5 Best Grow Tent Humidifiers in 2024 (& How to choose one?)

For me, it was really hard to maintain the greenery of my indoor plants due to the lack of humidity. Yes, plants do need some level of humidity around them, especially during summer. Do you know how I found the solution? Online! I learned about tent humidifiers, and trust me, the results have been amazing.

You must be wondering how to get one and which one to choose. Well, to help you buy the best humidifiers, stick with us and keep reading!

This article will inform you about some of the best grow tent humidifiers and provide tips on how to choose one. If you encounter any problems, just ask me in the comment section.

Quick takeaways:

  • Indoor plants add elegance and so much grace to the inside of the house and we are obsessed already.
  • The tropical plants that love humidity need high humidity and for that purpose, you should buy a good quality humidifier.
  • Some best grow tent humidifiers are Levoit humidifiers, Everlasting comfort cool mist humidifiers, Vornado evap40 4-Gallon, Vivosun Cool Mist humidifiers, Pure Guardian, etc.

5 Best Grow Tent Humidifiers in 2022 (& How to choose one?)

5 Best Grow Tent Humidifiers in 2022

1. Levoit humidifier


  • This humidifier is the best overall
  • The capacity of the humidifier is 2.4 liter. 
  • Levoit cool mist humidifier has an automatic sensor that detects the level of humidity and tries to keep it at optimum levels. 
  • The design allows easy cleaning and filling
  • Work up to 60 hours until the next refill



2. Everlasting comfort cool mist humidifier for bedroom 


  • The weight of the humidifier is 3.1 pounds
  • The tank is 6 liters in capacity. A humidifier is fitted with a tray of essential oils that spreads out a gentle aroma around the rooms
  • The humidifier has no filter, so no headache when changing the humidifier. 
  • Need refills after two days. Work quietly. 


  • Might show little leakage
  • Refilling, in the beginning, might feel like a hard task

3. Vornado evap40 4-Gallon


  • The Vornado Evap40 Gallon as the name shows suits well for large rooms 
  • Has vortex action technology that moves the cool mist better in the room almost in all corners
  • Have 3-speed settings. The tank is about 4 gallons which is a lot of space to store water. 
  • This humidifier also has an automatic sensor that senses the humidity around and maintains the level. 


  • Might face some issues with the humidistat until you are using it properly. 

4. Vivosun cool mist humidifier


  • Vivosun cool mist humidifier has a customized humidity option
  • The humidifier has 6-liter storage and remote control settings
  • The humidifier is a combined technology of both ultrasonic humidifier and cold mist humidifier
  • The nozzle provided has a 360-degree rotation that makes spreading the humidity in the right direction quite easy and possible. 


  • Hard to clean
  • Gets dirty quite often.

5. Pure guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm And Cool Mist Humidifier


  • Pure Guardian H4810AR can run for 120 hours and has a large storage capacity of 2 gallons. 
  • Quietly working technology.
  • The humidifier has both cool and warm mist settings. 


  • Have high humidity output.

How do you choose the right humidifier? 

1. Variety of humidifiers

There are varieties of humidifiers that you can buy, depending on their qualities and your needs, we have mentioned the best grow tent humidifiers in this article for you to select one. 

a. Ultrasonic humidifier

These humidifiers are the quiet ones. They work without any fan, the water is released into the air by the vibrating nebulizer. These humidifiers are a little costly as they perform advanced functions. 

b. Evaporative humidifier

In these humidifiers, a fan is fitted inside that blows the water droplets into the air by giving air onto the moisture-retentive wick. The humidifiers are automated and detect the amount of moisture available in the grow tent. The humidifiers are noisy but surely effective. 

c. Impeller humidifier

These humidifiers have rotating discs that transfer the water over the diffuser which transforms it into moisture and water vapors that are further transferred into the air. The humidifier is operated mechanically and is noisy. These humidifiers are pocket-friendly. 

2. Grow tent size

If you are buying the best grow tent humidifiers then there are certain things besides that too which you have to take care i.e the size of the tent is really important to consider while buying a humidifier, there are the best humidifiers for small grow tents, and large depending upon your requirements.

The humidifier’s efficiency in spreading moisture in that space is seen accordingly. The small grow tent will not have too many plants, for this space, the humidifiers you will need should cover 100 sq feet of space. While for the large rooms, you will need large humidifiers, the best would be a whole-house humidifier. 

3. Size of water tank

The water tank size is another characteristic you should consider while buying a humidifier. The humidifier, if large, has high durability and needs fewer refills. The water tank of 2-3 gallons will need to refill just one time a day while a one-gallon water tank will need water within a few hours like 12-16 hours. 

4. Replacement of filter

The filter replacement needs to be done in humidifiers to keep the air clean. Some humidifiers need replacement within a few weeks while others will not need much replacement. Keeping the filter clean is the secret to staying away from replacing headaches. 

5. Range of noise

Noise can be irritating sometimes. You should know what space you are going to install a humidifier in. If the room is not near your house, you can buy a noisy humidifier but if it’s near your home, the noisy humidifier will give you a head strain after some time. 

6. Cleaning the humidifier

A lot of impurities and mold growth can occur in humidifiers, so you need to clean them. The humidifiers that can be easily cleaned and taken apart are the ideal ones. 

7. Portability

The heavy humidifier is not easy to move because you are keeping the humidifier in grow tent, you need to buy ones that have wheels with them. This will let you move the humidifier quickly without much labor. Also, the container can be easily moved and taken out. 

Concluding the context

We hope you like the information and have helped you out with the humidifiers. Humidity,  inside the house, is needed most times as the air gets dry which also can dry the plants and plants cannot speak at all. You need to take care of this. Happy parenting and happy planting! 


1. What size humidifier do I need for a room to grow?

The size of the humidifier depends a lot on the size of the tent room. The small humidifiers usually cover a space of  300 sq feet, the medium one covers a space of 400-500 sq feet, and finally, the large humidifiers cover a space of up to 100 sq feet. 

2. Is a cool-mist humidifier good for growing a tent?

Cool mist humidifiers are the best option for growing tents as they keep the air cool and calming for the plants, the heat wave can be drying for the plants and even the warm mist air can lead to some fungal growth on the plants. 

3. How strong should a humidifier be?

The humidity should be ideal in the room for living creatures. The range between 30% to 50% is considered to be good for the indoors. The level should not be too low and not too high. So you should buy a humidifier that doesn’t have too high a humidity output and not too less. 

4. Where should the humidifier be in the grow tent?

The humidifier should be away from your sitting spot if you have one in the grow tent. Other than this, placing the humidifier not too close to the grow lights like at the bottom is ideal for placing the humidifier. 

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