15 Types of White Succulents to Grow (With Pictures)

In this article, we will be discussing, a few Types of White Succulents to Grow. White succulents are a wonderful option to consider for houseplants whether indoors or outdoors. If you want to give a unique look to the spot and bring some aesthetic look the white cacti should be on your list.

Key takeaways:

Still confused? What to buy and what do they look like? We have sorted the whole game for you as we have revealed the best 15 white succulents that you can grow and won’t regret at all. 

15 Types of white succulents to grow in beds and pots 

1. Peruvian old lady cactus

15 Types of White Succulents to Grow (With Pictures)

The Peruvian Old Lady Cactus with the scientific name Espostoa melanostele is a unique-looking cactus that has an outer hair coat that seems kike a net of hair over the cactus plant’s surface.

The Persian old lady cactus plants have stems that grow vertically and grow up to 12 inches that have yellow spines on the surface.

The Peruvian old lady cactus is a columnar cactus that has a wooly appearance. The plants hate cold temperatures and love heat with little moisture in the soil. 

2. Echeveria Lola

The really pretty tiny frosty cactus is actually the hybrid that is produced by the cross between Echeveria lilacina and Echeveria Deresina. The cactus are rosette shaped and are really beautiful fulfilling the aesthetic vibes.

The leaves are mint green in color and grow about 6 inches wide and 4-5 inches tall. The surface of the leaves has a powdery appearance. 

3. Haworthia beteseana ‘variegata’ 

These plants look a lot like aloe vera plants that have small sizes but varied flowers. The plants can thrive well both in the garden and in the pots.

The leaves are variegated and have a translucent look. These cacti are also rosette-like. These plants can easily grow inside the house. 

4. Senecio haworthii

The cactus Senecio haworthii is again some unique looking cactus that is also called wooly Senecio due to its wooly appearance. The cactus is a succulent dwarf that requires little water daily.

The soil needs to be dry before every watering session. The plants have got so many names i.e: ashwood, cocoon plant, etc. 

5. Aloe ‘white beauty

The gorgeous-looking aloe cultivars are also called mosaic aloe. The eaves have white blotches and are light-colored.

The plant needs a 5 inches pot and indirect sunlight and water supply one-time every one or two weeks. The plants are slow growing and have spiny margins just like aloe. 

6. Euphorbia polygona snowflakes 

The cactus has the common name cactus snowflake or snowflake cactus. The cactus is known for the white columns that are attached longitudinally in the middle, having a midrib and the cactus is more cylindrical. These are evergreen succulents and have sharp ridges that grow almost straight to wavy. 

7. Crassula ovata ‘tricolor’ 

The cactus has the common name ‘tricolor jade’ and is a succulent dwarf shrub with beautiful leaves. The plants are native to South Africa and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions as well.

The leaves are pale and have white variegation on leaves that are pointed. 

8. Mammalian gracilis var. Fragilis f. Monstrosa

The cactus is also called Arizona snowcap, with its small densely spined and small size. The white color comes from the numerous white-colored spines on the cylindrical stems. 

9. Espostoopsis dybowskii

This succulent shows branches near the base of the plants and the blooming mainly happen in the nighttime. The flowers are white-colored and bell-shaped. The plants come in various shapes and sizes. 

10. Euphorbia lactea variegata 

The cactus has another name ‘white ghost’. The plants belong to the Euphorbiaceae family and have a white and cream-colored appearance.

The plant hardly looks like it is natural. The stems are triangular and variegated. 

11. Haworthia cooperi ‘white fox’ 

These succulents are really rare looking and are imported to various countries from Korea. The potting soil should be good, and moist and the sunlight should be indirect for growing this cactus. 

12. Agave titanota ‘white ice’ 

The succulents are prepared from tissue culture and have gray to whitish leaves that have black tips. The leaves have patterns on the back surface. 

13. Dudleya gnoma ‘white sprite’ 

The leaves are in the rosette form and have white color. The succulent grows at a slow pace and has dense pruinose leaves.

The plants have a unique name ‘munchkin live forever’ that is just like their incredible unique appearance. The leaves have a powdery surface. 

14. Echeveria ‘tranatula’

The succulents get to a height of 20 cm and the plant gives a little hint of blue color. These are hairy hybrid succulents that can grow both in bed as well as in containers.

The plants need full sun to partial shade. The plant has a cobweb-like appearance with light green-colored foliage. 

15. Crassula arborescnes 

The plant is also known as the silver dollar plant. These succulents have thick light green leaves and get to a height of 4 inches.

The red margin or edges give them an attractive look and the grey-whitish leaves. The plants also bear beautiful pink flowers during the spring season and even during the summer season. 

How to take care of white succulents? (indoors as well as outdoors) 

If you have thought of getting succulents in your house garden or indoors then it’s definitely worth an investment, the succulents are easy to care for and we will give you the best tips that will make your task easier. 

  • Give the plant some water and not much water. Water them according to the season as the winter season is the right time to water the cactus plants. The succulents need much water in summer but also not that frequently. 
  • Choose a spot to place them that is sunny and bright and gets good sunlight. But it is important to move the plants to the shade during the scorching sun rays. 
  • Use a pot that has good drainage holes and is the proper size. You can make the holes in the pot by yourself as well. Use a terracotta pot and soil that is not to clay and gets good drainage. Don’t use glass containers. 
  • Keep the plant clean and dry, with the soil moist and well drained. The succulents need to be protected from the pests and insects that love too much on the succulent’s leaves. 
  • Avoid overfertilizing the white cactus plants, they need a good amount of nutrients in the summer season when they are super active and store a lot of food. 

Wrapping up the context

We hope that the options that we gave in this article were useful to you and helped you in making the choice. Keep the caring tips in mind and get your cactus plant thriving really well. Succulents if cared well will go a long way indeed. Happy planting and caring! 

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