Do Microgreens regrow after Cutting? Everything you need to know!

Do Microgreens regrow after Cutting? Some microgreens can be regrown after harvesting but that again depends on the conditions being provided. Let’s understand everything about the microgreens that can regrow and how can they be regrown with everything in between. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Microgreens are great alternatives to large veggies and still get the nutrients that well.
  • The microgreens are once grown and harvested cannot be re-grown though there are few exceptions regarding this.
  • The seed in the soil germinates and cotyledon gets to a set to true leaves stage that is microgreens.
  • These tiny leaves and tender microgreens get the most nutrition from the seeds and the least from the soil.
  • The microgreen appears to the full they are cut but most of the energy and nutrition has already been used up so there is very less chance that the seed will be regrowing again.

What are microgreens?

The microgreen that usually is tiny in size of 2.5 to 7.5cm includes mostly the veggies like broccoli, spinach, radish, and even sunflower, etc. these look a lot like sprouts and are very nutritious just like their larger counterparts. The seeds do not need to be submerged in soil, instead, they need to be placed over the soil with moisture and warmth.

Microgreens after cutting

In some cases, the microgreens will not regrow after cutting while in some cases the microgreens will get the mold and get infected after getting harvested. The microgreens don’t stay as healthy as in the initial stage.

Some microgreens like peas, coriander, etc can be regrown after harvesting but that again depends on the conditions being provided.

Rarely in extraordinary conditions and care like optimum temperature 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, indirect sunlight and soil moisture can still create little chance of microgreens regrowing. It is usually suggested to do another round to get microgreens than waiting for the harvested ones to regrow.

Do Microgreens regrow after Cutting?

Straightly put, the microgreens of peas, fava beans, coriander, and fenugreek are seen to be regrowing with some other salad greens. They are naturally capable of regrowing but the result is not guaranteed as the seed’s first stage is harvested which is a tender stage and can go to shock as well. The larger pots will also give the roots some ample space to get spread and get more nutrients which can force the plant to regrow.

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Is regrowing Microgreens worth it?

From the nutrition aspect, regrowing microgreens don’t make any sense as most of the nutrients are already spent and the regrowth will be due to the nutrient that is gained from the soil or left behind in the seed. The tiny roots still would have less capability to store that much bulk of nutrients. If you want to have a high yield then you can think of regrowing the microgreens.

What factors cause microgreen regrowth?

For the plant to regrow the nutrient should be there and that can be gained via photosynthesis. This process needs leave. So there should be leaves left on the plant. It is vital to leave a set of leaves on the plant. Another thing that affects the microgreen regrowth is timing, if you have harvested the microgreen too early the plant gets into shock and loses the ability to regrow. there are many types of microgreens like Cilantro Microgreens, Arugula Microgreen, Basil Microgreen, Mustard Microgreens, Sunflower Microgreen, etc.

Harvest the microgreens at the right time 

The microgreen needs to be harvested at the right time, neither too early nor too late. The microgreen if stated for long and not cut then they lose their flavor and the nutrient level also gets low. The plants in most cases directly die. You need to cut the microgreen and not wait for too long.

How to harvest the microgreens?

The microgreen should be cut near the soil just above the first set of leaves if you intend to regrow the microgreens. Use the pruning shears that are clean and sharp enough, cut them in bulk holding with the other hand, and cut them near the soil and not pull them out of the soil. The regrowth chances will be there if you leave the lower set of leaves intact and cut from just above that. So that plants can do photosynthesis, make sure that the plants don’t get any wounds or cuts. 

How to store microgreens after cutting for a long time?

The microgreens after being harvested need to be used instantly whether in pasta, salads, soups, or even drinks. The homegrown microgreens last for 2 weeks if kept properly covered in the paper bag and refrigerated well. 

The microgreens bought from the market can last for one week in the freezer. The microgreens should be eaten fresh if you want to get a blast of nutrients in your body. The microgreens are super healthy as they are good for the heart, and digestive tract, and even for keeping cancer issues aways. 

Final words of the context

In this article, you understood a lot about microgreens from regrowing them to harvesting them in with some tips and tricks. Clean trays or pots should be used for homegrown indoor microgreens. Keep the soil moist for healthy microgreens. Don’t let the fungus attack the leftover plants so that they may regrow. Other than this the conditions given above can help you regrow the microgreen after cutting. We hope you like the information in the article and would have a clear view now of whether you should regrow microgreens or not. Happy indoor gardening! 


Can microgreens be cut more than once?

Cutting the shoots above the soil and not pulling the plants off the soil, can still keep the chances intact for microgreens to regrow. The plant should be harvested as the plant showed 4-5 leaves on the plant. Some will naturally regrow and can be harvested while some cannot be harvested more than one time. 

How long do microgreens live? 

The microgreens can grow for the time you let them grow. But not harvesting them right and letting them grow will make them less worth it as the flavor will fade away and after some time they will die. The microgreens after harvesting can last for 10-12 days when stored in the fridge and contained properly in a plastic or paper bag.

How many times can you reuse soil for microgreens?

The soil used to grow microgreens can be reused for more than one growing season. The soil should be maintained well and drained properly, free from any fungal growth. 

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