When and How often do Birds of Paradise Bloom?

When and How often do Birds of Paradise Bloom? Have you ever grown a bird of paradise in your home garden? If yes, then you might know that this plant is one of the best that is colorful and seems like a bird in flight. Yes, it is true. They tend to bloom their beautiful flowers as per their choice when they get mature. But what will you do if your bird of paradise is not blooming? Being a Healthy plant doesn’t mean it is not suffering from any climatic issues.

Key takeaways:

  • Encourage the growth of the bird of paradise flowers by providing them with good sunlight, and fertilizer and even watering them on time.
  • They will make you feel a tropical vibe.
  • Make sure you are feeding them with their basic needs like sunlight, water, fertilize as mentioned above. Though they need minimal care for their growth but for making them bloom, you need to put in some extra effort.

When and How often do Birds of Paradise Bloom?

If you have planted the bird of paradise inside the house, then you can plant them outdoors so that they fulfill all their needs like sunlight and water. Birds of paradise tend to bloom one time a year. So, you can enjoy its benefits. So, in this article, you will come to know about the bird of paradise and even when the bird of paradise blooms, and how often they bloom. 

Let us get started.

When Do Birds of Paradise Bloom?

Folks, it is important for you if you know when birds of paradise tend to bloom so that you enjoy its benefits. Bird of Paradise blooms once a year. If the climatic conditions suit them, then they provide you with a colorful ambiance that looks amazing in the garden area. 

There are estimates that they will provide flower spikes for about 30 to 36. They will begin to develop their flower buds in September as per the estimates. They will start to bloom from October to December. Isn’t it great that you can enjoy the colorfulness of pretty birds of paradise blooms? 

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Even if the conditions remain in their favor, they can bloom at a faster pace than before. Make sure you are not damaging the roots of the plant by changing its location again and again. Otherwise, it will delay its time of blooming and you will get nothing in return. 

How Often Do Birds of Paradise Bloom?

The bird of paradise is one of the easiest plants to grow and repot but on the same side, it needs some care so that it blooms occasionally. When it becomes mature, then it will begin to bloom in the late winter and springtime. 

The flowers for the bird of paradise can last for about 4 weeks which will change the look of your garden area with its colorful blooms just like the snake plant. But in the summertime, it will not bloom as it develops new leaves at that time. 

But what you need to consider is the appropriate conditions for your plant so that the plant gives blooms for a long time. You can cut back the dead affected flower so that others look beautiful. 

How to make a bird of paradise bloom? 

As mentioned, every process takes its time and so do the birds of paradise from blooming. But what happens when it does not bloom? What will I do to make it bloom? You can follow the below steps to make them bloom so that you enjoy its benefits: 

  • Place them in a location where there is full sun

The foremost thing that you need to do for making your plant bloom is to move them to a place where they receive plenty of sunlight means full sun for their growth. 

In the wintertime, they will not bloom but you can still make some efforts to make them bloom by providing them with sun during these months. Make sure you’re not exceeding the environment of the place by 50°Fso that they bloom at their best. 

  • Make a good watering schedule 

Watering is important for all plants to gain nutrients and for survival. So, you need to feed your bird of paradise with plenty of water so that they bloom properly. 

You can check the top soil by inserting a finger in it and if it is dry, then water it so that it gives blooms. But make sure you are watering them frequently. 

  • Fertilizer is important for the plant

They need to be fertilized after two weeks so that the plant gives you plenty of blooms which makes the garden attractive. You can choose a balanced fertilizer such as 1-1-1 in liquid form.

You can ignore the fertilizer at the time of winter, but in summer, you have to utilize them with organic fertilizers. Even if you can provide them with manure, sludge, bone meal, etc. it will maintain the blooming in the plant.  

  • Adequate temperature for the plant

Birds of paradise will bloom if you provide them with good temperature facilities. Like you need to place them in an election where the temperature is about 65 to 80°F. Good airflow is important for plants to thrive well. 

  • Give time to the plant

Last but not least, you have to provide time to your plants so they thrive well and get mature. As then only they will begin to produce flower buds and then bloom in October. 

This plant will take about 3-5 years to grow its roots fully. Just provide them with this basic facility and they will cherish you with the outcome for sure. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that You can encourage the growth of the bird of paradise flowers by providing them with good sunlight, and fertilizer, and even watering them on time. Yes, they can be saved by doing so. They will make you feel a tropical vibe. But make sure you are feeding them with their basic needs like sunlight, water, and fertility mentioned above. Though they need minimal care for their growth but for making them bloom, you need to put in some extra effort. Read the whole guide so that you know how often they bloom and when they bloom. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


Why is my bird of paradise not blooming?

The bird of paradise is not blooming as it is suffering from problems like lack of sunlight, inadequate water supply, repotting, etc. It harms the growth of the plant. 

How long does bird of paradise plants bloom?

The bird of paradise can bloom for about 3 years to 6 years if they remain in favorable conditions. You need to keep a check on the plant so that it blooms constantly.  

When does the bird of Paradise go dormant?

The bird of paradise will go dormant at the time of winners like in December and it will remain dormant for 2-3 months. 

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