Aerogarden Bounty Basic vs Elite (Actual Comparison)

This article will steer clear of the difference between two Aerogardens and present the result of the comparison for Aerogarden Bounty Basic vs Elite. Aerogarden is incredible indoor equipment for planting and is worth the investment. So let us know more about Aerogardens further.

Key takeaways:

  • Aerogarden is a smart technology that almost gives three times the success rate of desired results as compared to the seasonal garden.
  • The Aerogardenhase dimensions are 34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches and is most specially designed for hydroponics that provides the multi-spectrum grow light and feed with specialized LED.
  • The aero gardens are fitted with an aerator pump, a panel made of LCD that lets you monitor the level of water and nutrients available. 
  • The grow lights in this Aerogarden also control the amount of light the plant will be getting.
  • Aerogarden is incredible indoor equipment for planting and is worth the investment. 

Comparison between Aerogarden bounty basic and elite – Aerogarden Bounty Basic vs Elite

Aerogarden bounty basicAerogarden bounty elite
Highest yield High yield
40W LED grow light 50W LED grow light
Made of plasticMade of stainless steel
Less robust More robust 
Cannot grow different plants in one garden that effectivelyGrow different plants in one garden 
No infinite dimmingInfinite dimming
Automatic light ‘0N & OFF’Automatic light adjustments 
No app compatibilityGood app compatibility
Not noisy Not noisy at all
  • The Aerogarden elite is heavier than the bounty garden. 
  • The design of both is almost similar. 
  • Bounty Aerogarden is made of plastic which can easily get a break after a few uses. 
  • The bounty elite Aerogarden is made of stainless steel and what better than steel which if you want something for long-term use.

Structure and ability 

The Aerogarden has a height of 3 feet due to the adjustable light hoods that can be extended. The pods also can get to a height of about 24 inches. 

The digital displays are present on both the Aerogarden bounty and Aerogarden bounty elite.  The Aerogarden bounty systems are low maintenance and can be left home doing their work without any worries. 

Seed kits 

The bounty systems have 9-pod kits and you have options to choose from 120 varieties of companies with humidity domes. The liquid food is also stocked with the purchase. 

Grow light

Both the Aerogarden Bounty and Aerogarden Bounty elite are provided with the led grow lights that give the natural sunlight experience to your plants while staying indoors. 


There are little watts difference in the light of both Aerogarden bounty and bounty elite systems, which is 50 watts of light in elite type while 30 watts in Aerogarden bounty. With 50 watts you get the option to supply more heat and light to those plants that demand synch conditions. 

Light hood adjustment

The height adjustment of the light is 24 inches in both the aerogarden bounty and bounty elite. The adjustment makes this equipment quite versatile as you can make them tall when needed. 

Wifi connectivity 

Both the Aerogarden Bounty and elite have wifi connectivity options with the app that you can sign up on your device and get all the updates regarding water level, nutrients, light, etc. if you are far away from home and want to know what happens with Aerogarden, just open the app and see what’s lacking water, nutrients and tell your family member to provide some to plants. 

Vacation mode

The vacation mode is quite interactive in an Aerogarden that works by not putting light on for too long which can dry your plants, as you are not home and can’t manually do that. 

Price of Aerogarden Bounty and Bounty Elite 2022

Aerogarden bounty has a price of $239 whereas the bounty elite has a price of $429.95 which gives you options in a more elite way like growing nine plants at the same time.

Pros of Aerogarden

  • The seed pods that are already available in it with the seeds that might want in your Aerogarden. 6 to 9 pods are perfect spaces for the plants to grow. 
  • The automatic lights provide the plants with almost natural light like sunlight. 
  • Good enough space to grow herbs, seeds, and bushes
  • The display control panel has temperature, lights, and various function settings that can be controlled by using the touch screen. 

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Cons of Aerogarden 

  • The handle is tiny as compared to the size of this in-home garden system. 
  • Pods are breakable so need extra care
  • These are quite costly
  • Cannot be easily cleaned

Benefits of buying Aerogarden 

  • Indoor planting gets super easy and the herbs never get out of stock in your kitchen
  • Looks classy in your inside home garden
  • You can grow more varieties of plants in such little smart space
  • You get to put in very little effort and conveniently plants grow healthy in this Aerogarden.
  • Have a high success rate
  • The Aerogarden models in some cases are also fitted with wifi settings and can be operated by using an app that sends you notifications too. 

Is Aerogarden worth the money?

Aerogarden bounty systems are not at all difficult to use and make the work so easy of growing herbs or bushes. The herbs are eaten every day in our dishes, what great if you can grow them effortlessly indoors in such a tiny smart garden. The price though is high but the success rate is also high with the option of growing different plants in such little space. 

Summing up the context

The Aerogarden systems are automatic, come in various colors, and are the perfect indoor garden that looks cool as well in house space. Providing such natural conditions in not-so-natural spaces to the plants brings the best results to the growers. Regarding the difference between the bounty basic and the bounty elite, we have covered all the things that you need to know. We hope this was helpful to you. 

You can check this video to get more help. 


Is the Aerogarden elite worth it?

Aerogarden Elite is more costly than bounty basic but has more features in an advanced way than the basic one. The elite type has more reliable options and low-effort gardening than the basic type. 

Which Aerogarden is best for lettuce?

Lettuce can be easily grown in an Aerogarden. The Aerogarden bounty elite indoor hydroponic herb garden allows the lettuce plant to grow healthy with its extendable light hood and seed pot that is 24 inches. The Aerogarden provides the option of growing 9 plants at a time. 

How long does an Aerogarden plant last?

The survival time of the plants in the Aerogarden will depend on the proper care, type of plants, and hydroponic solution. In general, the plants last for about 80-90 days like herbs that last longer than others. Some flowering plants also can stay long in Aerogarden. Tomatoes, and peppers last about 9 months with proper care. 

What are the different models of Aerogarden?

Aerogarden Harvest, Aerogarden Sprout, Aerogarden Bounty, and Aerogarden Farm are the models that are popular among indoor gardeners. 

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