Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow – Reasons and How to Fix it?

This article will be discussing the Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow. Have you wondered why they suffer from yellow-colored leaves? Do not worry all your problems will be solved in this guide. The peace lily is one of the attractive flower plants that might be grown by you in your garden. They have oval-shaped green leaves that will steal your attention. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Peace lilies are native to tropical and subtropical environments.
  • Farmers grow the peace lilies outside the house in the garden area. Peace lilies are famous for purifying the air around them.
  • It would be better for you if you know about the reasons for yellow-colored leaves and also the need for prevention to take place.
  • You have to know about the things that could help you in fixing the yellow peace lily leaves.

What else do you need? These plants can be grown easily and they are best suitable for your garden area. Do you know why the leaves turn yellow? If not, then you need to find the reasons behind the discoloration of the peace lilies. No worries as we are here! You will know that soon. So, let us start this guide so that you know about the reasons behind the yellow peace lily leaves and also the ways that can help you in fixing them.

Why are Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow? 

Peace lilies can turn their leaves yellow because of many reasons that can even be unknown to you. Peace lilies have beautiful green leaves that are oval. The leaves will grow right up out of the soil. The peace lily plant is durable as they tend to have the potential to grow in less sunlight. 

Peace lilies sometimes suffer from various diseases which make the leaves of the plant yellow and weak. There are multiple causes of this such as lack of nutrients, humid conditions, the wrong quality of the water, repotting, and others that will be discussed in this guide. It is easy to handle these causes but you have to know about them at first so that you get the ways to fix them. Let us move further to know about its reasons.

What are the reasons behind turning yellow peace lily leaves? 

Peace lilies are the most beautiful addition to any garden. But sometimes the lilies get destroyed for various reasons. Do you want to know about those reasons? If yes, then move forward to know about them: 

Water Quality

The foremost reason behind yellow peace lily leaves is the quality of the water. You might think it is not a big matter to use low-quality water. But guys it harms the plant and they are sensitive to chlorine. Due to chlorine, the leaves of the plants become yellow. So, it would be better if you check the quality of the water that you are feeding your plants. 

Temperature Problems

Another reason can be temperature-related issues. What is your opinion on this? Yes, temperature also plays an important role in the growth of any plant. If the plant is receiving as much as the temperature needed by it, then it is good otherwise the plant will get spoiled.  

Lack of Nutrients 

As you know that nutrients are required by plants so that they attain a good size. But when the plants do not get sufficient nutrients then they start to turn their leaves yellow. 

Improper way of watering 

Another reason behind the yellow peace lily leaves is the improved watering. It leads to the discoloration of plants. Yes, it is true. There are two aspects to this, one is overwatering the plants and the other is underwatering. Is your plant suffering from any of the above? If yes, then it will turn the leaves yellow like hydrangea as it is not receiving a sufficient amount of water needed by them. 

Natural aging 

Just like human beings have a lifespan, so does the plant. So, the change of color of the plants can be caused due to the natural aging of the plants. It depicts that the plant is getting old. The below leaves will spoil at first and then the rest. 


Pests are the ones that spoil your vegetation. Pests get attracted to the plants they love and one of them is peace lily. Aphids and mealybugs are the top bugs that will soil your peace lily into yellow color leaves. 

Sunlight problems 

Last but not least, sunlight is one of the best sources that are required by every plant to grow. These peace lily plants can grow in low light conditions, so if you provide them with more sunlight, then the leaves of the plants will start to fade and they will get spoiled. Overheating can also lead to turning the green leaves to brown.

How do I fix the peaceful lily leaves from turning yellow? 

It is essential to follow the ways to help you fix the peace lily. So, let us look below so that you understand the ways of fixing the peace lily properly: 

  • One of the ways is to water your peace lily on time. Make sure you water them adequately and do not overwater them or underwater them at any cost. 
  • Provide the best sunlight for your peace lily plants. They tend to grow in shady areas. Provide them with less light so that they grow at their best. 
  • Choosing appropriate soil for your plants is important as the growth of any plant depends on its soil. You can use organic matter for your peace lilies as they will thrive best in it. Keep the soil well drained. 
  • Make sure you prune your peace lilies on time. Trim off the old leaves so that the new girth starts to come. Yellow leaves need to be trimmed. 
  • You can repot your plant and place them near the window area so that they enjoy the shade as well. 

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know that Peace lilies are native to tropical and subtropical environments. Farmers grow epic lilies outside the house in the garden area. Peace lilies are famous for purifying the air around them. These plants can be grown easily and they are best suitable for your garden area. It would be better for you if you know about the reasons for yellow-colored leaves and also the need for prevention to take place. Read the guide properly to know about them. 


Why is the peace lily dying?

Peace lilies can die due to various reasons like overwatering of peace lilies, underwatering the peace lilies or providing them a lot of sunlight, or giving them no sunlight to flourish. With time, peace lily will start to die and you will get nothing in return. Due to this, the peace lily leaves turn black.

What is eating the peace lilies?

Various pests have the power to eat your peace lilies as they take fluid from them so that they gain nutrients. They inject venom and bugs suck the fluid from the plant.  

Can a peaceful lily live in cold weather?

Peace lilies can live from 65 to 85° Fahrenheit. Do not try to place them above this temperature range as they can start to spoil. 

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