How to Grow & Care for Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’ (2024)

Hey, folks!! 

What’s going on? I hope you all are doing outstanding in your life and your gardening field as well. So, coming to the next part, I want you all to pay attention to my favorite variety named Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’. 

Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’ is one of the plants that does not ask for high maintenance as they are easy to grow plants. Being native to Mexico this plant tends to produce magical leaves which look fantabulous in your garden. 

So, guys what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to add that magic to your collection that cherishes your kind with its little blossoms? Let’s throw some light on the procedure to grow and care for Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’. 

Quick information
Common nameCupid Peperomia, Radiator Plant, False Philodendron 
Sunlight Bright indirect sunlight
Soil usedPorous, quick-draining
Water requirementsWater when the soil has almost dried out
PruningBeginning of the growing season
Mature size 3-4 feet long as a houseplant
Bloom TimeRarely blooms indoors

Growing  Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’

Growing your plant becomes easier with the help of this guide. As you have to grow Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’ you can opt for the method of stem cuttings for propagating your plant. 

Cupid Peperomia

It is easy to do so, so let’s get started. 

Step 1- First, you have to collect your material like pruning scissors, it should be sharp and sterilized. Also, stem cutting from the mother plants that too 4-5 inches long for a healthy plant. 

Step 2- Then, you have to remove its base leaves so that the nodes become visible, do not remove the leaves from the top. 

Step 3- Now, put the node in the water and let it receive some sunlight for its growth. 

Step 4– For a few weeks, this will be the process, and in between keep change in its water so that it grows freshly. 

Step 5- When you observe sprouts from it, it is time to plant in the soil for the plant to grow. 

Step 6- After the tenure of 2-4 weeks, take a good container that has drainage holes so that the plant remains moist. 

Step 7- Put potting ix to it, add the cutting in the center, and gently pat the soil. 

Step 8– Keep it in the same location as the previous one where they receive bright indirect sunlight. 

Step 9- Last but not least, you have to check if the plant is receiving sufficient water for its growth. 

Caring for  Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’

Though the plant grows slowly when you nourish it with your efforts, it will show you the desired results. 

So, let’s begin to know the caring tips for the Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’ plant that is popular. They are as follows: 

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Potting and Repotting
  • Soil
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Pruning 

Let’s know about all of these caring tips of  Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’: 

Sunlight needs

  • Being a plant that is native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, they receive plenty of dappled shade. 
  • So, it results in the sunlight need for bright indirect sunlight that is between 10,000-20,000 lux. 
  • If you have grown them indoors, then you can place them near the east-facing window so that they grow well but do not expose them to the full sun as it will scorch the plant’s leaves. 
  • Also providing them with artificial light will help the plant to grow well as sometimes there is no window in the room where you have placed your plant. 

Watering needs

  • This plant is not tricky to water as it can grow even with less soil moisture in the plant. 
  • Even the plants tend to store water in their leaves so that in drought time, they can survive well. 
  • So, you have to water the plants when it is completely dry as the plant is thirsty at that time.
  • Make sure you are not giving water to the plants as it will cause root rot in the plant.  

Humidity and Temperature needs

  • Cupid Peperomia tends to grow in warm areas where they remain hot as they are native to the tropical rainforest. 
  • The best temperature for your plant lies between  60 to 80ºF (15 to 27ºC). Make sure that the plant does not receive less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. 
  • Cupid Peperomia likes to remain humid and its ideal humidity level is 60% or more but it should not go below 40%
  • You have to keep misting the plant with distilled water so that the plant receives a good amount of humidity. 

Soil needs

  • Soil is the medium that helps the plant to grow healthy and for this plant, loose and porous soil will be great as it tends to durian the water. 
  • The ideal pH level for these plants is 6.0-7.0 which is slightly acidic to neutral. 
  • All you have to do is to mix all the parts of peat moss and even perlite equally which helps the plant to receive sufficient nutrients. 

Fertilizer needs

  • Cupid Peperomia is one of the plants that is not a heavy feeder but feeding with some fertilizer will help the plant to keep its foliage thick. 
  • The ideal fertilizer ratio for Cupid Peperomia is 10-10-10. Make use of liquid fertilizer or even slow-release fertilizer. 
  • Pour off the fertilizer on the soil surface after giving water to the plant as it will evenly spread the fertilizer in the plant.

Potting & Repotting 

  • Cupid Peperomia likes to be repotted after the span of every 3-5 years so that the plant changes its location for emerging new growth in the plant. 
  • It is suggested to repot your plant when the roots come out from the drainage holes as this shows that the plant is overgrown. 
  • You can make use of an unglazed clay pot as it will help the plant to let the soil dry so that it does not cause root rot in the plant. 
  • Make sure to use a fresh potting mix for your plant and also choose the pot that is bigger than the previous pot. 

Pruning needs

  • It is suggested to prune your plant at the time of early spring as the plant grows actively in that period. 
  • When you observe yellow-colored leaves or affected leaves in the plant, then you have to trim them off as it is not a good sign for the plant. 
  • To give shape to your plant so that it does not look messy, you have to cut it off for less than 1/3rd of its foliage. 
  • Make sure to use sharp and sterilized scissors so that the plant does not get infected. 

Wrapping up the context 

Folks, I am happy that you read the full guide and finally know the process to grow Cupid Peperomia ‘Variegata’ in your home garden. 

Still, if there remain any queries or doubts, then you can let me know about it or you can read the guide again to understand the process. I hope you are doing great in your gardening field. So, see you in the next guide till then safe gardening. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

Anna Scott

Anna Scott loves gardening and has been doing it for a long time. She wants to help new gardeners learn from her experience. Through her writing, she shares tips and advice on how to make gardens beautiful. Anna hopes her words will inspire new gardeners to succeed.

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