The Reason behind Small Holes in Lawns Overnight and Ways to Prevent Them

Is it squirrels, moles, voles, or other insects in your yard?  Resulting in having holes in your lawn overnight. If it’s happening overnight, it might not be caused by squirrels, or could it be? Do they come out at night?

Are you having tons of questions regarding the holes and not being able to find the reasons to stop having dozens of holes in a week? So, stop searching for a solution and reason, you have reached the perfect page.

I have explained all the reasons behind having holes overnight in the lawn. So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out who is causing these holes.

Causes Small Holes in Lawns Overnight:

The most common source of getting holes in your lawn is because of the animal activity and if it is occurring over a night then it’s only the animal. Just imagine, waking up in the morning and noticing a tiny hole in your lawn and how bad it will make the lawn look.

Here are some basic reasons that cause small, small holes in the lawn overnight:


Squirrels are the most common reason to have a hole in multiple areas or garden beds. You can differentiate it as the hole will not be too far into the soil.

The hole Will look like a small divot in which they like to fill the water to create paddles which make the small plant die.


In different ways, you can prevent the squirrel to stop digging any holes in your lawn such as:

  • Having a dog will help get rid of squirrels. 
  • You can also use a sound machine to keep the squirrels away from your loan. 
  • You spray the fox scent in the area. If you spray the garlic all around your loan.
  •  It will prevent the squirrel from entering. 
  • Using a fake predator will keep the squirrel away.
Reason behind Small Holes in Lawns Overnight and Ways to Prevent them


Moles are animals that are used to create small holes of at least two inches in size during the night and to cover the holes in the morning.

If you can recognize it, if there are shallow holes in your lawn whether conical mounds of dirt then it is done by moles. They are used to create long tunnels underneath the surface which are enjoyed by them to get insects indirectly.


It is really hard to get rid of the moles but you can try it by removing the food source or blocking their access of them such as:

  • You can use the grub killer.
  • Try to improve the lawn drainage to clear moist soil.
  • You can also try inserting underground friends that will help to prevent making tunnels inside the surface.


These are the animals that used to dig holes where they are comfortable to hide, such as log piles, near buildings, and close to tree stumps. The main reason for taking a hole is to hide the nuts and other sources of food in the hole and to have a safe place to stay in it.


  • To solve the problem of chipmunks you need to fill the hole using dirt, and stones.
  • You can also try to prevent the problem by removing food sources that will discourage them from digging the hole.
  • To prevent them you can also try to have a cat in your house.


Some insects are used to create small holes in your lawn such as bees. There are many species of bees that are used to hibernate underground during the winter months which makes them to stay warm and safe. when the print time comes these best are used to call out of the ground and due to which there are holes in the ground. 


  • The bees are used to create holes when they are coming out of the ground after finishing the hibration you can get rid of them by applying insect repellent.
  • You can also plant bushes and shrubs which are repellent.
  • Try spraying the almond oil it will also help to prevent bees.


When compared to other animals snakes are different ones as they don’t create holes. However, they are used to take control of a formed area in short the abandoned hole

Snakes are a little different than most animals in your yard which just don’t create holes instead, a snake will take control of an already-formed, abandoned hole. You need to be careful as they  will also cause harm to the grass 


To prevent the snake from making a place in your loan you need to cover the hole with dirt.


The voles are the small critters that actually look the same as hamsters. They tend to create small openings that create a nuisance. Identify if it is done by the voles, the hole will be about 1 to 2 inches in diameter and will create small round drops where you can find some chewed grass. 


  • You need to remove all the weeds and big grasses that are overgrown which will make sure to have less space for them. 
  • By cleaning up clutter you can try to get rid of them.
  • Try to spray hot sauce in all around the area.
  • The other option is to set mouse traps in the area.


They are used to leave the largest backyard holes which are about 1-3 inches and 6 inches wide. The reason for digging the hole is to feed on tiny creatures that are living below the soil surface like ants, and grubs.


  • Try to eliminate the food source of the animal which will keep them out of the lawn.
  •  you can also spray the grub killer.
  •  you need to treat your yard if it has any insects, especially ants.
  •  Spray the scented deterrents.
  •  you can also try to fence the yard


They are used to dig deep into the soil by making tunnels for eating grass roots but making tunnels causes issues under the soil surface such as structural damage. They are used to choose the grass blade and leave some inside the tunnel


  • you can get rid of gophers by scaring them with the help of predators lurking.
  • Another way is to use cat litter or dog droppings in the hole.
  • The gophers Do not like the smell of dryer sheets, mothballs, caster oil, or coffee grounds, and placing them in the hole will prevent them from entering.
  • Always use all the natural gopher repellents  such as lanter, daffodils, marigolds, or Euphorbia lathyris


The earthworms are the small warms that are used to make tiny holes in the soil, especially during the spring and summer months. The whole done by the earthworm is smaller in size and you will see tiny piles.  


  • These tenny holes are used to cause eyesores so you need to kill the earthworm.
  • Although the warm is beneficial for the soil and do play an important role in the ecosystem.
  • You can keep them away by keeping your location dry.

Ways to Prevent the Holes:

Here are some major steps that you can follow to prevent holes in your lawn overnight:

1. You need to water Adequately and fertilize the turf grass for proper health.

2. Keep the size of the grass upto 3.5 inches tall.

3. You need to aerate the grass which will help in minimizing the building of thatch.

4. To prevent the hole you can select grub-resistant grass.

5. You can use a physical barrier such as wire mesh that will prevent the animals from entering the lawn.

6. Need to remove the food sources such as fallen fruit and bird seed that make the animals attracted themselves to lawn grass.

7. You can also seal the access to dens and nests if you are having outside the lawn.

8. Try trimming the grass like bushes and dense growth of the grass on fences.

9. The usage of preventative nematodes for grubs that will prevent the root damage of them.

All these steps will prevent the other animals and reduce the entrance of burrowing pests in the lawn grass. 

Fill Small Holes in the Lawn:

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to fill the small holes in the lawn that keep your lawn looking smooth and clean again:

Step 1: 

You need to first collect some dirt or topsoil for putting stems into the holes that are present in your lawn using the hand.

The Reason behind Small Holes in Lawns Overnight and Ways to Prevent Them

Step 2:

The next step is to fill the hole upto the top and then press the soil by easy method like stepping on it using your foot which will make it firm.

Step 3:

In case, the hole is larger in size then you can use a trowel or shovel to dig the hole so that you can add more soil into the hole.

Step 4:

When you are successful in filling the hole, then press the soil firmly using a foot or a tamper that will help in leveling the whole lawn.

Step 5:

The next step is to use a lawn repair mixture by combining grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch.

Step 6:

Pour the whole mixture into the hole and water it for growing grass and then fill the hole with new grass so that hole gets fixed.

Step 7:

The filling of the hole is however a temporary solution and you need to repeat the whole steps over time again.

Note: Make sure to first find the reason behind the root causes of the holes. 

I will suggest you to control pests or keep your pets or children away from the lawn which will prevent further forming of holes in your lawn.

Small Holes in Lawn Overnight Persist:

Following all the preventive steps for not causing holes in the lawn and if they still persist then here are some various options you can follow more such as:

Professional Help:

  • In case the hole still persists it’s high time for calling a professional help. 
  • A pest control company does make sure to find out the reason for causing a hole in the lawn and they will make sure to follow all the necessary measures so that it gets eliminated.
  • The professional will use the best pesticides and all the other methods for controlling pests like moles, gophers, and armadillos.
  • The landscapers will help you to identify all the causes of holes in your lawn.
  • In case they suggest you any alternative landscaping ideas you need to change them to reduce holes that are seen overnight which you can read below.

Alternative Landscaping Ideas:

Many Alternative landscaping ideas will help reduce the small holes that appear overnight such as:

  • You can get pest-resistant grass varieties.
  • You need to remove any debris or clutter that is used to attract pests to your lawn.
  • Try to use raised beds or containers in your garden.
  • You can also try installing barriers or fencing in your lawn that will help in keeping the pests out of your garden.
  • I will also suggest you use pest repellents such as essential oils or hot sauce.
  • Many alternative landscaping ideas will not be effective for all the pests so I will suggest you first get a consult for alternative landscaping ideas with professionals that will give you the most effective ideas.

It is very frustrating to find out small holes in the lawn overnight but if you follow all prevention steps you can deal with the problem easily. 

Final Thoughts:

I will not say that all these animals do cause harm but it is actually frustrating to see small holes in your lawn overnight. After reading the article I think you will easily find what’s the reason and issue and that are some steps you need to follow for solving the problems.

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