How often to water Sweet Potato Vine plants? – Overwatered Sweet Potato Vine Care

I once grew sweet potato vines in my garden but made a mistake. Want to know what happened? I didn’t know how much to water the sweet potato vines, so I ended up overwatering them, causing them to droop.

I’m sure no one wants their potato vine plants to struggle. To assist you, I’ll share the methods I used to save my potato plants. Understanding the correct watering needs of sweet potato vine plants is crucial for maximum result.

In this informative guide, I’ll outline all the necessary steps for watering sweet potato vines, saving and caring for overwatered sweet potatoes, and rescuing underwatered sweet potatoes. Let’s not waste any time and save our sweet potato vine plants together.

Quick takeaways:

  • The sweet potato vines’ tuberous roots are edible, but the ornamental type has a bitter taste than the normal sweet potato vines, making it not suitable for eating.
  • They crawl along the sides of the pot and look excellent with tender tendrils.
  • Sweet potato vines belong to the family Convolvulaceae and can attain a length of 8-9 feet and 6-12 feet wide.
  •   It is important to water sweet potato vine regularly so that the plant remains moist and gives you fruitful results.
  • The flowers when blooming in some stressful conditions are of shades purple to lavender.
  • The vines need full sun to grow and moist soil but should be well-drained. Other than this they are hardy in zones 9 through 11. 

How often to water Sweet Potato Vine plants?

Straightly put sweet potato vines are drought tolerant and need water on a regular basis, so that the soil stays moist and not soggy. Sweet potato vines will also thrive well in good humidity.

Keeping the soil moist will keep the air around the root and plant moist. The water when given to the plants needs to be drained well. 

Give the vines water with the watering pot and wait for the water to drain from the bottom of the pot if the water won’t come out then go for another take otherwise stop. Before watering, make sure the soil’s top layer is dry and not wet. 

When there is a high-temperature or hot wind blowing around, the soil gets dry to speedy evaporation, then water the plant and don’t let the soil dry as sweet potato vines can live in dry soil. They don’t need much water but the soil should stay moist. 

How often to water Sweet Potato Vine plants? - Overwatered Sweet Potato Vine Care

When to water Sweet Potato Vines?

Sweet potato vines don’t like water to stay long on the foliage. The appropriate time when you should water sweet potato vines is probably the morning time between 6 am and 10 am. By this time the water had deeply penetrated the soil and also the leaves had time to dry until the evening which can cause fungal infection on wet leaves.

Early evening time still works well for watering the sweet potato vines. Winter watering does not have to be at a particular time whether the plant is indoors or outside the house. When it is rainy, avoid watering the vines which will overload the sweet potato vines. 

Sweet potato seedlings

The seedling of sweet potato is in the early stage and needs more water and pampering. The moisture they need should not get collected on seedlings and the soil should stay moist and not too wet. The cluster of seedlings if grown together absorb water relatively quickly, so take a look at soil that is not dry.

Water them as soon as the soil gets dry but lightly. Water them daily and near the soil, make the soil damp by spraying some water in between, avoiding the leaves 

Overwatered sweet potato vines 

The sweet potato vines when overwatered start to rot and many times seedlings drain in water when you overwater them. The vines don’t grow well when the sweet potato vines are overwatered.

Sweet potato vines are drought tolerant and still can live in low water but can withstand if too much water is around. Keep it once a week for safe watering. When there is rainfall, water them down, otherwise water them once a week is enough.

How to care for overwatered sweet potato vines?

You need to see if the soil is draining water properly or not. Create drainage holes in the container so that water can drain.

Where in the garden don’t plant the vines too close and make sure the soil is not getting clayey and is porous so that water can move in the capillary spaces.

Water the vines regularly if needed but make sure not to drown the roots in water for long. Provide the plant with a good amount of sunlight. 

Underwatered sweet potatoes 

As sweet potato vines are usually grown in full sun, dry winds, and heat waves can dry them quickly. The top inch of soil stays dry for too long, which means the plant is underwater.

Plants show wilting when they aren’t getting a good amount of water and the soil is dry for a long time. 

Wrapping up the context

The sweet potato vines in the container need more water than in the garden. Usually watering them one time a week is a good way to start. You can also go deep watering the soil at least once a week in the springtime. In winter lower the watering as the soil stays moist for a long time. Growing sweet potato vines is not that complex and you can grow them in hanging baskets, once they have grown well they will thrive with less pampering too. We hope you find this article useful and get some help watering sweet vines plants. Happy planting!


1. How do you revive a sweet potato vine?

If you want to revive sweet potato vines you need to provide the mulch so that moisture remains for a long time and the plant doesn’t get dry. Water the vines one time per week so that the soil gets water and so as the sweet potato vines. 

2. Do sweet potato plants need a lot of water?

Sweet potato vines are drought tolerant and can survive in low water when they get mature. Water is required on a regular basis in the initial stages of growth. The top one inch of soil should be evenly moist for healthy sweet potato vines. 

3. Should you trim sweet potato vines?

The sweet potato vines grow rapidly and extend long distances with their tendrils. They should not be trimmed as they are helpful in the growth and development of sweet potatoes. You simply can turn the alignment to change the location of the objects via which they are extending and trailing forward. 

4. How do you take care of the potato vine plants?

Potato vine plants in the seedling stage need extra care, in the mature stage, they are easy to grow. They should be planted in a sunny location and the soil needs to be rich and well-drained. Sweet potato vines love humid climates; if low humidity is indoors, you can use a humidifier. 

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