Why are my Mint leaves turning brown? (& How to fix it?)

Hey folks, it seems like you are worried about the crops that you have grown, right? Yes, it is obvious that is why you are here. But no worries! We are here for you. Mint is a wonderful herb that has various benefits and can make you feel refreshed if you eat them. Mint can be used in mojitos, mocktails, dishes, as a seasoning, and in various ways. In my gardening experience, I used to feel Why are my Mint leaves turning brown?

Key takeaways:

  • Mint is famous for its aromatic smell and amazing flavor.
  • Growing fresh mints in your yard is a great thing to do as you can pick the fresh herb for your use. One of the issues that gardeners face is that the mint leaves start to turn brown.
  • There are various reasons behind the mint leaves turning brown are pest infestation, over-fertilization of plants, humidity stress, temperature issues, and many more.
  • It starts to turn brown because of many issues, some of which can be that they are facing humidity issues, watering problems, nutritional deficiencies, aging, or anything that can be related to them.
  • It would be best if you fixed them so that you can use them for your purpose, otherwise, the whole plant will be wasted and your efforts will go in vain.

So, look below to know the reasons behind the mint leaves turning brown and also the ways with help which you could fix it. 

Why are my Mint leaves turning brown?

Mint is a herb that is a farmer’s favorite choice. But sometimes it goes otherwise as the leaves of the mint plants change into brown color. If you are aware of the reasons behind it, then keep going. But if you do not know, then we are here with the reasons that will let you know the reasons for the mint leaves turning brown. So, have a glimpse of the below points: 

  • Insufficient Sunlight 
  • Over-fertilization
  • Natural Aging
  • Overwatering your plant 
  • Underwatering your Plant
  • Humidity issues 
  • Lack of nutrients 

Let’s know about these causes in detail. 

1. Insufficient Sunlight 

Sunlight is needed by all plants for their growth. Are you sure that you are giving the appropriate amounts to your mint plants? Guys, some plants need full sun for their growth, and some need shaded areas for themselves. 

Mint needs sunlight to grow well but at the same time if you provide them with sunlight then they will start to wilt. Mint plants do need some shade in the daytime for their growth as they spread faster in the shade. So, with the improper sunlight fulfillment, the mint leaves start to change into brown color. 

2. Over-fertilization

You have to figure out whether you are overfertilizing your mint plants. It is so as it is a major reason behind the brown color of the mint leaves.

When you provide too many fertilizers to your plant, it can not bear that and start to show negative effects, and one of them is the changing of leaves’ color.

It signifies that your plant is about to die. Excessive fertilizer does not lead the roots to absorb water which makes them feel dehydrated and results in brown-colored leaves, undersized growth, and many more.  

3. Natural Aging

It could be a reason too for the mint leaves turning brown. You might be wondering how is this possible. But yes, every plant indeed has a lifespan to cover.

Plants too have a beginning phase and an engineering phase. Brown-colored leaves take place when the plant is suffering from natural aging. 

4. Overwatering your plant 

As you know when you do anything in excess, it will always trouble you. So, overwatering your mint plants goes the same way. Mint plants need well-drained soil for their growth.

Excess water does not let them remain moist which changes the color of the leaves slowly. It shows that your plant is receiving much water which is not needed by it.  

5. Underwatering your Plant

Just like living beings, plants too need the right amount of water so that they perform well and survive.

But sometimes a plant doesn’t get the proper amount of water which makes the leaves of the plant wilt and they start to turn brown or yellow too. Underwatering won’t let the plant survive for a long time.  

6. Humidity issues 

Mint plants need humidity for their growth. It is so as it provides moisture to the plants so that they grow well. When the plants do not get sufficient moisture, then it creates low humidity which indirectly makes the leaves of the mint plants brown. 

7. Lack of Nutrients 

Last but not the least, another reason that your mint leaves turning yellow and even brown is because of the lack of nutrients. A plant needs a good nutrient source for its growth.

But due to poor soil conditions or some other reason, the plant fails to get the nutrients which makes them weak and directly turns the color of the plant’s leaves brown. 

How to fix the mint leaves turning brown? 

Now you are aware of the reasons behind the mint leaves turning brown. You should also need to be aware of the solutions that can fix this issue. So, read the below points thoroughly to fix them: 

1. Proper watering schedule 

You have to make sure that you do not overwater your plants. You need to be more consistent with your watering schedule. Water them when needed by them, you can check this by putting a finger in the soil, if it is dry, then they need water. 

Guys, though you’re busy with your stuff, you can not forget that plants too need water for their growth. So, make sure you do not leave them without water. You have to water them properly.

You can water your mint plants about one to two times a week. It won’t let the leaves of the plant change their color. 

2. Provide humid environments 

As you know mint needs humid surroundings for their growth. Insufficient humidity will destroy the leaves but you can prevent it.

You have to make sure that they receive about 45% of humidity and even above to perform well. The plant will remain happy and not let its elves turn brown. 

3. Proper sunlight for your mint plants 

You need to give the proper amount of sunlight to your mint plants so that they perform well. You need to place them in a shady area so that they spread faster. Over-sunlight will make the leaves brown and it is not a good sign. 

4. A good supply of nutrients 

As you know, a lack of nutrients can make plants weak, so it is best for you if you provide them with food, fertilizer, or compost. They will get nutrients from that naturally

5. Do not fertilize your mint plants 

It is recommended not to over-fertilize the mint plants. If you over-fertilize them, then they will start to wilt which is not good for your mint plants. So, provide them with fertilizer once a month.  

Concluding lines

Mint is famous for its aromatic smell and amazing flavor. It starts to turn brown because of many issues, some of which can be that they are facing humidity issues, watering problems, nutritional deficiencies, aging, or anything that can be related to them. It would help if you fixed them so that you can use them for your purpose, otherwise, the whole plant will be wasted and your efforts will go in vain.

So, read the guide carefully for proper understanding. 


1. Why are mint leaves turning black?

They are turning black due to many reasons. One of them is that they are infected by the pests who are attacking them. 

2. Can you eat mint leaves that are turning brown?

You should know that brown leaves are the infected leaves that need not be eaten as they are contagious for you.  

3. Can You Overwater Mint?

No, overwatering the mint plants is not good for them. It won’t let the soil moist and will cause trouble for the plant. They will start to turn brown. 

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