Why is Mint Leaves Turning Yellow? (How to save them?) 

If you’re considering or thinking of growing mint in your garden, it’s important to take precautions and preventive measures. I’m saying this because I’ve gone through this which doesn’t result in the best. I faced challenges when my mint leaves started turning yellow. In order to revive my plants, I conducted thorough research to save them.

To assist you in avoiding similar issues and know the precautions and preventions to save your mint, I’ve shared my experiences and detailed the precautions and preventive measures you can take to prevent mint leaves from turning yellow.

Let’s not delay any further and dive into the details. If you have any questions while reading, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Quick takeaways:

  • Gardeners love to eat the mint plants in their gardens so that they get the desired and refreshing results. 
  • Mints are easy to grow with minimal maintenance. But there is a problem that can be faced in this process and that is the yellowing of mint leaves.
  • There can be various reasons behind this yellowing of leaves. Some of the causes are overwatering of the plant, excess supply of sunlight, humidity stress, temperature issues, and many more that can be fixed via this guide.
  • If you ever wonder how to grow an amazing aromatic herb in your garden, then go for the mint plants. Mint is a great herb that has various uses. It can be used in mojitos, dishes, and teas and give flavor to various dishes. They need not be pampered much, you can take care of them by fulfilling their basic needs.

Why is Mint Leaves Turning Yellow?

Mints are perennial herbs that have an aromatic scent that attracts everyone to them. Growing mint is a great option for any gardener as it will give them benefits. But you need to know why your plants are suffering from yellow-colored leaves. Below are the reasons behind it:

Why is Mint Leaves Turning Yellow? (& How to save them?) 

1. Underwatering 

It can be one of the reasons behind the yellow-colored leaves of the mint plants. Mint requires a good amount of water for their growth so that they develop leaves properly and give you suitable results till harvest.

But you might not give appropriate water quantity to your plants because they are changing the color of the leaves. You might get busy and stuck in your work because of which you forget to give water to your plants. You have to check the moisture and dryness of the soil, if it is dry, it requires water to remain moist

2. Overwatering 

Another reason for the yellow-colored leaves can be overwatering your mint plants. You might not directly overwater them but it can happen otherwise. It will cause other problems too for your mint plants and you won’t get the desired outcomes.

The coming leaves look dull and then change into yellow color if you overwater them. It weakens the system of the plant. It is important to give proper water to your plants but not overwater them. 

3. Improper amount of sunlight 

Plants need a good amount of sunlight for their growth. Are your mint plants getting sufficient sunlight for their growth? If yes, then there is no chance of them changing their color into yellow and pale leaves.

Mint needs chlorophyll, which is rich in nitrogen and provides green color due to photosynthesis to youtube plants. But if you provide them with improper sunlight then they won’t be able to get the green color. 

4. Humidity problems 

One of the main factors to consider in the well-being of the plants is that they should get proper areas for their development. When the plants remain in a hard place, they tend to dry out.

Keeping your mint plants in a low humid area is good as it will let them remain moist for a long and they will survive till last. But too much humidity will let the leaves turn yellow or brown. 

5. Fungus diseases

When your mint leaves get yellow on the inside portion of the leaves then it can happen because of the mint rust fungus. It will let the leaf tissue die and all the leaves of the plant will drop off.

This is not a good sign for your mint plant. Mint rust makes your green mint leaves change into yellow, pale, and brown colors. 

6. Natural aging

You might be aware of the reason that plants have a cycle to follow. Just like humans, they also have a beginning and an endpoint that goes on.

Yellowing or brown leaves of the plant can also happen due to natural aging as it is not a minor issue. 

7. Soil issues 

Last but not least, soil issues can be a big reason behind the change in color of the leaves. Though this matter looks small, it is not. Improper soil can lead the plant’s leaves to turn their color into yellow color which shows the sign of dead leaves with time.

As you know mints have sensitive root systems and need soil that should be light for their growth. They will grow in well-drained soil, not overweight soil that harms the plant. 

How does one save the mint leaves from turning yellow?

Now, as you are the reason behind the mint leaves turning yellow color. So you have to say no to it. Let’s know about some of the ways to save the mint leaves from turning yellow with the help of the following points:

1. Provide them with plenty of sunlight 

Any plant can grow at its best if it receives proper sunlight as required by it. Mint leaves need partial sunlight for their growth and development. This won’t let the leaves change into yellow color. In the summertime, you have to take care of them especially.

So, place them somewhere in the morning time where they receive sunlight for a few hours. It depends on the variety of mints you are growing and how much sunlight they need. Some of the mint varieties can do well even in shady areas

2. Make sure to let the soil dry 

Do you know why it is so important to keep the solid dry? It is so as wet soil can lead to various problems such as fungal diseases, bacterial infections, and others. Your plants must remain dry till you water them again. By doing so, you are letting your plant grow at its best. 

3. Solve the problems 

If your plant is suffering from root rot or any kind of bacterial issues, then you have to cure this problem as early as you can.

If you won’t do so, then they will not be able to get the green color leaves. So, you should get rid of those pests that can harm the plant and even kill it. 

4. Trimming is important 

By pruning your plants, you are heading towards a great way. Pruning is important as it keeps the flow of the air which does not let the plant’s leaves become yellow.

You can prune or trim your mint plants if the branches of the plant are grown inwards, it will be best for your plant. 

5. Due to the pests issues

The yellowing color of the leaves can even be caused by pests or diseases like fungi, which show their effect on the underside of the leaves.

So, if they do so. Then you need to correct it by using jet water for your plant to remove the pests. The other thing you can do is to take a cloth and remove the pests. 

Binding up the context 

Last but not least, Mints are easy to grow with minimal maintenance. They can give long-lasting results as they have a high growth rate. It can even cover most of the space of your garden area if they grow fully. But there is a problem that gardeners face in this process. It is that mint leaves begin to turn yellow which is not a good sign. There can be various reasons behind this yellowing color. So, read the whole article to clarify your doubts. 


1. Why do the leaves of the mint plant start to fall off? 

When your mint plant does not get sufficient water for its growth, the leaves of this plant start to turn a yellow color and start to fall off. 

2. Are there any symptoms of rust on mint leaves?

Yes, there is a symptom of rust on the mint leaves. You can find this by seeing the blisters at the bottom of the leaves of the mint plants. The leaves will start to turn a yellow color and will begin to fall off. 

3. Is it possible to turn yellow leaves into green again? 

As your leaves can turn yellow due to many reasons like underwatering, overwatering, improper soil, and other reasons, you can turn your plant’s leaves green after that if the conditions get fixed. They can turn green but if there is sunburn then the leaves won’t turn green. 

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