How often should you water Mint plants? – Watering Mint plants

Mint is a yummy herb that belongs to the general mind and the family of Lamiaceae. Eating mint has many health benefits. People love to grow mint in the kitchen window or outdoors. Beginner gardeners love mints as mints are full of flavor. They are simply easy to grow. Having leftovers of mint plants are enough to grow the mint plants. You don’t need to specially visit the nursery to buy them or get seeds. Do you know How often should you water Mint plants just like watering pansies plants?

Key takeaways:

  • In general, you need to water mint plants two times a week with the proper drainage system in the pots or containers in which they are planted.
  • Avoid watering the soil every next day which can lead to saturation and cause rotting if rots and wilting.
  • If the day is too sunny and the soil gets dry, you need to sprinkle some water and make the soil wet. 

Let’s know more about the process of watering mint plants.

How often should you water Mint plants?

Water is an essential component for the healthy growth of mint plants. When and how often you should water mint plants? This guide will help you know this. Mint plants will grow well if the soil is moist and so the taste of mint will also be good.

Mint plants should have developed root systems, for this watering in the proper way should be done. Having a good root system lets the plant be heat resistant and makes them hardy, which will let them survive well in hot summers too. Let’s dig deep into the process of watering the mint plants. 

How often to water mint plants indoors?

You need to water the mont plants two times a week. In extreme sunny conditions, you should exceed the time of watering. Making it the same needs to be done in some other issues of plant-like wilting, etc. 

How often to water mint plants outdoors?

In the outdoors, the soil gets dry too often as well, you need to water the mint plants two times a week. You can increase the watering with the dry conditions, soaking the soil with some water and sprinkling some water on the plant. 

How often do you water mint in pots?

If you have planted mint in the pots, you will see that again the soil gets too dry and also, too quickly because of the drainage.

Usually, two to three times you need to water the mint plants. If the soil gets too dry, you can make it wet by adding some water to the soil but not too drained water. 

How often to water mint seeds? 

The early stage of plant growth needs too much water and pampering than the later ones. Mint seeds require water regularly. The safe time to supply water to mint seeds is in the morning

How often do water mint seedlings?

  • The mint seedling should be provided with water every 1-2 days.
  • Don’t let the tender seedling get damaged while watering, water close to the soil with a small pot.
  • You can spray some water on the mint seedlings to make them moist during high temperatures.
  • Later, you can reduce watering to two times per week.

How to find out if the mint plant is overwatered?

Mint plants need an adequate supply of water. If they are overwatered they start to show many signs. You need to take a look at them and save your mint plants by reducing watering.

Overwatering the mint plants makes them vulnerable to diseases like white mold stem rot, black stem rot, yellowing of leaves, leaf blight, powdery mildew, and verticillium wilting.

You will also find out the plant stems going droopy and weak. Dusty orangish spurs start to appear on the leaves called mint rust

How to find out if your mint plant is underwatered?

The leaves that are near the soil level start showing yellow color when the mint plants are underwater. Whenever the plants are underwater, many of them show wilting leaves, the same goes with mint plants.

The roots will start to search for water and naturally will sneak out of the soil. This is another indication that your mint plant needs more water than you are providing it. 

How long can mint go without water?

1. In pots

Mint plants survive for less time compared to those in the ground without water. The soil in the pots gets drained and dries soon. Other than this if the pot is placed in a sunny spot, then the mint plant can survive for a few days and may die due to prolonged thirst.

Whereas, the shady spot would not let the mint plant get too dry, and at least for a week, the mint plant will be able to survive in the pots. 

2. In-ground

The mint plants can survive for at least 14 days when they are planted in the ground and are not watered much and get some rainfall.

Again where the plant is planted is important, as the days of survival might go down if the spot gets too many sun rays. The spot, in case, gets shaded in some time zone of day, and the mint pants can easily survive two weeks without water. 

How to care for your mint plants?

  • Reduce the watering if you are seeing signs of overwatered mint plants. 
  • Mulch the soil on the ground to reduce evaporation keeping the soil moist. Mint plants love moist soil but hate standing water in the soil. The shredded bark can be used as mulch and will protect the plant from scorching day heat.
  • Avoid the water logging conditions in the soil, and have a good number of drainage holes in the soil whether in the ground or the pot. Don’t let the soil get clayey which will lead to root rot of mint plants.
  • Notice the soil and touch it with the back of your finger, if it feels dry then go for watering. If not, don’t overwater the mint plant. 
  • Fertilize your mint plant, as many times as fertilizer, can because your plant is getting weak. Provide a good quality NPK (10-10-10) to the mint plants in a minimum amount.
  • As mentioned before the underwatered mint plants show the roots emerging out of the soil. You need to water them as they are thirsty and afterward clear the roots with a good amount of soil because they are prone to get infected. 
  • Pests thrips and spider mites are some of the pests that are usually seen attacking weak mint plants. 

Wrap-up of the context

The mint plants are a great addition to your vegetable garden. The plants will thrive well if you properly water mint plants. You will be able to eat yummy refreshing mint leaves in all the ways that we have written above that will not only help you to water them but also take good care of your mint plants. We hope you have found this article useful and know what you got to do next.

Happy planting! 

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