8 Easy ways to fix an Areca Palm with Brown Tips (With Causes)

If you are facing the tip browning issue with your Areca Palm, then this article can totally help you out by providing Easy ways to fix an Areca Palm with Brown Tips. There are so many varieties of indoor plants that people grow to make their surroundings more natural. Beginners often struggle with various problems with their plants and this is common. Plants do have a life and diseases are common in them.

One of the famous indoor plants is the Areca palm. This is an amazing choice if you are thinking of indoor plants. The main drawback of this plant is that it is easily prone to getting brown tips on its leaves same as fiddle leaf fig. Many people are going through this problem and want a permanent solution.

There is cause to any problem. In this article, we will cover some facts about the Areca palm and also learn about the factors that are responsible for the brown tips on the leaves. If you are one of those who are facing this problem then keep on reading, you will also get to know some easy ways to get rid of this problem. 

8 Easy ways to fix an Areca Palm with Brown Tips (With Causes)

About Areca Palm

One of the palms that are most frequently utilized for light interiors is the areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens). It has fronds that arch gracefully and have up to 100 leaflets apiece. These powerful, large plants demand attention. These palms have smooth, sometimes golden trunks that look like bunches of bamboo. 

Their fronds resemble bamboo leaves because of how full and thin they are. These plants need proper care as they are easily prone to diseases. The common problem this plant faces is brown spots on the leaves. So, let’s discuss the causes and solutions to this problem. 

8 easy ways to fix an areca palm with brown tips (with causes)

If you want to solve any problem then the first step should always be that you must know about the factors that would be responsible for that problem to occur. Sometimes our small careless behavior may cause a big effect. Let’s now learn about the factors that are responsible for brown spots on the leaves of Areca palm. We will describe ways to fix and cause in the same section so that you will get a solution to each problem.

1. Overwatering or UnderWatering

The first and the most common is keeping your plant in overwater or underwater conditions. Root disease and nutrient leaching will result from overwatering your areca palms. Browning and early leaf death are caused by nutrient leakage and root growth. On the other hand, the underwater condition may cause rotting of the roots of the plants.

Roots are the main source of the plant to absorb all the nutrients. So, if roots get affected, the plant will get damaged. The first way to solve this problem is scheduled watering.

2. Inappropriate Lighting

The second factor responsible for the healthy growth of the plant is sufficient lighting. We all know that leaves have a green pigment known as chlorophyll that is responsible for keeping the leaves green. If sunlight is not sufficiently supplied to the plant, it will affect the growth of chlorophyll which will cause the browning of the leaves.

Also, if your plant has more light, it will start burning and the leaves will start turning brown. If you are planting areca palms outdoors then keep in mind placing them where the plants get partial sunlight and indoors you can place them near the window.

3. Compact Roots

Your indoor areca palms’ ability to develop properly is seriously threatened by compacted roots. Compaction weakens the root system, promotes root rot, like money tree and prevents nutrients from being absorbed and transported. 

This causes the indoor areca palms’ leaves to become brown. Therefore, stay away from growing your areca palms in a limited planting area.

“You can NEVER have too many PLANTS”

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4. Fertilization

Sometimes overfertilization of a plant may cause various problems. But at the same point lack of fertilization will cause nutrition deficiency. Nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron are a few of the minerals whose deficiencies can cause browning. 

The most prevalent nutritional issue in areca palms is potassium insufficiency. Excessive use of manure is also responsible for the browning of the leaves. So, you properly fertilize your plant.

5. Pests

Some diseases or pests can be the cause of brown spots on the leaves of Areca palm. The most frequent pests that attack your areca palm plants are mealybugs and spider mites. In locations with little humidity, these pests take pleasure in feeding on the dust that gathers on the stems of areca palms. 

Pruning your plant is the best method to solve this issue. Remove dead or unwanted leaves and stems so that your plant gets enough nutrition.

6. Environmental Conditions

The atmospheric conditions around the plant have a great impact on its growth. Temperature is also the major factor that may cause the browning of the leaves. 

A cold or dry atmosphere is not good for your plant so make sure to place your plant in a warm and protected place.

7. Repotting

People many times forget to do this important step when they grow any plant. Areca palm lifespan is up to 10 years.

Repotting of the plant should be done when you see any disease or brown spots on the leaves. This would be a great method to resolve the issue.

8. Humidity

The humidity level in the atmosphere is also responsible for causing brown spots on the leaves of the areca plant. Dry surfaces are ideal for pests like mealybugs and spider mites. 

Your areca palms’ surfaces will be dry and dusty because of low humidity. So use a humidifier to keep the area moist or constantly spritz your areca palms to prevent this. 

You are now clear with all the main causes and also find the solution to every problem. Caring for the plant is very much essential. So, if you are thinking of growing any plant, then you must be ready to take that responsibility. If your plant is suffering from this problem then try these methods, we are sure your problem will be solved.

Wrap up!

In this guide, you come to know that One of the famous indoor plants is the Areca palm. This is an amazing choice if you are thinking of indoor plants. The main drawback of this plant is that it is easily prone to getting brown tips on its leaves. Many people are going through this problem and want a permanent solution. So, read the whole guide so that you understand the best ways to fix an areca palm with brown tips. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

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