How to grow Spinach Microgreens fast and easy?

How to grow Spinach Microgreens fast and easy? The microgreens include the vegetable greens that serve as a source of nutrients, giving a pretty sight and enhancement of texture with all those flavors getting enhanced. The spinach microgreens are a great idea to have that energetic food around in your home space. Spinach has a high amount of iron and vitamin C especially. The microgreen is that stage when the cotyledon leaves have one set of true leaves and are tender plants’ growth stage.

Key takeaways:

  • This is the stage that is also seen when the seeds are growing, the plants still get all the nutrients from the seeds, so having much soil doesn’t matter.
  • The microgreen thus is a nutritious way just like the sprouts of the grains.
  • Microgreens don’t need that specialty even beginners can easily grow them.

Let’s see how you can grow spinach microgreens in the fastest and easiest ways.

What do you need for spinach microgreens?

Let’s not put it complex, the materials that you will be needing for quality spinach microgreens are the seeds, two trays one having holes while the other does not soil, water spray, grow light, soil sifter, and kitchen shears.

Benefits spinach microgreens

  • Very little space is required
  • Easy to grow and plants grow with a good speed with less care
  • The spinach microgreens are more nutritious than those of regular gardens. They are highly recommended for good health like maintaining normal blood pressure, reducing heart diseases, increasing immunity, fighting cancer, etc.
  • Just like radish microgreens, spinach microgreens make good microgreens.

How to grow Spinach Microgreens fast and easy indoors? 

Follow these steps properly and you will see quality spinach microgreens right in your house or the grow room.

Get the seeds

The seeds that you are about to use must be of good quality, less chemically treated, and more organic. The non-treated non-GMO spinach seeds are what we use and suggest the same. The shells should not be that hard and the seeds should be harvested at the proper time but not too early as this can increase the risk of toxins being ingested. The seeds can be soaked previously or directly planted into the soil as the seeds don’t have that solid covering. The seedling grows quite quickly.

How to plant the spinach seeds?

The spinach seeds need to be planted in shallow trays that can be placed or moved in any corner if you are not using the grow light. If you have to grow lights, simply plant the seeds in shallow trays, get a spot, and let them grow without much worry as the grow light will have a timer that can be adjusted and will give the perfect light. The soil should be seed starting soil and the soil should fill more than half of the tray, using a snack you need to spread the spinach seeds evenly to the corners. 

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Use a water bottle spray and evenly spray over the soil surface to give that proper moisture to the seeds so that they can pop up. Use normal soil as the seeds don’t need much-fertilized soil. The soil should be fine and have fine particles so that the microgreen doesn’t get such harsh touching surfaces. The seeds should not be covered with the soil. 

Cover the tray 

Cover the tray and provide a dark environment for the seeds. The seeds can be placed in the darkroom as well. You can simply put another tray over the seeds to not let the light fall on the seeds. The conditions around the seeds should be dark, but warm enough and moist so that the seeds are able to grow. 

How to grow the spinach seeds perfectly? 

The spinach seeds are seen germinating for about 5-6 days when they are properly under a dark and humid spot. If you are not sure about the sprouting of the seeds you can still extend the period of blackout. Putting a little weight over the covering tray can also help in the quick sprouting of the seeds. The grow light needs to be placed about a foot or two over the tray after the seeds have grown and started rooting. The light to spinach seeds will be given for at least 5-6 hours a day. The light will keep the microgreens green enough and not let them get yellow colored.

Water the seeds properly

The light even from the grow light can make the tender microgreen dry quickly so you need to water them so that they dont die of thirst. Watering them too much can cause mold growth so you need to do bottom watering by keeping the tray filled with water beneath the microgreens. The roots will soak up the water and make sure that the tray is a low level of water and is not filled too much. You need to water the microgreen for one and a half weeks till the time of harvesting.

How to harvest the spinach seeds?

The harvesting of spinach microgreens is super easy and convenient because the microgreens get ready within 11-12 days and you can enjoy them anytime you want. The true leaves have appeared, now is the time that you should harvest them. The more the delay the more will be the faded flavor and nutrients as well. Simply use the sharp clean shears and cut the microgreen into a bundle and use them directly just after washing them gently. After harvesting, there are fewer chances that spinach microgreens will grow again. 

How to store and use spinach microgreens?

The microgreens are best stored in the refrigerator using paper bags or plastic bags and use them when you feel like using them. They taste really good and have almost all the nutrients that grown-up spinach has. Those who like eating tiny veggies would love the microgreens and still get the whole benefit. The spinach microgreens can be used in salads, soups, for garnishing, in drinks, pasta, eggs, etc. 

Wrapping up the context

So here we are at the end of the article after the procedure of growing the spinach microgreens. By this time, we hope you have understood the method and made up your mind to grow some rounds of spinach microgreens and even other vegetable options. The microgreens ate great options for indoor planting and have great benefits. Enjoy the microgreens! 


How can I speed up microgreen growth?

For the fast growth of microgreens just like mustard microgreens, Sunflower Microgreens, Basil Microgreens, Arugula Microgreens, etc make sure that you soak the seeds before planting, as soon as they swell plant them and give them optimum moisture so that the microgreens grow quickly. The light needs to be given for 6 hours a day. 

How fast does spinach take to grow?

The spinach usually needs 6 weeks to grow and the weather should be cool, the soil should be warm about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What is the best soil for growing microgreens?

Soil has peat moss, coconut coir, sterilized compost, and about 20% of perlite, in short, organic soil is perfect to grow microgreens.

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