Peace Lily Pruning – When & How to Prune it? (Spathiphyllum)

In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways for Peace Lily Pruning. Hey folks, have you ever tried to grow peace lilies in your home garden? If yes, then you might have known that it is very essential to prune the peace lilies. Do you know? Peace lilies are one of the houseplants that looks attractive.

Key takeaways:

  • You can grow the peace lilies easily and they can be handled easily.
  • They are one of the most famous houseplants in the world as they belong to the Spathiphyllum genus. 
  • Peace lilies are best known for their rich symbolism as it has beautiful foliage and pretty flowers that add a different look to your area.

Do you also get confused when it comes to pruning the peace lilies? As pruning of peace lilies is very important as it lets the plant grow at its best. Sometimes there are old and yellow leaves or black leaves in the plant that are spoiled and also affect the new growth, so, here arises the need for pruning the peace lilies. 

If you are here to know the process of pruning epic lilies, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you a lot in knowing the process of pruning them and also when to prune them. Even regular pruning can help a lot in raising the potential of the plant to grow at its best. 

So, you should do it as everyone does nowadays. The need for pruning arises when the leaves turn yellow, brown, or black as it is not a good sign. So, it is time to initiate this due to knowing the benefits of pruning the peace lilies, when you should cut off the peace lilies, and how to do so. 

Peace Lily Pruning – When to Prune a Peace Lily? 

Being a tropical flower, the growth of the peace lily becomes slow when its climate changes as they do not have any winter cycle. The leaves of the plant do not grow anymore if they are lacking nutrients. What will you do then? 

Guys, there is no specific time to prune your peace lilies. In short, It is the need of the hour. When it feels like pruning the lilies, then you can do so. It is important to cut back on the old blooms or leaves as they depict a wrong sign.

You can easily trim or prune the lilies, yet it is true. This can be done with a process that is explained below. You should know that at the early stages, the bloom color is white but when it starts to fade, it shows the green color and there you need to pull that bloom cut back as it will affect the growth of other plants too. 

Make sure to prune them as soon as possible till the time they attain a yellow color. You can even cut back its defective leaf tips as it shows that the plant is suffering from root issues. It might be that the plant is over-fertilized, or you are pruning them with too much water or less water. 

Peace Lily Pruning – How to prune a peace lily?

The peace lily is one of the favorites of the gardeners as it helps in making the garden attractive. Peace lilies can be grown easily in your homes too. But what about its maintenance? If you know you can maintain them easily, then only plant them otherwise the plant will be spoiled. 

One of the caring tips is to timely prune the peace lily in for its good results. Do you know how to prune a peace lily? If not, then look at the below points: 

Step 1– Firstly, you have to find the dead bloom’s stem in the plant.

Step 2- Then, by cutting it close to the base, remove the stalk.

Step 3- You have to do the steps again for other dead blooms too. 

Step 4- You need to cut all those leaves that are yellow and seem old as they are of no use. 

Step 5- Make sure you are not using dull scissors for cutting them. 

By doing the pruning of the peace lily, you will get easy results and your peace lilies will grow even healthier and more attractive. It is ready to bloom again by doing that process.

You can also prune the deadheads, they can be done by following the ways: 

Step 1- You have to lift the stalk of the flower under the flower’s dead base. 

Step 2- Then, you have to do it again on all the dead blooms. 

Are there any benefits of pruning peace lily? 

Yes, of course, there are benefits of trimming the peace lily as given below. Pruning of peace lily will help in the following ways: 

  • It will let you control the look of your plant. 
  • It will help in promoting the growth of the plant. 
  • The dead and yellow leaves will be removed by the process of pruning. 
  • It can also prevent disease
  • It won’t let the plant overgrow. 
  • It won’t let the plant occupy much of the space which harms other plants. 

Ways to grow peace lilies:

There is a common way to grow peace lilies that is by rooting them because they don’t produce Spathiphyllum produces rhizomes. The stem and leaves of peace lily dont contain any cells which can grow into some new roots or there is only one reason for growing peace lily that is by pollinating or by rooting it.

Growing by rooting peace lilies:

  • To grow the peace lilies by rooting them you need to have a disinfected serrated knife by which you can cut the roots and for that, you can wear gloves.
  • Now hold the plant from the base and tilt it to get it out of the pot.
  • You can loosen up the soil that is present in the container by tapping or squeezing the sides of the container.
  • After getting the plant out of the container you can start slicing the roots.
  • You need to sew off the root mass for at least ¼ of the bottom using the knife.
  • The plant can really grow well after losing up to ⅓ roots as they will not harm the plant.
  • Next, you need to spread the remaining roots using your fingers gently.
  • You need to prepare a mixture of potting mix to replant the peace lily.
  • Make sure to place the pot in a place where they receive direct sunlight and a good amount of humidity so that they can grow quickly.

Concluding lines

Last but not least, pruning is an essential phase of your plants and the same goes with peace lilies. Peace lilies are best known for their rich symbolism as it has beautiful foliage and pretty flowers that add a different look to your area. As pruning of peace lilies is very important as it lets the plant grow at its best. Sometimes there are old and yellow leaves in the plant that are spoiled and also affect the new growth, so, here arises the need for pruning the peace lilies.  Read the whole guide to know more about the pruning of peace lilies.  


Why are the leaves on my peace lily dying?

The peace lilies die as they tend to have yellow leaves that show that the plant is about to spoil. The blooms are getting spoiled due to various factors just as the natural regions, aging, lack of nutrients, and others.

How many times does a peace lily bloom?

Peace lily blooms one at a time on each stalk of the lilies. You can cut them back so that they grow healthily.

Is trimming the peace lilies possible?

yes, pruning the root lily does help them to get big in size. you need to trim the roots not only just cutting foliage and leaving them in the same pot that will outgrow the space causing health problems in the roots trimming off the roots will help in avoiding potting up and will slow the process of foliage expansion.

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