How to Grow Mustard Microgreens Fast? (Seeding to Harvesting)

How to Grow Mustard Microgreens fast? Do you know what mustard microgreens are? Have you grown this variety of microgreens in your home garden? No worries, this guide will help you out. Mustard microgreens are one of the easiest plants to grow at home. They have a lot of shapes, designs, colors, etc.

Key takeaways:

  • The taste of Mustard microgreen leaves has some peppery flavor.
  • You can grow them with the help of soil and other methods don’t need soil for growing the Mustard microgreens.
  • Microgreens do not take much time for harvesting. 
  • The other microgreen varieties that different plants use to grow fast are Cilantro Microgreens, Arugula Microgreens, Mustard Microgreens, Sunflower Microgreens, etc.

All you have to do is to read a good quality potting mix and soak its seeds there for a day. You have to give water to it so that it remains hydrated and you will be able to grow it. Cover it with any tray. Choose a darker location for them so that they germinate properly. Then, after a few days, you can use your Mustard microgreens for harvesting. So, let’s begin this guide so that you understand the process of growing the Mustard microgreens fast.  

How to Grow Mustard Microgreens fast? (Seeding to Harvesting)

Various types of Mustard Microgreens can be grown. Some of them are Osaka purple mustard, red giant mustard, red garnet variety, green wave mustard, etc. you will need the following material for growing the mustard microgreens: 

  • Some seeds of mustard microgreens.
  • A spray bottle.
  • Sterilized knife or scissors. 
  • Any grow light for natural light. 
  • Containers for planting them with good drainage holes.
  • Good quality potting mix. 

Let’s begin with the process of growing mustard microgreens fast at home: 

Step 1- Firstly, you need to take the container in which you have to make some holes that will be used for drainage and will flow the excess water from the plant so that the plant does not get diseased by the overwatering. 

Step 2- Then, you have to put the potting mix in the container about 2-3 inches deep. 

Step 3- Take your seeds and sprinkle them all around your soil so that they spread uniformly. Keep some distance between them.

Step 4- Then, cover it with some soil and spray some water on it so that the seeds remain moist and grow well. 

Step 5- Make sure you are avoiding overwatering in your plant. Do not press the soil as it will create pressure on the seeds. The seedlings will grow after you keep the soil loose. 

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Step 6- After that, you have to cover the coating with any tray and make sure you are placing it in a darker room with room temperature facilities. 

Step 7- Examine them for two to three days and after that, you will see the seedlings coming out, and then you can remove your tray. 

Step 8- Mist your plants daily so that the soil remains moist and grows the plant at its best. 

Note: You can easily harvest your microgreens after 5- 6 days from growing. It is one of the easiest ways to grow mustard microgreens at home. The Mustard microgreens can be used in burgers, salads, sandwiches, etc per your convenience. 

Harvesting Mustard Microgreens 

For harvesting the mustard microgreens all you have to do is follow the below points: 

Assemble your microgreens 

First, you have to collect all the microgreens that are ready for harvesting. You have to pick the leaves after they attain a height of 3-6 inches tall after four weeks. 

Then, prune the outer leaves from the plant so the plant grows continuously. Make sure you are removing every yellow-colored leaf if there are any.  

Reserve the mustard microgreens

The next thing you have to do is to choose the green so that you keep them in the freezer so that you can use them for your purpose after some time like cooking. 

Harvest your mustard seeds

At least, you have to observe if the leaves are growing or not. Drill the plants so that they provide the seed. When the seed pod drives, then are the right time to gather all the seeds. 

If the seeds are left on the plant, then they will grow with the plant likewise. And if not, then you have to collect the seeds before the seed pod busts get open. 

How can you care for your mustard microgreens? 

You can maintain your mustard microgreens so that you enjoy their long-lasting results. Don’t you want to take care of your plant so that it thrives and gives a great outcome? Below are some of the tips that can help you in crying for your mustard microgreens:

  • Water requirements

The foremost thing you have to take care of is to water your mustard microgreens once a week for about two inches deep. Make sure you are not overwatering your greens as it will cause root rot in them and they will get spoiled. So keep the soil moist by misting your plant fully. 

  • Protection from disease

You have to save your plant from any kind of disease like root rot, or root bound. Pests tend to roam around the plant so that they enjoy its benefits. Insects like worms and flea beetles will come to eat your greens. You have to stop them from eating your greens by not keeping the leaves too wet as it invites pests or diseases.

  • Removal of the weeds

Last but not least, if you observe a weed growing around your plants, then you have to remove them. Weeds can disturb the growth of the greens. You have to remove them with your hand by digging them and sitting at the two roots to remain safe. 

Is there any benefit of mustard microgreens? 

Yes, there are amazing benefits of mustard microgreens that can benefit you. Below are they: 

  • It is rich in vitamin C.
  • It can help you in developing a good immune system. 
  • It will help in curing congestion. 
  • It will help you in boosting your hair growth. 
  • It can increase the growth of cancer tissues. 
  • It’s good for the health of the eyes. 
  • It is good for the liver. 
  • You will stay relieved from the environmental stress. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Mustard microgreens are one of the easiest plants to grow at home. They have a lot of shapes, designs, colors, etc. The taste of Mustard microgreen leaves has some peppery flavor. There are ways with the help you can grow these microgreens at home. One is that you can grow them with the help of soil and other methods don’t need soil for growing the Mustard microgreens. Even Mustard microgreens do not take much time for harvesting. So, grow these amazing greens at your home and enjoy their benefits. I hope you find this guide useful.

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


How do you make mustard seeds grow faster?

You can make the mustard seeds grow faster by planting in good moist soil which should be rich in pH of about 6.0. Make sure you are planting them in well-drained soil. It will provide moisture to the greens. 

How long does it take to grow mustard microgreens?

Mustard microgreens will take about 5 days or more for harvesting from the day of planting. 

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