Why is my Peace Lily Not Blooming? (& How to make it Bloom?)

Why is my Peace Lily Not Blooming? In this article, we will learn about peace lilies and also discuss the problem that many people suffer with this species that they do not bloom sometimes. Now, you don’t need to worry more about it. We will cover all the factors responsible for it and also tell you the solution to this problem. 

Key takeaways:

  • It is a common problem that every gardener has faced once in his career that sometimes the plants do not bloom.
  • if you grow plants in your house you must have seen that plants are not able to bloom even after a certain blooming period of plants has been reached.
  • We grow various types and species of plants in our homes. One of them is a peace lily. 

More about Peace Lily

Closet plants, or peace lilies (Spathiphyllum), are a common choice for homes and businesses. Peace lily plants are among the simplest indoor plants to take care of. Although peace lily plant care is simple, ideal growing conditions are still crucial. It is sometimes referred to as a “Peaceful Lily,” and unexpectedly, it also works well as a funeral plant. There are so many benefits to growing a peace lily in your home or office. Some of them are like they help you to breathe better, they increase the humidity level and also they filter the indoor air which is a good point for you. 

Another one of the most beautiful bedroom plants is the peace lily. They can filter out a lot of dangerous chemicals and may be supported on your windowsill. It also aids in good sleeping. It has a beautiful appearance and is a low-maintenance houseplant. On average, it has a lifespan of three to five years. It depends on how you take care of your plant. So, peace lilies would be the best choice if you are looking for any houseplant that is cheap, decorative, and enhances your house or office environment. 

Why is my peace lily not blooming?

It is a common question that most people ask that there are problems with their peace lily plants. Whether the plant will bloom or not mainly depends upon some factors. In this section firstly we will tell you the reasons why this problem is with your plant and then after that, we will go for the solutions. Factors responsible for this problem are:


The first and the most common reason would be the insufficient amount of sunlight. We all know that sunlight is most important for a plant. In the case of blooming plants, it is very much important to absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight which helps the soil to remain warm. If a peace lily doesn’t get enough light, it won’t bloom, and insufficient or overheating can turn the leaves of the peace lily yellow, brown, or black.

Lack of Nutrients

Even though spathiphyllum aren’t heavy feeders, they nevertheless require enough nutrition to grow. The lack of flowers on your peace lily is likely being caused by a lack of food if you haven’t fed or replanted it in several years. The simple thing is that insufficient nutrients mean insufficient growth.


We all know that plants do need the proper temperature to grow. So, it can be easily concluded that your plant is not growing under favorable temperature conditions. Your peace lily probably won’t blossom if it is frequently exposed to temperatures below 65°F. The likelihood of flowers blooming is much lower unless daytime temperatures are closer to 85°F.

Age of the plant

Aging affects the life cycle of plants the same as in human beings. After a certain period, the reproduction process stops in plants. Your peace lily is trying to reproduce by forming a bloom. A peace lily will keep growing roots and leaves, but ultimately it will reach the end of its life cycle.

Natural Reasons

Your Peace Lily will bloom throughout the few winter days if kept in a natural environment. The plant begins to intermittently bloom as the days lengthen. The spadix of the Peace Lily is covered in a scattering of small, inconsequential blossoms. The spadix is a protrusion that resembles a stick in the center of what most people mistake for a flower.

How to make it bloom?

You have learned about the reasons for your problem above. Now, the solutions are very easy to make. Here are some tips you must try to bloom up a peace lily plant.

Proper lighting

We have discussed above that this problem is commonly seen but on the same hand, it is also very easy to fix. If you give your Peace Lily strong, indirect sunshine, it will develop and blossom much more quickly. Your plant will be able to avoid direct sunlight if you place it next to a window. In winter, shift the plant to the west-facing window or south-facing side according to the sunlight.

Scheduled Watering

When you observe water flowing out of the drainage holes, it’s time to water your Peace Lily. After completing this, wait until the plant is absolutely dry before watering it once again. Also, remember not to over-water your plant, it will affect roots and make them rot which will be more difficult for you to solve. Avoid the situation of overwatering the peace lily.


It is important to repotting a plant after a certain period. Your plant will be able to obtain the right nutrients if you report it. The plant must first be carefully removed from the container. Replant it after that in a container that is two to three inches bigger than the previous one. Avoid putting your plant in a pot that is significantly larger than the one it was previously in since it can lead to waterlogging.

Caring for a plant is the most important part of gardening. So, if there is no proper care for the plant it will not bloom. The reasons are mentioned above in the article, just focus on them and try to avoid these mistakes. Provide proper watering and fertilizers to your plant and all the necessary things that your plant needs. It will surely bloom if you keep all these things in your mind.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that peace lily plant care is simple, but ideal growing conditions are still crucial. It is sometimes referred to as a “Peaceful Lily,” and unexpectedly, it also works well as a funeral plant. There are so many benefits to growing a peace lily in your home or office. Some of them are like they help you to breathe better, they increase the humidity level and also they filter the indoor air that is a good point for you. Read the guide fully to know more about it. 


Do peace lilies bloom all summer?

Yes, peace lilies tend to bloom in the springtime and all long in the summertime. They bloom beautifully and look so attractive.

Why has my peace lily stopped flowering?

Your peace lily stopped flowering as it is not receiving the right amount of nutrients. As you know the plant is famous for its flowers. It is not giving flowers, it indicates that the plant is getting old or for any other reason like not proper lighting, water needs, and so on.

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