used to bloom with a bright yellow color having a bright red center and grow on a flexible long stem.
  • The shape of the 48 is heart shape having dark green and white to gray coloring.
  • The flowers of the plant are large in size and too showy.


  • These are hibiscus plants that grow very compact shrubs that are used to grow 5 feet high and have blood-red centers and ivory-colored petals on flowers.
  • Growing dark green leaves give a great contrast to the garden.
  • They are mostly grown throughout the United States.
  • The leaves of the plant make them unique because of having a distinct lobe which makes them feel like the old world.
  • Many people keep the plant as an accent plant and grow it in garden borders which helps to attract the caterpillars and Bumble bees.


The hibiscus plant varieties are used to give your garden splashes of color and will add a touch of living in the tropics. I will suggest you create an appearance to out the growing season that will bloom and catch everyone’s eye themselves.

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