Sago Palm Turning Yellow – 7 Reasons Why & Fixes!

Have you ever heard of the sago palm in your gardening experience? If yes, then you might have grown it too, right? It is one of the plants that look like palm trees but they are not theirs. They are cycads meaning a plant that has a different process of reproduction similar to that of ferns. This plant can survive for several years. It tends to grow slowly. Do you know Why is Sago Palm Turning Yellow?

Sago’s palm faces various issues and one of them is the yellowing of its leaves. It is one of the ancient plants that belong to the conifers family. The yellow spots indicate that the plant is suffering from some issues that will be explained here. There are various reasons behind the sage palm turning yellow such as overfertilization, root rot, Repot, improper watering schedule, and many more.

Sago’s palm is easy to care for. Being a beginner gardener, you can choose this plant. But less care doesn’t mean that you will take it for granted. So, let’s begin this guide so that you come to know about the reasons behind the yellow turning of the sago palm leaves and even the ways that can help you in fixing the sago palm.  

What is Sago Palm? 

Sago’s palm is one of the plants that originated from the Moluccas of Indonesia to New Guinea. This plant tends to grow about 10 m tall and even 75 cm thick.

This plant is poisonous so you need to remove all the toxins before eating it. But if you won’t remove it, then you will face issues like vomiting, liver issues, and others. 

Why is Sago Palm Turning Yellow?

The reasons behind the turning of sago palm leaves yellow are as follows: 

  • Overfertilization
  • Cold temperature issues
  • Low humidity level
  • Pests and other diseases
  • Root Rot can be a reason
  • Improper Watering schedule 
  • Moving a plant from its position

Let’s know about them in detail for proper knowledge.  

1. Overfertilization

The first reason behind the turning of the Yellow sago palm is the supply of excess fertilizer to your plants. People used to think that plants would grow fast if you provided them with fertilizers. But no, it is not true.

Regular intake of fertilizer by the plants makes them weak with time. It makes the foliage of the plant burn. So, it is not good for the plants as it will destroy the roots of the plant and make the color of its leaves yellow.  

2. Cold temperature issues

Another cause that makes the sago palm leaves yellow is the cold temperature in which you place your plants.

When they get exposed to too much cold, then they make their leaves yellow which is a bad sign. 

3. Low humidity level

Another reason that is bothering you regarding the yellow leaves of the sago palm is the low humidity that you provide to your plant.

Exposing them to low humidity for a long time makes them turn their leaves yellow which shows that the plant is weak. It depicts that there is less water for the process of photosynthesis.  

4. Pests and other diseases

They are the main causes of any damage to the plants, pests and other aphids tend to sit on the leaves of the plants so that they suck its fluid and satisfy their hunger by gaining the nutrients from the fluid of the plant.

It makes the plant weak. Various pests like aphids, spider mites, and others tend to do this and make the leaves of the plants yellow.  

5. Root Rot can be a reason

You might have faced root rot in your other grown plants too. Root rot shows the condition where the plant is at the end stage of the damage.

Root rot that is caused by overwatering or underwatering makes the leaves of the sago palm yellow just like the money tree. Firstly, it will turn the tips of its leaves brown and then the whole leaf yellow. With time, the plant can even die because of root rot. 

6. Improper Watering schedule 

Water is variously essential for plants to thrive best. Do you know if you are providing a sufficient amount of water to your sago plants?

When you do not provide them water as per their expectations then the plants begin to damage. Plants do not like to be dehydrated or water as it makes them weak and turns their leaves yellow.  

7. Moving a plant from its position

Some plants do not like to change the place where they were grown. And when you repot them again and again, it makes the plant uncomfortable. It causes damage to the roots of the plant and stops the growth of the sago palm plant.

It is so as it is difficult for the plant to adapt to the conditions of a new place which make the plant weak and it changes its leaves yellow. 

How can you fix the sago palm turning yellow?

Below are the ways that will for sure help you in fixing the yellow turning of the sago palm leaves like hydrangea. So, keep connected to know about them: 

1. Place your plant in a warm area

Another thing that you can do to fix the yellow tinting of the sago palm leaves is to place the plant in any warm location, especially at the time of winter.

If you have planted them outside the house, then you can use any frost cloth for your plants

2. Do not plant under direct sunlight

Sago palm trees do not like to be under direct sunlight as it causes sunburn. So, keep them away from the sunlight otherwise the plant will get spoiled. 

3. Proper supply of water 

Watering is important for plants for their survival. You have to provide them with water more often, just like one to two times a week so that they retain moisture and thrive well. It won’t let the plant face any issues like yellowing leaves or root rot.

You can do so by checking the soil moisture by inserting a finger about an inch in the soil and if it is dry, then it is the right time to water your plant. Make use of a good potting soil mix. 

4. Make good use of the fertilizer

As mentioned, no need to over-fertilize your sago palm trees as it leads them to turn their leaves yellow. So, provide them fertilizers only two to three times a year so that they grow well. 

5. Remove the pests from your plant

Last but not the least, you need to remove pests like spider mites and aphids from your sago palm trees. You can do so by spraying water with a hose, and setting it on a high-power setting so that it leaves no pests on the plant.

Pests are especially present on the underside of the plant leaves. So make sure you wash it fully. Then let the leaves dry fully. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that the Sago’s palm faces various issues and one of them is the yellowing of its leaves. It is one of the ancient plants that belong to the conifer family. The yellow spots indicate that the plant is suffering from some issues that are explained here. Sago’s palm is easy to care for. Being a beginner gardener, you can choose this plant. But less care doesn’t mean that you will take it for granted. Read the full guide and happy gardening!


1. How do I fertilize sago palm trees?

The best way to fertilize your sago palm trees is to use any liquid fertilizer so that it keeps the foliage of the plant healthy. You can provide potassium and nitrogen to your plant. 

2. Why are my sago palms turning yellow?

Your sago palms are turning yellow because the plant is struggling from various issues like they are not receiving proper sunlight, they are getting overwatered, they are getting infected by pests or other diseases. 

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