Overwatered Peace Lily – Signs and Step-by-Step Solution

Peace lilies just give you peace with their ability of low maintenance and the way they bring elegance and royalty to the area in the house. These peace lilies are great houseplants. But the issue that is mostly seen is that they get underwatered as well. Many house gardeners can get into this problem and that’s completely fine. In this article, the readers will be acknowledged for how to know about the Overwatered Peace Lily, its Signs, and Step-by-Step solutions.

Quick takeaways:

So this article is going to be a complete guide for you guys to solve the issue effectively knowing what signs they are indicating. let’s get started because you can revive the overwatered peace lilies.

Overwatered Peace Lily - Signs and Step-by-Step Solution

What worst happens when you overwater peace lily?

Peace lilies being tropical plants though still cannot handle the overwatered soil. Soggy soil is the main problem. The soil that is compact and has low aeration will make the roots compact as well, and the roots will not be able to breathe. The root elevates when the soil is mushy around the roots that is home to the fungus and mold later transferring to the roots.

The roots not working healthily ends the ‘growth game’ as the plant starts to become lean and die.  The leaves that are another ‘attention seeker’ also start to fade and turn yellow, which is visible, making the view gross.

Signs of overwatered peace lily that you must know 

1. Wilting of leaves

The peace lily plant shows wilted leaves when the plant is overwatered. Curling of leaves just like the philodendron leaves will start to happen, as the plant starts to grow with less water in the body.

Having too much water around still doesn’t help as the roots in such soggy soil become mushy and soft, which are unable to absorb the nutrients and water.

2. Leaves showing yellow color instead of green

The leaves of peace lilies are lush green and super visible due to their large size and they will turn yellow if overwatered.

When the yellowing of leaves occurs in the old leaves and even the young ones start to droop then the peace lily plant is overwatered. The overwatering of peace lilies also causes browning of leaf tips same as in fiddle leaf fig plant, which indicates sickness

3. Soggy and wet soil

The soil that is seen standing in water even after hours is overwatered soil. Even the wet soil will stay wet for days. If you want to know if your peace lily plant is overwatered check the soil if it is looking squishy and wet.

The wet soil is also a supporter of mold growth, the smell coming out of it. It is better to check drainage as soon as possible.

4. Drooping of blooms

If the leaves are not getting enough water supply and nutrients then blooms are far away from the target of glowing and growing.

The peace lilies drooping is a clear indication that they are overwatered. The blooms look lifeless and fragile.

5. Root rot

Overwatered peace lilies when getting root rot if ignored have a high chance of dying. Roots are a really important part of the plant and if the roots are damaged then the plant fails to grow well and ultimately dies.

The soggy soil can easily rot the root due to fungal growth or pathogenic infections. The root rot in peace lilies and even money tree is also spotted by the unpleasant smell and brown or yellow spots on the roots.

6. Retarded growth

The stunted growth is a sign that the peace lilies are overwatered. Even though you are fertilizing the soil or following a watering schedule the plant will not revive back.

The severely overwatered peace lilies will drop and die. You need to look at the soil first before watering the plant if it is dry or not. Stop if you have overwatered the plant, and give time for the water to drain completely.

How to revive back/fix the peace lilies?

1. In case of root rot

To find out if the peace lily has got root rot and this should be your first step because roots are really important! Anyhow, check the roots by taking the plant out of the pot carefully. Brush away the excess dirt and examine the roots properly for rot.

The roots that are rotted should be cut off with pruners that are clean and sharp. Throw away the roots far away and the left root system needs to be soaked in the fungicide solution for an hour. Then repot the plant in CLEAN, STERILIZED POTTING MIX and CLEAN POT WITH GOOD DRAINAGE HOLES.

2. In case of no root rot

Phew!! Thank God! that the roots are still safe and not much affected by rot-like problems. You can save this for being watered peace lily now by following these ways:

Water the peace lily only after the soil gets properly drained or is not too wet. The top inch should feel dry to the touch.

Work on the drainage of the soil which is not letting the water pass freely. The soil compactness needs to be removed which can be done by adding some peat moss, sand, and coconut coir into the soil mix.

If the pot doesn’t have holes, make the holes in the soil using a pencil or in the case of the plastic pot make holes on the surface of it all by yourself.

Check if the humidity is too high, and move the plant to a spot with good indirect sunlight and low humidity near the fan or window.

Advice for overwatered Peace Lily 

Here are a few solutions that can help to revive overwatered peace lily:

  • Repotting a soggy plant into a free-draining potting mix is one of the most effective ways to resuscitate it. You could wait for the current mix to drain, but repotting will move the plant out of the damp circumstances much faster in the worst-case situation.
  • Drain as much of the damp dirt as possible without breaking the roots by tipping the plant out of its container. You can now replant it in the same pot or one that is one size larger. Irrigation should be done just when the soil has begun to dry out. Rather than watering on a timetable, examine the soil to see if it needs to be watered. Plunging your finger into the water has been the most reliable way to do this.
  • Don’t nourish your overwatered plant right away after repotting it. After already being repotted, a plant that has been damaged by overwatering may be subjected to additional stress if it is fertilized. For the first three months, don’t use any fertilizer, and then start feeding your plants regularly. Nourishing promotes regeneration, and we want to concentrate on recuperation for the moment ahead. 
  • After you’ve fixed any drainage problems and repotted the plant, relocate it to a location where it gets plenty of light but not direct sunlight. This is the plant’s ideal growing environment, and the gardener doesn’t want to compound an overwatering problem with a lighting one.
  • The Peace Lily prefers temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 27 degrees Celsius). 

Final words of the context

Peach lilies are great choices and are always the preferred houseplants whether it is home or office. These are also known as closet plants, but they are easily affected by sudden changes. Even the over-watered and under-watered peace lily will confuse you as both of them show almost the same signs, it is important to look at the soil mix first. We have detailed everything that can make your task easy and deal with overwatered peace lily like a pro! Happy planting! 


1. How long does it take a peace lily to recover from overwatering? 

With the proper care and watering schedule keeping every environmental condition like sunlight, humidity, and fertilization in mind, the peace lily can be revived. These plants take about 1 to 2 weeks to recover back to their original condition. 

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