White Annual Flowers – Annuals with White Flowers and Foliage

There isn’t a more traditional color than white, and floral blooms are no exception! Do you think the same?

I have good news; here you will get to know about various types of white annual flowers that will continue to shine in the moonlight after the sun has set. You know what? It’s possible to grow white annual flowers in containers or hampers.

Interested to know more about which types of white annual flowers you can add to your garden? Scroll down.

Key takeaways:

  • A monochromatic white flower garden may be just as attractive as a typical white bouquet, and white blooms help the vivid flowers surrounding them pop even more.
  • Gardeners who want to construct a large number of growing places quickly and at a cheap price appreciate annual flowers.
  • In comparison to perennials, several annuals are renowned to bloom for longer durations.
  • The number of annual flower selections for ornamental and cut flower gardens is practically endless. 
  • Examples of annual white flowers are Double Click Snow Puff Cosmos, Moonflower Vine, Moonlight Caladium, Snowmaiden Scabiosa, etc.

Let us get started to know more in detail about the various types of white annual flowers.

Explaining the Top 10 White Annual Flowers 

Do you believe that white is just as significant as black in gardens and has a greater impact? White contrasts with every other color in the spectrum and stands out against green greenery. If you’re ever stumped about what color to use in your gardening, white is a safe bet. 

Let’s have a look at a certain fantastic white-flowered annual. Gardeners may develop a very lovely outdoor setting by learning more about white annual plants. As always, more study into each plant’s design specifications, potential toxicity, and/or invasive status will be required.

Double Click Snow Puff Cosmos:

Double Click cosmos produce a profusion of blooms on tall stems, making them a great choice for new users and trim flower farmers. It’s preferable to plant this white annual flower in a sunlit location. Plants that have been planted can tolerate extreme heat and dryness for brief periods.

Moonflower Vine:

Aesthetic gardeners adore moonflower vines for their capacity to cover arbors and trellises in dense greenery swiftly. This white annual flower is unusual in that it blooms only at night. The blooms have a wonderful scent to them as well. 

Moonlight Caladium:

Whereas many people think of roses before decorating their homes, intriguing greenery can be just as appealing. Moonlight caladium has huge, pure white leaves that look great in short flower borders. Caladiums are one of the greatest shade-loving white annual crops. 

Moon of Silver Vine of the Hyacinth:

Hyacinth vine is technically a perennial in frost-free areas, but it may be cultivated as an annual wherever. This scented vine, like many white garden annuals, is a good choice for planting on arbors. Healthy plants can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) in length.

Snowmaiden Scabiosa:

It is a plant that belongs to the genus Scabiosa Scabiosa is a common pretty awesome white annual for the sun that is known for its distinctive ‘pincushion’ blossoms and early June blooming. Annual scabiosa seedlings can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked in the springtime, and/or in the autumn in milder climates. 

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Frost of a diamond:

You may be aware of Euphorbias that require direct sunlight to thrive, but the annual Diamond Frost Euphorbia is nothing like its sun-loving relatives. It will develop and bloom in full sun, but it will also grow and bloom in part sun and open shade.


The throat of this predominantly white blossom is a deep purple color. The contrast between the two hues emphasizes the purity of the white petal borders. This vibrant shade plant has a strong hanging habit and a lot of colors. It can withstand extreme heat and thrives in both environments and receptacles. It looks fantastic flowing from window boxes or hanging bouquets.

White King Larkspur:

Larkspur flowers appear in the summertime and lend stunning height to the landscape. If permitted to generate a seed, these white annual plants are recognized for their capacity to “volunteer” and sprout once more following summer.

White Lightnin’ Lantana:

Another perennial in frost-free zones, this sun-loving white annual thrives in even the warmest rose bushes. Large clusters of small white blossoms are produced by Lantana plants. Landscapers looking for a low-growing border should consider Lantana. 


It is a very delicate white flower. It looks like someone has brushed a little color on the flower with the help of a paintbrush. The flowers are used to bloom from spring to fall season. The plants are mostly grown under the hardiness zone from 2 to 11. They love to grow in growing conditions like shaded sunlight and have rich loamy soil that is well drained. They are used to grow upto 12 to 15 inches tall.


The plant is used to grow low to the grounds and has five round petals that are used to form pointing tips that have dainty yellow centers. You need to use ground cover, border edging, or container gardens for growing as they are used to grow close to the ground. The plants are used to bloom during mid-spring to early summer. They lie between the hardiness zone from 4 to 8. The growing conditions for growing the plant is they require partial sunlight or shade. The plant is used to grow upto 6 inches tall and 18-inch spread.

Coconut ice sunflowers:

They are also known as Helianthus annuus. They are basically famous for their deep yellow counterparts. The flowers are used to bloom from June to September. The best blooming you can see is in the hardiness zone from 4 to 9. The plants are used to grow in full sunlight and well-drained soil conditions.  The plants are used to grow upto 4 to 5 feet tall.

White spider flower:

These are unique-looking annual plants that are used to grow very delightfully. The flowers not only attract humans but they are the favorite of hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and moths.  They are used to bloom during the late spring to early fall season. The plant grows best in the hardiness zone from 10 to 11. You need to give the plant bright sunlight and average garden-rich soil that is well-drained garden loam. The plants are used to grow up to 60 inches tall.

New Guinea impatiens:

They are also known as Impatiens hawkeri. The flower does contain pure white petals having lush green leaves that form a good contrast. They come under low-maintenance plants that are pest-resistant. The flowers are used to bloom from spring to early fall season. The plants grow best in the hardiness zone from 1 to 10. You need to provide the plant with shade to full sunlight which will grow best in chalk, clay, loam, or sand soil.  The plants are used to grow and reach upto 10 inches to 2 feet tall. 

Babywing begonia

Also known as Begonia. They are used to grow with pure white flowers with having yellow color in the center. The flowers are used to bloom from June to October. The plant grows best in hardiness zone from 2 to 10. You need to provide the plant with sunlight to shade light and need to have well-drained soil having organic matter. The plants are used to grow upto 12 to 15 inches tall. 

Bougainvillea White Stripe:

Bougainvillea White Stripe is a fantastic choice for containers and pots. Small bougainvillea plants can be made easily as a decorative annual, even if they reach spectacular heights in their native habitat. Plants create fascinating white petals instead of blossoms.

Wrapping up the context 

Last but not least, in this guide, you come to understand the various types of white annual flowers. I hope the article will be useful for you all. 


Which flower is used to bloom all year?

Lantana (Lantana spp.) is a flower that is used to bloom all year having different colors such as orange, pink, red, yellow, lavender, or blue.

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