All about Vinca Minor Vine (Growing and Caring Tips)

Do you know how beautiful Vinca Minor Vine is? Trust me, fellow plant lovers, the beautiful purple and bluish color of the flowers is mesmerizing. Don’t worry about how to grow them because I’m here to share my research on Vinca Minor Vine.

In this informative guide, you will learn some tips for growing and caring for the Vinca Minor Vine that will help your plant bloom beautifully. Adding it to your garden will truly add magic, so don’t be afraid of putting in the work.

Although if you encounter any trouble, just leave a comment—I’m here to help you.

Quick takeaways:

  • As a gardener, you might have grown all the varieties of plants, herbs, and flowers in your home garden. Then you can go for vinca minor vines, Sweet Potato Vine, Angel vine, Dutchman’s Pipe Vine, etc.
  • They are also known as periwinkle.
  • They can be maintained easily as they need little care for their growth after you plant them.
  • They have beautiful flowers and bright foliage. You can get the vinca in various color shades such as white, purple, lavender, etc. 
  • It is also famous for its spreading nature. You will see the blossoms of the vincas in the summertime.
  • They are evergreen perennials that will give you long-lasting effects if you care for them properly.
Common NamesVinca minor, creeping myrtle, common periwinkle, dwarf periwinkle
Botanical NameVinca minor
Plant TypeEvergreen perennial
Mature Size3-6 in. tall with trailing vines up to 18 in. long
Sun ExposureFull, partial, shade
Soil TypeLoamy, sandy, clay
Soil pHAcidic, neutral, alkaline
Bloom TimeSpring, summer
Flower ColorBlue, lavender, purple, white
Hardiness Zones4-9 (USDA)
Native Areas Europe 
Toxicity Toxic to pets

Why do you need to grow a vinca minor vine? 

As you have decided to grow the vinca minor vine in your home garden, do you know if will it benefit you or why do you need to plant them? If not, then you are welcome here as you will see a glimpse of the reasons that will let you know the need or importance of the Vinca minor vine: They are: 

1. Vinca gives you a long-lasting effect 

The vincas will give you a good return in terms of its blossoms. Planting vincas is a great decision as they will give you multiple results. You will see the results after a year too from planting them. 

2. They need minimal care 

Vincas demand less care for their growth. When you plant them, they will give you great results. Also, they do not need to be pruned. 

3. They are easy to purchase 

You can buy the cuttings or vincas from the nurseries or online and it won’t be costlier. You can check the price list everywhere and then choose your cost-effective method. 

4. They give you a colorful environment 

Vincas provides you with a variety of color ranges such as pink, white, purple, etc. 

How to grow the vinca minor? 

If you are here to know about the process of growing vinca minor, then it is recommended to grow them with the help of seeds. Though it takes time but will give the desired results. You can use the division methods for propagating your plant. Below are the steps: 

Step 1- Firstly, you have to dig out the cluster of the vinca minor plant that you have to transplant. 

Step 2– Take it and then you have to grow the division at the same time.

Step 3- Make sure to plant it from the same level at which the plant was growing. 

Step 4- Put the soil near the roots of the plants and settle it. 

Step 5- You have to water your plants regularly for their growth and expansion. 

How do you care for the Vinca minor vines? 

Now, As you know the process of growing vinca from the division method or transplanting from the nurseries. But you need to maintain your Vinca minor for their long-lasting effect. What do you need to do about that? Let’s have a look at the caring tips that are needed to maintain the Vinca minor as follows:  

1. Sunlight needs 

These plants tend to grow in partial sun and full or partial shade. If you plant them in direct sunlight, then they can get hurt. You can plant them in an area where they receive partial shade so that you get the desired results. 

2. Water requirements

Vinca miners can bear fewer water conditions, so it is better to keep the soil moist for its growth. 

3. Soil needs 

For good results, you have to provide good drainage to the vinca minor vines. The soil which will be rich in compost is best for them to grow and also can bear the intake of poor soils too. 

4. Fertilizer requirements 

Some of the plants do not need any kind of fertilizer for their growth but vinca minors need fertilizers so that they can bloom and produce their bright foliage to attract everyone. You can give them fertilizers once a month. 

Where can you grow the vinca minor? 

Vinca minor or periwinkle can grow in every condition whether you have placed them in the sunlight or a shady area, they will grow. If you want beautiful flowers from this plant, then you can set their position in the good light. You can grow some of them under the trees as they will grow in the shade and give the best results. 

They help in developing the ground cover through their beautiful flowers and foliage. As all desire the best outcome, you can give your vinca minor vines moist soil for their growth, and the tips for caring for them are mentioned in this guide which will help you. 

Propagating Vinca Minor:

To propagate vinca minor you can grow them by seeding them but it is a slow process so the easy and quick process for propagating vinca minor is by stem cutting. 

  • To complete the stem cutting there are some works that you need to complete for the stem to root. 
  • To get started you can use the division method or get nursery transplants. 
  • To propagate Vinca minor dividing them is the quickest way and following are some easy steps you can follow:
  • To propagate you need to first dig all around the plant that you want to transplant and then lift it.
  • There is no need to dig the plants deeply as the plant’s roots are shallow which easily comes out.
  • You need to plant the plant to the same level at which it was growing.

Common Pests & Plant Diseases:

Vinca minor is used to attract typical indoor and outdoor pests such as aphids, spider mites, scales, and whiteflies.  To avoid this situation you need to use insecticidal soap or neem oil to control them. They also get attracted to wilt and dieback due to fungal diseases. They also suffer from fungal leaf spots forming on the leaves. To avoid this condition you need to cut off the infected leaves and throw them away. You should water the vinca minor soil, not the leaves to avoid fungal problems.

Binding up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the vinca minor vine that can be grown easily with low maintenance. They are also known as periwinkle. They have beautiful flowers and bright foliage. You can get the vinca in various color shades such as white, purple, lavender, etc. so don’t wait, plant the great vinca or periwinkles. 


1. Can Vinca be used as a climber?

Yes, they might be used as climbers. 

2. How long does it take Vinca Minor to spread?

The vinca minor vines can spread at their best in one year. You need to maintain them. 

3. Is there any difference between a Vinca major and a Vinca minor?

Yes, there is a difference between the vinca major and vinca minor. The vinca minor consists of dark green foliage with blue blooms whereas the vinca major provides you with yellowish-white flowers. 

How fast does Vinca Minor grow?

In order to grow vinca minor the growing rate is medium but they become very vigorous, aggressive growers. 

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