15 Best East Facing Window Plants (With Photos)

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best East Facing Window Plants. The houseplants grow best if the plants get the proper intensity of sunlight. By this, we mean that the plants should get the right amount of sunlight in a day. But how to provide the plants with the right amount of sunlight though!? Some plants need bright light, some can tolerate the direct sunlight while others cannot. Some plants grow well in medium light but need some shade as well.

Quick takeaways:

  • A spot in our house that suits the houseplants best is choosing the light window – east facing, west facing, north facing, or south facing.
  • East-facing windows get the sunlight only in the morning time and are not too strong, the spot is medium to low hot.
  • Some best east-facing window plants are the Prayer plants, Jade plants, Rubber plants, Boston ferns, etc.

If you are confused regarding what plants to go for that empty east-facing window spot, then check this out! Let’s look at the plants that grow well in the east-facing windows. 

15 Best East Facing Window Plants

1. Prayer plant 

  • Scientific name: Maranta leuconeura
  • Sunlight: Indirect sunlight, morning sun 
  • Water: let the soil get dry before watering, keep the soil moist
  • Soil: moist, well-drained soil with good aeration
  • Fertilizer: need a good amount of fertilization

The prayer plants are slow growers. Beginner-friendly plant, easy to grow, and maintain. They are called prayer plants because of their leaves that get shrunk or folded during the absence of sun and become flat during the daytime i.e: absence of sun. The leaves are dark green colored, with unique-looking patterns that are attractive and are great eye-catchers. The veins are red. 

2. Fiddle leaf fig plant

  • Scientific name: Ficus lyrata 
  • Sunlight: 3-4 hours
  • Height: 5-6 feet

Loves morning sun, thrives well in northeast facing windows, moist, well-drained soil. Don’t let the plant get dry, keep misting after every 3 hours a day. Use a pot that has a good number of drainage holes. 

3. Jade plant 

  • Scientific name: Crassula ovata 
  • Water: proper watering in summer and less watering in winter
  • Soil: the soil should be dry before watering, avoid overwatering the plant 
  • Sun: Bright sunlight, morning sun is good for them 

The plant shows beautiful flowers and thrives in indirect sunlight. The plant is commonly called the money tree and is succulent. These plants are also easy to grow. Provide a plant with good fertilizer in the early stage of growth only. 

4. Areca palm 

  • Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens 
  • Sun: bright indirect sunlight
  • Soil: well-drained, moist soil 
  • Water: don’t let the plant dry, mist the plant if it looks dry

The plants are great houseplants that give a tropical appearance to the corner. The common name of areca palm plants is butterfly palms. The plants are also great air purifiers that remove the toxins from the air inside the house. You mustn’t overwater the plant. 

5. Rubber plant

  • Scientific name: Ficus elastica 
  • Sun: bright, indirect sunlight
  • Height: up to 100 feet 
  • Water: frequently, keep the plant moist 

These plants again like the above-mentioned plants love growing in the east-facing windows. The plants have beautiful shiny-looking elastic leaves that are so attractive and make them perfect houseplants. The leaves are super dark green. The plant grows fast and needs good pruning to keep them in fixed height and shape. 

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6. Boston fern 

  • Scientific name: Nephrolepis exaltata 
  • Sun: morning bright indirect sun
  • Water: keep the soil moist, let the soil dry first before watering 
  • Fertilization: in the early growing phase

These plants are so beautiful and elegant looking with all the fern vibes. The houseplants have fern-like leaves but are a dwarf variety that gives a rugged appearance inside the house. The plant can be grown in hanging pots as well. The plant is easy to grow. 

7. Umbrella tree

  • Scientific name: Heptapleurum actinophyllum
  • Sun: indirect, bright sunlight
  • Water: frequent watering in early growth, mist the plant if the plant gets dry

The plants have leaves that are attached to the thin stalk making them look like tiny umbrellas. The leaves are oval, green, and shiny. It is important to keep the plant in hygienic condition and don’t let the dirt stay on the leaves for long, wipe them with a soft cotton dry cloth. 

8. Moth orchid 

  • Scientific name: Phalaenopsis 
  • Sunlight: medium indirect sunlight 
  • Water: plants don’t like much watering, one time a week 

The plants will grow with beautiful flowers in various shades like red, orange, green, white, or pink. The plants are hardy and good at adapting to new conditions. 

9. Dumb cane 

  • Scientific name: Dieffenbachia spp
  • Sun: indirect bright sunlight 
  • Soil: airy, light, moist soil 
  • Water: frequently initially
  • Height: 6 feet 

If you like the tall houseplants that grow well in the east-facing windows then dumb canes are these plants. The plant rarely blooms but they do not have many attractive flowers as compared to the leaves. If the flowers appear you can simply cut them with sharp sterile pruning shears to get rid of them. 

10. Croton plant 

  • Scientific name: Codiaeum variegatum
  • Sun: bright indirect sunlight 
  • Soil: well-drained, moist soil
  • height: 4-6 feet 
  • Water: frequent watering, avoid overwatering 

The plants love good humidity in the area. The foliage of the plants is shiny and super gorgeous. 

11. Nerve plant 

  • Scientific name: Fittonia albivenis 
  • Sun: indirect, bright sunlight 
  • Soil: moist, well-drained 
  • Height: 3-6 inches 

The plants are herbaceous perennials. The leaves are deep green colored, with pleated veins, and the veins look colored. The plant loves high humidity and needs the humidity as well. Don’t let the plant dry and mist the plant in between the hours of the day. 

12. Calathea 

  • Scientific name: Neotropical rhizomatous
  • Sun: medium sunlight, indirect 
  • Water: regular watering, avoid overwatering 

The plants are known for colorful leaves that look as if they are manually painted. The leaves have a different color on the lower surface. The plant needs humidity as well. Provide a plant with good shade as well during the string full sun. 

13. Goldfish plant 

  • Scientific name: Columnea nematanthus 
  • Sun: bright indirect sunlight 
  • Water: keep the soil moist, avoid overwatering 
  • Height: 3 feet 
  • Temperature: don’t want high temperatures

The goldfish plants got their name from the blooming flowers that look like goldfish. These plants are drought-resistant and straightforward to care for. Don’t give direct sunlight to the plant, let the soil get dry before watering. If you want blooms, spray the plant throughout as the soil gets a little dry. In winter, do irregular watering. The plant can be toxic to pets, so keep them far away from them. 

14. Peace Lily

  • Scientific name: Spathiphyllum 
  • Sun: Bright indirect sunlight 
  • Water: 
  • Height: 1-6 feet

The plant yields beautiful white flowers in the spring season. The plants are known for their air purifying abilities that remove the toxins present in the air. Don’t let the soil get dry and check the drainage of the plant. The watering should be done regularly on a light amount.

15. Coleus 

  • Scientific name: Solenostemon scutellarioides
  • Sun: bright indirect sun
  • Water: regular watering 
  • Height: 1-3 feet

The vibrant leaves of coleus plants make them popular among houseplant gardeners. The plants are favorites of many as they are so easy to grow and propagate. Give the plant some shade during the strong sunlight hours. These plants make the indoors attractive

Wrapping up the context

We hope you loved the options as much as we like these houseplants loving the east-facing windows. It is vital to do a little research regarding the pants and the spot they should be placed inside the house. Happy planting! 

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